Members of the «NBK»: a paternalistic gesture for the future buds

Abu Dhabi: Imad El Din Khalil and Abdel Rahman Saeed

A number of members of the Federal National Council have confirmed that the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, an “Oath” for his children, children from families, by benefiting from social assistance at the state level, is a caring parent gesture about Baraem’s future and their families, and thus contributes to the promotion of healthy social education.

fatherly gesture

Naama Al-Mansoori emphasized that the initiatives of the wise leadership to make the UAE community happy, especially children, embody the continued support and care for children in the UAE, and the zeal to bring them joy and happiness during the blessed Eid Al- Fitr, to make the Eid two holidays with this generous initiative.

She said: His Highness’ gift to his children and daughters is a caring fatherly gesture for the future buds and their families, which contributes to the promotion of healthy social education, and our wise leadership sets the most wonderful examples of love for the fatherland and citizens, and make its people a top priority that always appears by launching initiatives, providing support and care for them, bringing joy and happiness to the hearts of all who live in the land of the Emirates, who have the title and homeland of humanity, happiness will remain, human solidarity, peace and love.

tender touch

Dirar Belhoul Al Falasi said: What we see day by day are initiatives of a leadership that sees in itself the homeland that cares for its children; It is the leadership of the UAE, who have been and still are watching with interest, especially those who need that tender touch of the father and leader, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, who has yet another imprint with those exalted prints at the Eid adds. which he initiated, and today it places The joy on the faces of his children, and sends them a message that the Emirates is a state of security and safety, and a state of ease and happiness, his leadership is exceptional , places his children among his priorities and sees their happiness as building for the nation.

He added: If we want to talk about the imprints of the state in the social sphere, we will see, praise God, that it has reached the highest standards in building the family and its stability and helping those who deserve it, for in construction man builds the homeland and the stability of the individual is the stability of the family.

Happy Emirates

Shatha Al Naqbi said: Our Emirates are happy thanks to the decisions of the wise leadership as the Emirates has become the source of happiness it broadcasts with the presence of leaders and rulers who put a smile on the people of the Emirates. , and the Emirati image in general.

She added: We are happy with the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. Such initiatives are not uncommon for the “Zayed’s children”, who do their best to spread happiness among the various members of society, until the state becomes a source of generosity, happiness and smiles, this is what the late founder of the state planted in us Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul.

And she continued: Two days ago, His Highness, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, ordered the payment of housing loans to citizens, for the benefit of 1,347 citizens, and today he ordered the payment of Eid for his children, which is his absolute support for various segments and groups, and is unmatched in the world, since all the people of the land are on the fertile land of the Emirates.Goodness triumphs.

goodness and give

Muhammad Issa Al-Kashf said that His Highness’s initiative to spend an “Eidiya” for this category of children is not strange for the wise leadership to make a social impact on the people of the UAE, given of the changing conditions and the acceleration of life to provide a decent existence for all segments of society.

He added: The presentation of Eid to children will bring joy in their hearts, and will increase the joy of their celebration of the blessed Eid. The wise leadership’s giving, in the light of these religious occasions every year, does not cease, to affirm the principles of benevolence and giving that they pursue. This initiative also aims to support the kinship relationship and the bond between members of the same family, leading to great interdependence between citizens and the leadership.

Spiritual feast

Saeed Rashid Al-Abedy

Saeed Rashid Al-Abedy said: The message of reassurance that every home and family, once they learn to pass on the Eids to their children, can not be invaluable, as such initiatives and commands of His Highness, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, enters joy and happiness, in various times of crisis, not Because it is an expensive financial feast, but because it is a joy and a spiritual feast, its significance far exceeds the material value of it.

He added: His Highness’s initiative has brought joy to all the beneficiary children and their families, as the message of affirmation carried by these Eids demonstrates coexistence under a rational leadership, which pays great attention to the people of the country, bringing it to the top of its attention, and making every effort to provide various means of luxury.

loving father

Sabreen Hassan Al Yamahi

Sabreen Al Yamahi said: Every year our wise leadership is proactive in doing good locally and globally from the generosity and initiatives they launch to serve the country and its citizens, to provide them with a decent life, especially in the light of religious celebrations and the blessed Eid al-Fitr.

She added: The Eid is a joy for the child, and he has been waiting for it since the beginning of Ramadan, because of its psychological impact on him and the feeling of happiness that overwhelms him when he obtains it. He is the one who makes provision. no attempt or opportunity to make his people happy.

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