Tiffany Masterson, founder of Drunk Elephant for “Hey”: I’m passionate about creating products that revolutionize skin care

The Drunk Elephant brandDrunk Elephant One of the best skin care brands, committed to using no ingredient unless it is good for skin health, and with ingredient-free formulas 6 Suspicious items, including essential oils, silicones, chemical sunscreens, perfumes, etc. Distinguished by its focus on clean beauty by offering products to care for the face, hair and body It fits his values ​​and principles. In an exclusive interview with “He” with “Tiffany Masterson” Tiffany Masterson Drunk Elephant Brand FounderDrunk Elephant And the head of the innovation department, she revealed to us the philosophy of the brand and the values ​​that support it in creating its products, and gave us the most important tips to get tight and radiant skin through the new oil to apply.

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What prompted you to create the brand “Drunk Elephant”Drunk Elephant ?

The idea for the brand stemmed from my focus on caring for my skin and conducting careful research on skin, its interactions, its primary function and the ingredients commonly found in skin care products. I had mild skin disease rosacea, dermatitis, redness of the face and a moderate outbreak of this skin disease. All treatment methods were unsuccessful, which motivated me to look for an effective solution for my case. By browsing websites, interviewing dermatologists and interviewing beauty editors, I discovered that I was not the only one suffering from this skin disease, and that I was applying many ingredients to my skin that caused the condition to worsen. has. Some of the ingredients I used were great while others really damaged my skin. The problem is that these harmful ingredients can be found in most products available in the market. I then felt confused and confused. Why do we use perfume, dryers, essential oils, sodium lauryl sulfate and dye in the powders we apply to our skin? They all seemed to me superfluous and at worst absolutely harmful to me. I finally made a list of ingredients I wanted to avoid using and called it the “List of the Six Suspicious Categories”. I believe that the use of skin care powders that are free from these 6 categories that are the main cause of unhealthy and damaged skin can be a complete change tool. I wanted to help women take care of their skin, so I was determined to create a skin care line that would revolutionize their appearance and improve skin health.

Tiffany Masterson, founder of Drunk Elephant

What is the philosophy behind the brand “Drunk Elephant”Drunk Elephant ?

We are solely committed to using ingredients that directly improve skin health or support the integrity of our formulas. We do not consider whether the ingredient is natural or synthetic, but rather choose the ingredients based on biocompatibility. Therefore, we focus on healthy pH levels and skin-recognizing formulas, easily absorbed small molecular structures and powerful active ingredients that also support and maintain the skin’s acid mantle.. What we avoid to include in our products is just as important as what we put into it. We avoid using what we call categories The 6 Doubtful essential oils, desiccants, silicones, chemical sunscreens, perfumes, dyes and sodium laurel sulfate are in our product range.

Why did you choose the name Drunk Elephant? Drunk Elephant?

When I first used marula oil, I fell in love with it, and I quickly searched for it and came across a YouTube video of elephants stumbling and scurrying and eating marula fruit. Since I was working on very serious combinations, I decided to add a vibrant scent by adopting this name for my brand.

What makes the drunk elephant so special? Drunk Elephant About the rest of the skin care products?

My goal is to create a new product category and a new philosophy that will help women for years to come. This category is based on biocompatibility, and today we are the only brand to adopt it. There are many “clean” labels in the skin care space, but we believe that neatness alone is not enough when it comes to skin care. We avoid using categories The 6 Suspicious, which we believe is the primary contributor to the deterioration of the health of the skin and the disruption of its function, and lies at the heart of skin problems such as allergies, acne-prone skin, combination skin, redness, extremely dry skin and extremely oily skin . Once we avoid these categories and remove them from our skin care ingredients, my theory is that the skin then regains its health.


How is your brand in line with the current demand for natural and sustainable products in the market?

I do not care about current trends. I do not care if the ingredients are “natural” or “artificial”, I care most about being biocompatible with the skin, non-toxic and based on scientific studies. By “biocompatible” I mean the skin’s ability to immediately recognize and respond to these ingredients. I have, of course, removed the obvious artificial ingredients that cause internal health problems and external irritations. Beauty, in my opinion, can be both natural and of our own making, but the most important thing is that it should be honest, of high quality and of integrity.

Tell us more about A-Glue Marshal Oil. A-Glow Maretinol Oil, The new product of “Drunk Elephant”, and the benefits of using it on the skin?

Retinol is highly effective in promoting cell renewal, anti-aging, and reducing skin inflammation and acne breakouts. It is an amazing ingredient that is super powerful in repairing the cells of their youth and in their renewal. A moderate amount of Retinol used in A-Gum Oil can brighten uneven, blemished or aging skin and make it pure and smooth. And since maroela is a very nourishing and soothing oil, it is the perfect pair for retinol. Maroela oil contains a high concentration of oleic acid, which is the richest type of omega fatty acid. Research has shown that oleic acid effectively improves the ability to penetrate into the layers of the skin by making it easier for other ingredients, such as retinol, to reach the layers of the skin so that the oily surface of the skin is more permeable and the active ingredient more soluble. Thanks to the use of “A-Glue” A- Good You get all the benefits of these two powerful ingredients that complement each other perfectly.

What are the main components of the new oil? Is it suitable for all skin types?

In addition to retinol and maroela oil, A-Gum oil contains ceramides derived from plants that help fill the spaces between skin cells, give them elasticity, and play an important role in strengthening the skin barrier by helping a Maintain balanced skin hydration by avoiding water loss.

What is the ideal way to apply the new oil to get tight and radiant skin?

For anyone not previously familiar with retinol, the method ideal It lies in gradually becoming familiar with it and listening to the needs of the skin. Apply two or three drops in the morning or evening on a clean, dry face, avoiding the eye area. If you use oil A-Golie Make sure you follow it during the day with sunscreen. start using A-Golei Once or twice a week, then increase its use gradually, once every two nights, and then every night if no side effects appear. It will take a while, about 3 to 4 months, before you see results with Retinol, so be patient.

What challenges do you face when creating a new product?

I enjoy the process of installing my products a lot, I do not struggle with this. I always precede the product formulation process by asking myself the following question: What do I want for my skin as a consumer? I really want the active ingredients to seep into the skin and do their job, I make my formulas with amazing and interesting ingredients and choose each one carefully. I am very precise in determining the amount of active ingredient to be included in the formula so that women who buy this product get the highest levels of potency. I am also very careful with the choice of the pH level, which should be set on the appropriate amount to improve its effective role, to prevent the skin from irritating or not using it leads to an effective positive effect on it not.

What do you think is more important? 3 Skin care products?

I consider the philosophy of Drunk Elephant to be more important than any product. All products hold a special place for me, have a special meaning in my collection, and I work on putting in new products when I feel like I’m missing my skincare routine. I believe that every product adds value to my product range, and I never come without one.

What advice would you give to keep your skin hydrated and healthy?

It is recommended to drink large amounts of water, take a large amount of rest and avoid the ingredients 6 suspicious.

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