Rafik Hariri .. Drawings looking at identity and fear for the future

Lebanese digital artist and author of stories, Rafik Hariri, presents mental health issues between the folds of books and stories, and shines through words and drawings on various issues, including self-discovery, self-burnout, or even how to deal with human feelings.

for adults

Hariri directs his graphic drawings to adults, as he has not only directed his work to young age groups, and this is what has enabled him to be on the Forbes list of leading personalities under the age of 30 in the category of creativity .

contemporary instrument

Hariri told Emirates Today: “Digital art is a contemporary tool that enables me to do a visual translation of my ideas, and on the one hand it maintains the narrative, and on the other hand it puts ideas in a larger contemporary framework, which makes it reach more people through digital platforms.

large umbrella

Al-Hariri pointed out that digital art is a large umbrella, from which many titles branch out, for example graphic drawings. It can also include image manipulation, addition to images or even collage design. To tell a story, and thus convey the idea, given that this art can sometimes offer joy, sadness or thoughts, and for this reason the ideas must be placed in a framework that motivates the recipient to understand What happens in the picture.

And about putting his name on the Forbes list of the best personalities under the age of 30, he pointed out that it confirms that what he is doing is not absurd, and that it is a plan of action that takes a lot of time. take, but it is very important, and the impact it will have on people is very important.

powerful instrument

Hariri believed that drawing is a powerful tool capable of communicating ideas, while at the same time opening the horizon for understanding and accepting ideas, and increasing the recipient’s curiosity to know what’s behind the image, explaining that drawings is a tool. which conveys great messages in a simple way and through symbols.

Al-Hariri focuses on mental health in his drawings, and for this reason he has chosen a group of stories that have implications that emphasize that mental health equates to physical health, indicating that he has collaborated with writers in the Emirates, Lebanon and Britain, where he provided them with drawings of the books they offer, but after a period of work he created the character of Indigo, and wrote the first story he directed to children, and his purpose is to highlight what is new is in the world of childhood. He emphasized that this character was distinguished, and he worked on the development of simple graphics that serve the idea of ​​the story and centered around kindness, and how it should be the power to be preserved, and explained that he also sends messages has thereby bullied children.

first book

Hariri indicated that the first book was for the young age group, which ranged between five and 10 years, while the second book was aimed at the older age group, which ranged between twenty and 39 years, and explained that the drawings he had with adults use differently, and occupy a good space in the book, because adults They carry nostalgia for childhood, plus the graphics and text give the story balance, appeal and an adult message.

The issues Hariri raises throughout the book are diverse, including identity, self, fear of the future, and a fast-paced life that focuses on physical health while neglecting mental health care. Love is the essence, and how through it can discover yourself, and pay attention to mental health.

Study and Collaboration

Hariri studied graphic design, used various media in his work and presented various projects at institutions including the United Nations, and his projects carried the idea of ​​minorities not being taken into account while collaborating with “Doctors Without Borders “through a challenge called October, which the drawings aimed at the idea of ​​mental health and the importance of focusing on it, especially since the painters do not focus much on it.

The language in which Hariri wrote the stories is English, and he noticed that he wanted to reach the largest number of readers, and for this reason he chose this language, which expressed his desire to present books in Arabic.

new book

Al-Hariri is preparing the third book in both Arabic and English, and the book aims at the idea of ​​the bed, and offers what this place is like a shelter, thereby offering the idea of ​​thought, enthusiasm, ambition. and anger, and how these feelings determine a person’s mood on the second day, and with their recurrence, they can negatively affect their health Mentally.

He noted that the psychological issues that concern him are the nutritional disorder, because it is one of the widespread issues, and people do not realize its existence, in addition to other issues, including self-burnout, as everyone is eager to to walk within two. lines, due to the commitment to education and society, and the third phenomenon is suicide.Which is escalating in the Arab world, due to the crises that are worsening in society.

• Digital art is a large umbrella from which many titles branch out.

• The graphics target mental health and the importance of focusing on it.

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