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Abu Laila al-Muhalhal, known as al-Zir Salem, was not keen on al-Basous’ long war to kill Jassas with his brother Kulaib, it was not to satisfy him as his revolution for the murder of his brother turned into evil and insatiable love for conflict.He rather wished that Jassas would stay alive so that revenge would still exist and all the Bakris would be destroyed.
The crisis of the anarchist revolution is that he continues the revolution against the situation, when his revolutionary ambition becomes a goal without a means, there is no end to his rebellion, and there is no ceiling for his aspirations, he just rebel and rebel to stay a rebel.
This is the case of Arab feminism, whose cause has shifted from the demand for women’s rights, which are suppressed in backward societies, to a permanent absolute revolution against a society that feminists have always liked to call a patriarchal society. The liberation of the Arab woman has indeed taken place since the advent of Islam, and the woman has been saved from the clutches of ignorant ignorance that made her negligent and worthless pleasure, so that she became a crowned queen, inherited, educated, educated , worked and consultation. There is no doubt that women lived through eras in which they were not treated according to the Islamic system they preserved, so they were oppressed and their legal rights were violated. There is no doubt that she also has the right to claim all her stolen rights, but with the rise of the Arab feminist movement, such as Western women, the demand for rights has changed over time into a sustainable state of revolution against society. , and we no longer know what Arab women want more of than they have acquired, and where will its demands take our Arab societies? Feminism has transformed from a mind that calls for rights to a conflicting and conflicting idea with society , and against all that is patriarchy.The proponents of this present regard women as an independent individual in society, and not as the backbone of the family institution as a mother and wife. The problem of feminism is that it transcends the general reference for man and woman, thus making marriage and the family a burden on the woman, and in the midst of this conflict with society, the woman revolves around herself and her demands, and instead of presenting herself in terms of reality (the woman is with the man), she presented herself with the logic (the woman versus the man). the man).
The late encyclopedic scholar Abdel-Wahab El-Mesiri says of feminism: “It comes from a contradictory view of the world; Where the woman is centered on herself, and the man is also centered on himself, and the history of human civilization becomes the history of the struggle between man and woman, and the man’s domination over the woman and her attempt at this domination to liberate. ”

Feminism has changed from a mind that demands rights to a confrontational and conflicting idea with society, and against everything that is masculine

Arab feminism pursues the reformulation of history, symbols, human nature and even heritage – and we do not go far from the truth when we say reinterpretation of the Koranic and Prophetic texts – in line with the unbridled desire, or the permanent revolution against any differences between male and female, even if required by the nature of congenital and physiological difference The mental and physical in between. One of the ugliest pitfalls in which Arab feminism has fallen is to ignore the difference between equality and justice, because justice does not require equality, and equality is not always fair, and that if you divide a dose of water between two men, of whom one has a normal desire to drink, and another who presided over death with thirst in accordance with the principle of equality, he will not describe to you One of the worlds of righteousness. As for women who call for equality with men in everything, it is absurd, because each of them has its own nature and characteristics, and about this Al-Tahir bin Ashour says:; Because the requirement of character, the requirement of the purpose of woman and man, and the requirement of Sharia, the difference between many of the conditions of men and women in the system of construction and cohabitation. ” That is why I say out loud that the call for equality between women and men is an outrageous injustice to women, even though agreement is a basic requirement for feminism. , Why not advocate the forced recruitment of women? Why does not her delicate feminine nature transcend the weak and work if she has to work in the building and construction and drainage work and all the hard hard work? Why not demand that the man sit at home and bear the burdens of life and provide for the requirements of a decent existence from all the necessary matters of maintenance? Is it not fair to demand equality in earnings and liabilities together?
Arab feminism discusses women’s issues in isolation from society. The issue of harassment, for example, deals with Arab feminism as an acceptable phenomenon in society at official and public levels. It treats it as if society, with its religious, legal and moral systems, does not pronounce or punish it.
Arab feminism is about manifestations of injustice and abuse in the state as women are a target group, and do not look at the general context as a whole. Yes, working women are oppressed in some Arab countries in terms of wages, but it is a general injustice in which men and women participate authoritarian regimes such as directed at women in particular, without looking at the situation of the masses under this oppression and the suppression of freedom of speech, so it is inevitable to recognize that Arab feminism is a trend that separates women from their society, wasting women’s time and efforts in conflict with windmills, instead of directing these efforts Attention to the advancement of society, by carrying out its role in cooperation with men.
Arab feminism has wronged women when they raise issues that make them subject to accusations of absurdity and poor reason. What does it mean for one of the pioneers of feminist work to talk about polygamy for women, similar to polygamy for men, with which carries the idea of ​​an explicit clash not only with religion but with instinct and generosity, and a explicit collision? For the physiological characteristics of both sexes. What does it mean for feminism to demand gender equality in inheritance, to reveal its ignorance that the inheritance system established by Islam has produced more than thirty cases in which a woman takes the same or more than a man, compared to four cases in which a wife inherits half of the husband, in addition to that, regardless of how much she inherited and owned from Wealth, because her husband has the right to maintenance, unlike a husband who can support his wife, children, parents and sisters, which requires him to be more happy and a part of money and wealth. Women may be surprised that this is a woman’s view of feminism, but that’s the truth I believe in, but my thoughts were formulated in this way by a joint consideration of the greatness of Islamic law on the one hand, and through our pure cultural heritage on the other hand, and through reflection on human nature and differences between men and women on the third side, and through the poor social reality created by feminist illusions and the great rift that surrounds the walls of the family institution cracked, to extrapolate. of this stream affected by the flood of westernization at a fourth hand. I hope that Arab women who fall into the clutches of feminism will wake up and integrate into their society, and claim their legal rights, but in light of this integration, and observe the constants and not clash with them, and God is dominant about His command, but most people do not know.
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