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The journey of a short life has many papers that have not yet been revealed. It is a rapid journey of questions and answers produced by the positions of the world. We put it on every day after meeting one of the prominent faces in various fields of giving and creativity. An uninterrupted journey..and our guest today is Issam Abed Al-Thaqafi, the Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia.

01-08 in person
Without any introductions .. without any improvements or additions .. How do you introduce yourself to a group of strangers?
Since there is a group of strangers in front of me who I do not know and who do not know me, I will content myself with the introduction of myself and my work.
Aside from work and professional challenges, what are your biggest personal accomplishments?
I have committed myself and volunteered to be myself as I am to those who knew me as a student in the classroom, and as an ambassador for the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques in Indonesia, through all the stages I between classes and my current spent. situation.
Character overwhelms imprinting .. What is your character that still triumphs over you and drops you with a knockout blow?
The quick emotion at times, which calms down quickly, but it leads me to some problems with those who do not know me, sometimes this nature leaves me with a knockout, especially if I do not pick up the subject or apologize for the other party not.
Do you have money that makes you safe and secure in the face of adversity of eternity … Or is this money your last concern?
Although this is the last of my interests, but we live in a time when if you need one riyal, you will not find anyone who owes it to you except rarely, and it is necessary to calculate, so it is not by being indecently rich, but by what guarantees me of a decent life for me and those around me.
The boy who wants to be a rich man when he grows up … so do you have any valuable advice to give him?
Slower my son, wealth and money are not everything in life, save your religion and learn and strive and know the meaning of life and wealth comes later, so that is not your goal.
Some people lie with innocent words, a polite manner, and good intentions .. this kind of polite deception, you sometimes resort to it .. and with whom do you do it?
I always try to be honest and clear, the truth can hurt at first but over time I gain the trust of others.
The Corona pandemic has ended .. a war of iron and fire and rapid death breaks out in the corners of Europe .. what is happening in this world?
A play is over and another has begun, and the goal is to take control of this world and change the balance of power.
Who stuffs coffee mugs with sugar .. Do you consider them the happiest and smartest people?
As much as sugar brings happiness and its name suffices, as much as it is a deadly poison, intelligence is to balance everything in our lives, we are a middle nation.

09-15 sports
Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia in the World Cup … A painful and hurtful farewell to Algeria and Egypt … Do you have a special perception of the reality of Arab football?
From my remote follow-up to sports in general and football in particular, I see that Arab football has been going at the same pace for decades, either a rocket rise or a sad descent, and we usually go no further than to reach the finals. do not pick up. seek the nearest exit from which we can return to our country.
Everything confirms that the Saudi league is the best and most important in the great Asian continent .. Do we need new evidence to establish this fact .. Or are we exaggerating our football emotions?
We have old soccer glory in the Asian continent, and I see that we relied on individuals who were stars in Saudi soccer and did not rely on finding a professional team that passes on experience from generation to generation, and it can be anywhere be the case for football.
Cold wars between clubs … between their presidents, stars, media and supporters .. How do we stop them .. Or do you see it as a healthy sporting phenomenon that must continue?
Soccer is one of the popular games for the masses of the people of the world, and I think it is for entertainment and to enjoy the art of playing and spending beautiful times following and analyzing it. .
Talisca, Hamdallah, Pereira and Banega .. These four are the foreign players most mentioned this season .. Why did the atmosphere of noise, controversy and conflicting opinions accompany them?
I mentioned that I follow the sport from a distance and excuse myself for talking in detail that I do not follow his progress or his characters.
If FIFA gave you the right to change the football law, what would you do?
I’m working on inventing modern methods to contribute to the development of football ethics, while increasing the level of competition away from fanaticism.
What is your team that you fell in love with .. and what is the price you demand to give up this love?
Haddawi by instinct perhaps because of my affiliation with Mecca and my upbringing in Mecca.
When you look forward to these great international sporting events hosted by Saudi Arabia..Formula, equestrian sports, golf and other games .. what do you think of?
It was supposed to be long ago, and no other country has the capacity to host it.

16-20 arts and culture
The Riyadh season has recorded impressive numbers in its various activities. Art, ideas, initiatives and innovations. How do you see the picture in its broad framework?
The tourism industry is a goal sought by all countries of the world, and we have the capabilities that make our country a target for world tourists and that Riyadh is its capital.

Do you write your name with confidence in the middle of a list wishing for the return of the days of “Tash Ma Tash” to the Ramadan screen … Or do you consider it a television work that takes its time and the death of the train?
No … Fatash that was done was a daring and dramatic act of breathing for people in a society stage that we passed and ended, then everything has an end, no matter how long it takes.

In the worlds of art, new faces appear every day. What emerging names are betting on their successes?
I do not bet on anyone’s success. The nature of people has become one of rapid boredom and the search for new faces and ideas, even if it is unfortunately insignificant.

Love, Crime and Wealth is the trilogy most talked about in the film … Do you have a fourth edition that you would nominate for permanent showing?
The new media or social media, I highly recommend it to be the focus of the new movie theater, and how it has affected societies and changed many societal customs and revealed the hidden and become the concern of all age groups in the world.

Your charming artist with whom you shaped your taste for movie stars … Who is she … and why is she in particular?
If I went back a lot, I would say Najat al-Saghira, I watched her movies and songs with interest, and I still regularly listen to her songs to take me back to the good times, and why she is in particular, perhaps because of her calm personality and her beautiful voice.

21-30 thinking and living
The unknown idea that you want to crystallize on the ground … Has the time come to reveal its mysteries and secrets?
Maybe the time will not come, there is more than one crazy idea that is better kept secret than appearing.
The so-called good times .. Which one would you choose to take with you on your future journey?
Honesty, honesty, consideration for others’ feelings, and many other things that are no longer in our time.
People whose hearts are full of your hatred … Do you have a confident message to shock them with?
I tell them I do not hate you and I love you very much. So why all this hate? .. Hand in hand we can achieve happiness for all of us.
The media .. old and new .. who do you like them .. and what would you do if you accepted their leadership?
I like a lot of the old names, but they were not able to fully give in to the restrictions imposed by them, and there are also many current names that I like a lot and I do not want to name names, but if I take the leadership from them, I will fly them high, the media is an endless free space and we still tweet above the trees.
On the shelves of libraries are millions of books that have touched the human mind. Which book do you want to be the author and owner of?
The book “An Ambassador between Two Poles”, which I actually wrote, is one of the millions of books that have been mentioned and tell the biography of my diplomatic career, which I have had the honor and glory of for more than four decades.
When your closest friend says to you: Give me my faults … Do you tell him half the truth or do you let him live with his mistakes?
I’m afraid of losing him, so I’m devoting to him some of his shortcomings a little more than half the truth.
Those people who are stigmatized as thinkers, how do their ideas differ from others?
The word thinker is sufficient, as it means that he has achieved something that no one else has achieved, and that is what has distinguished him from others.
In this world overflowing with God’s creation … Who is the only one you can trust with your secrets and rest your arm on?
My wife and companion on my long journey, Umm Amr, is the storehouse of my secrets, my stick and my abode – may God prolong her life.
That happiness that all people long for .. Did you know it in your life .. when and how .. and what are its characteristics?
Happiness is always temporary and surrounds certain circumstances and at certain times. If this had been achieved, we would have lived happiness for a beautiful time that would soon end, and if happiness were eternal, we would not have found anything to look for. to be happy. .
The person who has stopped longing, dreaming and being ambitious. How can we help him and bring him back to life?
We throw a little water on it to wake up, because life does not stop with the departure of someone, and hope does not end in it. Hope and great trust in God that He removes worry and dispels sorrow, because God Almighty is when His servant thinks well of Him.

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