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Mohamed Ismail Zaher

The poor and friendly young man Aladdin could only realize his dream and marry the Sultan’s daughter when he found the magic lamp. The philosopher Diogenes did not feel that he could freely express his thoughts to the people of Athens, except through a lamp he carried during the day. Humans could not live and work at night except through various forms of lamps that evolved until they reached the light bulb known today, which floods us everywhere with its light.

The lamp in the story of Aladdin is my dream and your dream, and perhaps these are dreams that can not be achieved in reality, and comfort for every person with a different point of view who follows the path of Diogenes, and lives in the era of stereotyping and one color, and a gift to all people, and you gave them double time which some of them stole during the day, and most importantly, It gave them safety.

The lamp is a bowl of light, a successful adventure in captivating light.

People have a long history of trying to get light. Have you ever as a child tried to catch strings escaping from sunlight through window gaps? Did you curl your fist, imagine some of these strings in your clenched hand, and when you did not get it, did you feel sad? How many times in your childhood did you close your eyes to imagine a thousand shining suns? What about a sunset scene or the elusive winter sun? Do you remember your feelings when the electricity went off and your mother sent you to buy kerosene to use a gas lamp, what are your feelings as you ran through the dark streets? Except for wild shadows that scared you, you did not calm down until you saw this one light a match and the other hold a candle and a third blew a flashlight, and only the sounds of some neighbors you knew and came from them a little safety, and when you did not hear those noises, you imagined that Orcs and apostates would take you to a dark and remote land that has no solution.

The unknown shadows of passing strangers terrified you, moving on the walls of neighbors’ houses because of a glare that escaped from this house or that. Evolutionists said they have much stronger eyesight than any of us, but what about total darkness .. and fear of wild and predators .. and the fear of the unknown .. what of the millions of others who lived in the shadow of the diminished light after the invention of candles, lanterns and torches that lit houses and roads’ a way illuminated intermittently, but never overcome by darkness.

What about people who have lived for centuries, side by side, in narrow streets and alleys, in search of peace and security? What about the remote places in the house itself that you dare not go to at night? What about the emptiness and deserted places inhabited by bandits, criminals and persecutors, who in turn were home to stories about jinns, goblins, apostates and spirits, and what about the stories of the countryside, murder at night, the desert, the owner of the “facade” foot and the one-eyed mutant people, who lurk in the dark, betrayal in the dark, and the sitting of the conspirators He turned candle to complete their plans, even the language was generous, so I came up with that phrase: “It’s a nightmare.”

I sit now and write with more than one lamp next to me, and I remember the billions of people who have suffered in darkness in a few lines, that I am in a sense a “superior man” or a “superman”, is a superhuman ability. which I compared to a man who lived hundreds of thousands of years, an ability that those lamps gave me.

Since the Lord said in the book of Genesis, “Let there be light,” and God said in the Qur’an, “His light is like a niche in which there is a lamp” (An-Nur-35), people try to catch the light, and their effort is crowned with success in the light bulb. All their previous experiences revolved around theft, or the obscuration of light for a limited time, and the light bulb made us use artificial light even during the day; He paid us to play with it.

The light bulb is one, in all the houses there are very small lamps, dimly lit and perhaps placed in the foyer or the reception hall or outside the bedrooms.Their task is to scare us away when we wake up at night so we do not do it ourselves surrounded by darkness do not find, they take us away from loneliness.

Another type of lamp we put in the bedrooms, some of them are in different colors, there are those that make us feel calm, and there are brightly colored lamps for weddings and parties, and loud neon lamps in street ads, restaurants and large hotels.

The lamp is a guide, we copied it in the cars and through certain signals we take the road, and in the traffic lights we learn from it when to stop, when to slow down and when to walk again. It is a miniature model of life. It expresses our panting in it behind every useful or insignificant thing.


When we stole the light and stored it in the lamp, each of us turned into Prometheus. The lamp gave us strength to reconsider everything that scared us. With lamps, there are no more opportunities for some to fantasize about the darkness or hallucinate about others. the night, and there is no longer any magic for any story. It is not hidden, concealed or invisible. The light bulb illuminated our lives, but it revealed our unhappy souls for their true nature, waiting for the opportunity to be cleansed of their miserable myths.

In the presence of the light bulb, imagination is without taste, taste and fragrance Are the Thousand and One Nights still characterized by the same generosity? We forgot at the lamp that most of her stories revolve around a dark geography. Is there a mother who now gathers her children in a half-dark place to tell them the story of Layla and the wolf? Is it possible to feel fear as we wander with the hero of Count Dracula in a palace without anything but shadows? Is there a moment for us to stop and look at the shadows cast over Dr. Frankenstein’s face falls while inventing his monster? Is there romance without a little darkness? We have cast out the shadows, all the shadows, those that pertain to our inner self, our hearts, our obsessions, and we have become extremely visible, and there is no longer a distance between us and things in which we can deceive or evade it. not. soul.

Unlike all previous ways of lighting, the electric lamp stole the shadow from us, in the presence of the candle there was an opportunity to dodge, intermittent presence, and mature shadows reflected by the place. And while the shadows dance, there are fantasies and illusions and that express restlessness and that express the desire for liberation.

There is no shadow at the light bulb, whether it is a dull shadow, or a cloned shadow, a shadow made, a shadow of a shadow. When we sit opposite each other with a candle, a lamp or a lamp, our shadows appear strongly on the table or against the wall behind us, one of us can play the role of Plato .. and we imagine our chained in ‘ a cave we can not look back to see the sun reflecting our shadows .. in this case he can philosophize.Another can play the role of Diogenes, and a third can be occupied by the spirit of Aladdin. When we sit under the light bulb, the shadow falls back .. it shrinks .. He is afraid of that sun or the suns that always hang above our heads.When we are lit by a candle, we can catch our shadows. Like because under the lamp the shadow is getting less and less.

third eye

The light bulb gave us a third eye, which enabled us to see in the dark, but in return it stole what distinguished us as humans with their stories and legends, fears and hallucinations, dreams and frustrations. It stole our shadow.

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