The movie “Ghazl Al Banat” .. Why can I not hope to see it ?!

That film, in which everyone who took part died, controls my senses every time I watch it, as if I see it – for the first time – my feelings are renewed and my eyes fill with tears as I approach the end of it.

Why? What’s the secret in that movie? Will I keep crying from scenes in the forties that were only painted in black and white ?!

Will I keep crying when I watch a movie made when my grandfather was still a young man? I’m 22 years old, so why am I crying then ?!

God is love

I explained the reason with love, and I said, “Love is the reason behind my frequent crying and my attachment to that movie.” The story “Ghazl al-Banat” tells of impossible love, and the suffering of one-sided love tells of the victim, the one who loves in silence, who sees his beloved in the hands of another person, and her deep feelings with him Share.

Is it like Professor Hamam (Najeeb Al-Rihani), who fell in love with Laila Mourad, and tasted love and its abominations? Is it something like that?

I went back to the third grade of high school, my first knowledge of love. I was captivated by the eyes of my colleague in the philosophy class. I watched her every time I attended. When the teacher began to explain, my eyes were taken to her, and my heart whispered in the rhythm of warm affection, and my lips were almost pronounced with four letters: “I love you.” .

I was a hostage of her impulse, a slave of her remembrance, as soon as she came, my heart would tremble with joy, and if she were absent, as if the world had constrained me, and the night had fallen on me, and if I someone else addressed, it was as if my chest had been torn by a sharp-edged dagger.

Conclusion: I was as crazy as Lily!

However, I never dared to be honest with her, and everyone advised me to leave her and stay away from her, and take care of my studies, even if I was the most excellent of them, the secret of my superiority was that I wanted (only) to get her attention.

I had a friend – and most of them in our time – liked to listen to me when I told him about it, to the extent that I heard him flirt with her about the first verse I wrote in my life. , without knowing if it was measured or not ?! It does not matter, as long as poems are told about the one I love, let the shows and their sea burn with their companions in hell:

May I establish for you the Kaaba of lovers .. I will be the Imam of the lovers in it

So my friend agreed with me to give me advice in exchange for me helping him study because he was a failure. This advice certainly did not help me because I am afraid to confess my love for fear of her reaction. I stayed in my daydreams and dreamed of the day I would touch her hands.

After the school year was over, and before I joined the university, her news had been cut off for some time, so I tried to find out something from her, then I went into her Facebook page, only to discover that she was on someone is engaged.

Maybe my accident would have been easy if that person had not been the same as my friend with whom I studied! I rather discovered that he was making my study effort to give it to her, even a poetry verse he took and gave to her..and me..nothing!

From that day on, I started watching the movie “Ghazl Al Banat”, but there was another reason than love.

Fall in love

I do not know why he had the happiness of love, the happiness of a victim, the happiness of a second round?

The second time I fell in love was a woman older than me, in addition to the fact that she was famous and rich. But she possessed her beauty and her words in the contours of my soul, so, unfortunately, I became a prisoner of her whims, even though she is in heaven and I am on earth, but love makes no distinction, here I remembered a movie Ghazal al-Banat. ” When Abdel Wahab started humming in his chaotic voice and said:

I met you in the air, and I’m not on earth for you

Complain embrace in my heart, and wean the soul on its possession

A song that expresses a miserable condition like me, whose heart makes him sick and tired every time it beats.

But is love the only reason I watch that movie? Just because I see myself as the great “Youssef Bey Wehbe” in the movie says: “Poor … the victim!”, I adjust the role of the poor victim, who goes through love alone, back with hidden longing (as he finds them), and lives in his daydreams without anyone participating with him And he keeps waiting for anything new that happens to his life, so that the new does not come!

Another reason

I know there’s another reason that makes me attached to the old movie clips, look with me at that miserable teacher who wasted his right to life .. How similar to us! Life did not smile at him once, and when she smiled, it was Laila Mourad’s smile, her beautiful voice and her delicate feeling that robbed the master’s entity “Hammam”.

And when he tried to escape with her from the cabaret and from the evil of “Anwar”, they found the house of the great, majestic and tall, “Youssef Bey Wehbe,” whose melodic voice you can not help but surround you to take, did not enter. majesty and says, “Youssef Wehbe … O my God!” When he explains to them the story of his new novel, speaks of the meanings of love, and that its basis lies in “sacrifice”, he echoes the words of an unknown poet:

All I want is for you to be happy..even though I have sacrificed the light of my life

You feel that he is addressing you..yes, your poor selfish person falls in love with him!

Suddenly the music begins to rise, and the three walk to the door leading to the orchestra hall, where Abdul Wahhab Al-Qaim moves his right hand so that the orchestra first responds with him, and then begins to strike his melodic chords:

Why, why, eye, is my night long?

Why, why eye, did my tears flow?

A confusing question .. Oh night, why are you tormenting me with memories ?!

I started to feel the real reason, as I wandered between Laila’s innocent appearance and Rihani’s true tears, the voice of Abdul Wahab Al-Nada, and the image of the martyr king “Farouk” standing upright behind the orchestra. The lucky ones who saw it.

God watered a time when love was medicine.

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