Question by Al-Mashi: The madman or maybe the genius ‘Will you not be able to do this’?

Emperor does not cry. For weeks he has been trying to evade the questions we asked him “at the dropper”. question from here. And another from there.

“What? Are you writing a book about Michel Elefteriadis, I mean? Or a thesis?” he says jokingly.

He expresses his annoyance when we try to break into his personal life, through small voices of disapproval. Maintain discipline in all cases.

However, it is clear that he loves privacy. He needs it to protect the child who “accidentally” became a fifty-year-old man.

Emperor does not cry. Affected. His piercing eye can visit a tear moved by human scenes. For example, when he accidentally discovers that his friend’s son has that disease, he reminds us, with a haughty smile, that we are here, “one direction, no more.”

An emperor to whom I have always turned for my emotional “dilemmas”. He willingly assumes the role of mentor. However, I do not know much about him, despite a friendship that has been going on for almost 25 years.

Michel Eleftriadis.

the mad.

Or maybe genius.

Some respect his cultural and artistic achievements. Many do not understand this political affiliation which he experiences as a reckless love story.

Since it is a biography and has been opened, the love stories, now that he is fifty, are still beautiful in the eyes of the emperor child. But it has become more and more manageable.

“As we get older, we have more control over love.” He still looks like the boy he once was, “Not for a long time. But more experience, intelligence and analysis. The formula remains the same.”

Our conversations lasted for weeks.

“What about us? Heck, fuck, we’re homeless.”

Little Michel was creative. Persistent dream. His ideas are futuristic. He gets bored quickly because he understands games and their structure faster than most. When he understands, the tension disappears. Parents, “He brings me games, in half an hour everything is fine, so I understand.” If he throws it. “My family did not let me play.”

He asks to read the piece I am writing about him, before I publish it.

I promise him that I will fulfill his request.

He does not know that I am “lying” to him.

He considers me a friend. However, I do not know much about him. But he is always there to guide me and stand by me.

“I do not have many friends. They have many friends. Laugh. They look like my head.”

The mansion he acquired in Florence, “great game”.

He repaired it.

And when it’s become perfect, “sell”.

Emperor does not cry. During our years of friendship, I sometimes saw a few fleeting moments of emotion.

“When one will travel and do a million works, I do not want to be among them.” Inside, “many mysteries. There are many stories that are not easy to understand.”

I repeatedly assure him that I will have him read the piece before we publish it.

He does not know that I’m lying.

Emperor lives alone. “I’m the most solitary in the world.” Even those who live with him say to him, “We do not understand you much.”

He replies to them, “Do not try too hard. I am also a puzzle to myself.”

We do not know much about his personal life. “I decided years ago not to allow anyone into my life. The slightest headache. Those who share my life with me may not want to show up. I want to protect them.”

An emperor does not cry. “Live comfortably”, sheltered in the shadows of a saying:

Giet Vivre Heureux, vivons caches.

“Nobody knows anything about me.”

Love to travel. He also likes to stay at home.

When he travels, he lives as a country boy. “Eat and drink some of the country’s food. I’m sitting in a house in popular neighborhoods.” He learns languages ​​quickly. He does not tolerate violent confrontations in love. At least, that’s what I came to my conclusion during the long weeks I was trying to move from the role of the friend, “You respect the privacy of the emperor”, to the role of the journalist “Al-Hashor”. “, who has more than once expressed her” narrow-mindedness of character “for his repeated attempt to evade the answer directly to the question.Here is a question about the walker.

“With the clicker and the slanderer, Bafel. With love I know myself, I can not stand it. I do not want anyone to talk to me.

He defends friends. protect them. “From me and my little one, even at school, my friends are motivated by the spirit to defend us. They are shaped by my work. People are around me, after I am responsible for them myself.”

He loves the house. “I like to sit down. I do not like to turn around. And visits I do not like.”

He needs a lot of calm. “Beeps, neighbors and cars drive me crazy.” Love the Florence Palace. It’s hundreds of years old, “As long as I live in it safely, when there is an earthquake, or the sky rises, you say it is finished, as it happened, in floods and wars … Proof of continuity.”

An emperor does not cry, but appears in fleeting moments that he is a human being.

He no longer had anything to prove to anyone.

“I went back to simple pleasures. Orange is good. The egg is taken from local hens, I only eat jelly. Bread is made with the oven. Talami means.”

small details.

When he was young, one of them said to him: Follow a virgin, you will die. He then decided to “sleep the minimum”.

Emperor never sleeps. “There are a billion things I do that entertain me.”


Hundreds of research online.

Looking for points of convergence between civilizations.

Find the connection, for example, between mathematics and music.

He reads books, “No one reads it.”

Medieval inventions. He buys old books “in frightening quantities”.

Sometimes he reads 3 or 4 pages in one book.

Sometimes he reads a book 3 or 4 times to understand it.

“Swiss and such, I do not have a soul. Nights out when I do not know who, I do not have a soul in my life. No one sees me. Not once did they come to my house. I walk home barefoot, summer-winter. “

Allocate spaces for people.

for their visits.

Get used to his character.

“Zughayer and I, I did not understand my condition. I knew I was a stranger. I do not know why I am so.”

He does not wait for death to come with joy, “There are many stories I want to do. There are many things, Domage, that I will never do. The spirit of new places.”

Emperor loves life.

It does not go back to sentimental stories that are over.

He does not tell friends about his problems. “Click does not help”

The woman, “a holy being. I’m not talking about the women in my life.”

We hear “tartish” here and there.

can be correct.

He expresses his opposition through small voices of disapproval.

He does not understand, “Why do people miss people’s lives?”

Emperor, “the world’s loneliest friend.”

But it is said, “But what do you say what you have experienced”, that the emperor is worshiped by women, though, “there is no limit”!

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