Maximizing the Benefit of the Sheikhs’s Information Technology Industry Development Authority

During its plenary session next Monday, chaired by Adviser Abdel Wahab Abdel Razek, the Senate will discuss the report of the Education, Communications and Information Technology Committee on a proposal submitted by Representative Ragia El-Feki, regarding “maximizing the benefit from the powers and resources of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, specifically those working in the Information Technology Industry Development Agency. ” Evaluation and approval of software engineering, in support of the developments in the country in the field of digital transformation and information technology.

The committee’s report indicated that the Egyptian state is moving towards digital transformation in all areas and is building a digital Egypt based on the interconnection of all government agencies electronically, in order to facilitate citizens and to uphold the values ​​of transparency, accountability and control between all components of society, and in order to make Egypt one of the best global centers providing business services Technology The Software Engineering Assessment and Accreditation Center at the Ministry of Communications, Communications and Information Technology was established in 2001 with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of companies, awarding them accreditation certificates and providing consultation and training to work on improving companies’ services, products and technologies to overcome the economic, social and environmental challenges associated with modern technology. The center also improves the technical competence of local companies. And in 2005, the center’s affiliation was transferred to the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, which by Act no. accumulated many frameworks and expertise in the field of consulting and training The petition called on the Ministry of Communications Information Technology and Technology to maximize the benefit of these experiences in the Software Engineering Evaluation and Accreditation Center so that it plays a greater role playing in the comprehensive digital transformation.

The members of the committee emphasized the importance of not limiting the role of the center to the preparation of programs or providing only technical advice and training, and the need for its role to extend to monitoring and monitoring performance. of companies and to measure their maturity in understanding. and the application of digital transformation, in addition to paying attention to marketing campaigns and the target of university students to train and equip them with what the labor market needs.Once they graduate.

The members called for the creation of a new generation of training and consulting companies to maximize the expertise in the center and to pass on these experiences to new companies under the supervision of the center.

Government officials indicated, as mentioned in the committee’s report, that the center supports the government sector by training 8,000 people on the concepts of digital transformation, and a number of government leaders on how to manage digital transformation projects.

They explained that the main role of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency is to develop markets in the field of information technology and electronics, and to create local opportunities for Egyptian companies in the Egyptian market.To invest in Egyptian companies.

They said the purpose of establishing a software engineering assessment and accreditation center is to increase the competitiveness of employees in companies.

operating in the telecommunications and information technology sector by improving the efficiency of procedures, the quality of services and products provided, assisting companies to implement world-leading technologies, and providing consulting, training and evaluation services.

They also pointed out that the center works with various government agencies, such as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and works to train the employees of these agencies on the concepts of digital transformation and the difference between digitalization and digital transformation and modern technologies. . use, and to share with them the experiences of other countries in the government’s digital transformation. The center focused on the skills of information technology services management, general concepts and global practices in the field of service management. The center has also recently sought the help of authorities. from outside the center to help provide services to a larger number of beneficiaries. The center, in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Universities, has developed a plan to transform Egyptian universities into smart universities. Based on a referral structure developed at the center to address the capabilities available in universities to keep pace with technological development and digital transformation, university presidents are also trained on management frameworks and how to establish an institutional referral structure for universities within the framework of to establish digital transformation.

The Center is also working with the Central Agency for Regulation and Administration and the National Human Rights Council to develop a plan for the digital transformation initiatives to be implemented.

The center rehabilitates companies that work to provide services similar to the center’s services, by working to rehabilitate the workers in these companies on the leading technologies.

The center also prepares periodic meetings with the companies whose employees have been trained, in order to follow up on the students and explain and measure the effectiveness of training to improve performance in subsequent courses.

The committee recommended that support be given to government sectors in the field of digital transformation by directing the existing competencies within an assessment center, accrediting software engineering and within the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, so that its role is not limited to support of companies, which many other companies compete with.

It also recommended starting with the preparation of a second generation of companies to fulfill this advisory and training role.

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