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Women were rated as better leaders by those they worked with than men, after reviewing the ratings of more than 60,000 leaders.

Since female managers are often mothers who are responsible for their little ones, this is reflected in their performance as leaders in the workplace. A 2020 report on a sample of 5,388 people claims that because women train their young people better, employees who work under the supervision of women perform better than those who work for male superiors.

The report, released by the research platform SCIKEY – an AI-based digital work and work platform that helps companies assess and recruit candidates – showed that women performed better in organizational development and talent training than men. About 6.56% of female professionals excel in organizational development and talent training compared to 3.26% of male professionals.

This is mainly due to the wonderful nurturing and emotional commitment that women have. Employees led by women are more likely to improve their career prospects than employees led by men. This is because female leaders try to improve their employees more often compared to men.

The findings of this report are part of a survey among 5,388 IT professionals across India between the ages of 22 and 47.

Report shows that women are better than men in negotiations (Pixabe)

Women are better at negotiating

When it comes to making business deals, negotiations play a very important role. According to the report’s findings, women combine their societal experiences with their negotiation skills and therefore have a better chance of reaching an agreement.

The report showed that women are better than men at negotiating; Since about 1.37% of women are good negotiators compared to 1.11% of men, this is because they use their broader social knowledge to negotiate with hard data to support negotiations to which men are not usually exposed.

High ability to manage conflict

According to the report, women leaders have a higher ability to manage conflicts compared to men, as women leaders 6.67% have a higher ability to manage conflicts compared to men 4.96%.

This is due to women’s ability to understand the cause of conflict through their social experience, they communicate better with others and therefore come up with long-term solutions. Conflict resolution is essential because it helps to work in a team.

Women leaders train their young people better

Because women are better able to connect emotionally with those around them and can also train their young people well, this is why people who are trained under women leadership perform better than people who are trained under men, and they have better career prospects.

In addition, female leaders monitor the progress of their subordinates more frequently than men. Not only that, but it has also been found that female leaders are more likely to encourage the development of their subordinates compared to men.

glass slope

Despite what this report has shown; Women face familiar challenges when taking on leadership positions. According to the Harvard Business Review, which provides valuable studies and research in business, corporate governance, marketing and leadership, there is a phenomenon referred to as the “glass wreath” when discussing the careers of women leaders. It is related to the term “glass ceiling”, which describes the invisible barrier that keeps women out of senior management.

The researchers found that women have a better chance of breaking through that ceiling when the organization they work for faces a crisis, with the “glass slope” describing the idea that when a company is in trouble, a female leader has the task of saving it. Where women are finally given a chance to prove themselves in a senior position after something has already been handed over to them broken and the chances are high not to fix it.

And according to Harvard Business Review, it happens so often that we wonder, are women actually more qualified to manage in a crisis? Could that be why they surrendered the reins when things were difficult?

Women are better able to manage crises

One study found that outcomes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the number of cases and deaths, were systematically better in women-led countries. According to research by Harvard Business Review, in 2019, women were rated as better leaders by those they worked with than men after reviewing the ratings of more than 60,000 leaders.

During the first phase of the Corona crisis, the same ratings were reviewed to see if these ratings changed. It was found that women’s rating was significantly more positive than men’s. In general, women were judged as more effective leaders, and the gap between men and women during the pandemic was even larger than previously measured, which may indicate that women tend to perform better during crises.

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Women tend to do better in crises (Getty Images)

Why are women leaders more effective?

To understand the difference between women and men, consideration is given to what employees want from their managers when managing a crisis, and it appears that respondents attach more importance to interpersonal skills, such as “inspiration and motivation”, “strong communication” and “collaboration and teamwork”, and “relationship building”, which all placed women above men.

Also, based on first-hand data, it seems that employees want leaders who are able to learn new skills, who emphasize employee development even in difficult times, who show honesty and integrity, and who are sensitive and understanding to people’s stress, anxiety is. and frustration. And Harvard Business Review analysis shows that these are traits that women often have.

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