Talk about love and crazy worship

Talk about love and crazy worship It describes the intense feelings that weave in our faces and that hearts beat with love and affection that surpasses every other love and we try to express all these feelings with beautiful words and wonderful phrases, therefore we present you in this article a collection from the most beautiful words, messages and cases in addition to the most beautiful pictures and poems about love and crazy worship.

Talk about love and crazy worship

A collection of the most beautiful and wonderful words of love and mad worship, which we would like to share with the most precious person at heart to express the sincerity of our love and feelings, which is as follows:

  • The moment of love is an ordinary moment that can meet you anytime and anywhere, while mad love is a moment when your heart is about to explode.
  • Not only am I worshiping and loving you, but I love you, which means that every cell in you and every breath that enters your chest is my beloved.
  • I love you with the light of every sun, and with its absence I love you, and between this and this I love you so many times that you may not know or hear of it or see it, except in legendary tales.
  • I can not say that I love you, because what I feel for you is not just love, it is a great inner world that expands every time my heart beats or your shadow passes.
  • If the time I spend near you is accompanied by how much I love you, it seems that we must live beyond the age of the stars and planets that will live forever.
  • Oh my first and last love, all I wish with these words I send to you repeatedly is to be assured that you feel what I am going through, this love is hard for my heart to comprehend alone.

Short words about love and worship

A bouquet of the most wonderful words and the most beautiful phrases about love and worship. We criticize you for a unique group of these short words that are ready to be shared immediately, as follows:

  • Now I’m sure you’re the most important thing to me, and you will remain so forever, the most important and the first in every matter I spend and every matter of my affairs.
  • I love you so much that love makes me tired, that you are content with me, that in my love you find your purpose, your abode and your safety, and if you do not, I will still love you.
  • It is not my choice that my heart loves you mad, and that words of mine are lost every time I see you, and that my heart tries to rebel against the words that your sword has passed over me, it is not at all not my fault. and not my choice.
  • And as if the world is beautiful because you go through it, and as if life gives us hope because you are content with it, and as if the universe is yours, even though I know you are weaker than everything, and more fragile than a rose on the sidewalk .
  • As if my love for you were a flower growing out of rainwater, it was not in my hands to stop the wind from driving the clouds completely above it, nor to stop gravity from drawing water towards me, and nor to compress the fabric so that the flower would not come out of it.
  • My presence on your side is a blessing worthy of continuing to thank God for it until I am finished, until I perish and disappear and disappear, until every atom of me melts with love.

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The most beautiful words about crazy love

Many of us are eager to search for the most beautiful words about love and crazy worship to share through various social media with a unique and special person in my life, and these are the most beautiful:

  • After all, and above all, my heart wanted you, wanted you constantly, and when it got you, it did not stop for a moment to love you.
  • I love you above love with love until your heart is sweet and your soul is rested for all this love.
  • The person who finds a person who deserves to resolve in him, just as it happened to me with you, must forget everything, even himself, and just remember that he loves.
  • And when the world ceases to torment me, and when the darkness ends to envelop me, and when fate challenges me, I look at you and everything is right, and it comes back better than it was.
  • I worship you every moment as if it were the last moments of my life, as if I was created just to do this thing, this thing that makes me adequate from everything and protects me from anything bad.
  • I love that smile that can be the sun, and that eye that can be a river, and that voice that I die every day on its mate, and then come alive as it passes.

Strong love and worship messages 2022

A number of special messages that we would like to collect for you in a search that will be beautiful and new for the year 2022, about strong love, so that you can choose the most beautiful, and it is as follows:

  • My lady, you can now test my love for you, to ask me not to be, so that I can only be in you, to ask me to be absent and just shine on you.
  • I found something real in you that made me forget everything I knew or went through and subjected me to your love, something that if I did not find it, I would have thought life was a big joke or a dream from which I would wake up.
  • Love is a childlike stage that is worth more to amateurs and young people than it deserves to describe how I feel about you.
  • How sweet it is not to say that I have a girlfriend, and as I say this, your image is only in my mind, something beyond description, my love.
  • When I am near you, I feel something above any description, a strong love that possesses me in all my sides, and prevents me from even smiling, which takes me into the world of dreams.
  • You have occupied my heart and it’s over, and I do not have it anymore, all I ask of you is that you command it to beat so that it continues with your love.

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Talk about love and affection

Talking about love and infatuation does not stop, because it is strong, renewed feelings that emanate from the loving heart that is immersed in love, and about these feelings we offer you the most wonderful words as follows:

  • I and my whole soul and my feelings belong to you, and you can ask her whenever you want about the people who are most dear to her, if you do not answer it will be you, and if you answer it will be your name.
  • I love you not only because you are beautiful, but because if I love you, everything in this world becomes beautiful.
  • It was our part of destiny to meet against our will and circumstances, we could not refuse this love, we were created for it and in it we live and die.
  • As if you were a cloud that brought it to God to water my roses that had dried up and the desert of my heart that had dried up and my branches that had withered to strike all again with your love.
  • This sky and the sky and the things around us all testify to my love for you and that I am on my covenant with you to the end of life.
  • And you are the only one among the people who holds the keys of my heart, for there are all doors waiting for you to enter them to dwell in them and know how much I love you.

Watts cases about love and worship

A bouquet of the most amazing containers suitable for the famous WhatsApp application and the distinctive Alastoria that is ready to share, send and publish about love, worship and love, and they are as follows:

Talk about love and crazy worship
Watts cases about love and worship
Watts cases about love and worship

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The most beautiful words in love and worship

A group of the most beautiful and wonderful words spoken in love and worship and ready to share and immediately send to the dear beloved, who always deserves from us the hope of words, and it is as follows:

  • And I love you as if I had never loved you before and will not love you, I love you until I am lost, and I find no other way to live according to your love.
  • And I swear to you that no matter what I say to you and whatever I say to you about this love I have for you, I can not fulfill you right nor express to you what I really feel .
  • With your love and your love, my love, I could discern every truth from the illusion I was living, and I could also be the person I have always wanted.
  • I love you until your vanity increases, and I ask you to humbly be ashamed of myself.
  • After my long years of harsh rule over myself, my heart revolted and made a revolution that enabled it to overthrow me in your love and turn to your judgment.
  • Do not blame my loving heart and my love that surpasses all, do not blame me or say thank you, it was not my decision, and I can no longer control it.

Poetry about love and crazy worship

The one who loves, loves and loves loves, is always looking for the most beautiful words and the most wonderful phrases that can show these strong feelings to the beloved lover, therefore we offer you the most wonderful poetic verses about these feelings as follows. :

first poem

I love you before your eyes see you

And my love for you is beyond all suspicion

I loved you as much as pebbles

As much as the trees of the universe

You hold my heart

And my mind loves you

And I’m all intrigued intrigued

The second poem

Come sit between the candles and dance under the rain

Let’s embrace the star of the sky and dream about what the moon is like

How long have I been, please?

When you’re in love with a tune, you play and you’re the string

And if you were ever the prince of hearts, your goodness is a crown for all people

It helps you, I’ve seen all the love, and I’ve seen a love beyond fate

And I feel your whisper of his, a bird singing over the trees

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Beautiful phrases in love and worship

We collect the most beautiful words and the most wonderful phrases about love and worship for you to choose the most beautiful and send it to the most precious people to your hearts as an expression of all this sincere love you have for him, which is as follows:

  • Like any rose in this world, your love begins with thorns, then ends with the most beautiful colors and fragrances, and believe me, my darling, I love your thorns as I love your roses.
  • I thought I was stronger than anything, and that I could overcome any feelings that might conspire against me, until I fell into the nets of your love and caught my heart and was unable to beat myself except at your command.
  • Hearts are like a compass, and my heart is the best proof of this. It staggered through life, so I thought, until I understood that it refers to you wherever you are.
  • When I knew you, I realized that you are the beginning of all that is beautiful, and the end of every sorrow, you alone without people and things that deserve all this love.
  • Your presence in my budget is equal to everything I have spent in my life, equal to more than one life I may live, and you suffice me for everything, my love.
  • I watched the moon with people at night, until I owned you, and it became my own moon for which I am in love day and night.

Pictures about love and crazy worship

A number of the most beautiful new and unique pictures that carry the most amazing designs and words about love and crazy worship, which we offer to you to choose the most beautiful among us and share with the beloved, which is as follows:

Pictures about love and crazy worship
Pictures about love and crazy worship
Pictures about love and crazy worship

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Here we come to the conclusion of the article Talk about love and crazy worship They included many wonderful phrases and beautiful and distinctive words that we have carefully selected so that you can choose the most beautiful and share it with your loved ones.

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