Case of embezzlement and suicide of BLC branch manager: the bank before the court

Here is one of the cases that opened in the first quarter of 2019 and has not yet closed. The case of embezzlement of a deposit of a non-resident Lebanese citizen. As for the hero of the embezzlement process, he is a (former) manager of one of the branches of the Lebanese Bank for Trade BLC. The case has not reached its conclusion to date, in order to determine the period during which the eclipse took place. But it remains possible that the process will go back to the years before it was unveiled in March of the year 2019.

The embezzlement of one million and 100 thousand dollars
The history of the joint bank account of the Lebanese citizen Adel (pseudonym) and his wife goes back to 1999. The account in the Lebanese Bank for Trade BLC in which Adel and his wife, who are expatriates, save what they earn from their work outside Lebanon .They never hesitated to deposit the spirits of their lives in a Lebanese bank, and they never thought that their money would fall prey to a bank with one of its managers and perhaps its employees. When did Adel discover his money eclipse? How did the eclipse happen? What is the position of the bank?

Several months before the financial and banking crisis broke out in Lebanon, specifically on March 2, 2019, the victim (Adel) and his wife came to Lebanon to express their condolences to a family member. He contacted the director of the BLC Bank branch in Bourj Hammoud. , who deals with him and is related to him through marriage, therefore he apologized The manager is outside the bank.

Adel went to the bank as usual to follow up on his finances, but what happened was shocking. Adel was surprised that there was no money in his bank account, while the value of his balance in the joint account with his wife was about one million and 100 thousand dollars.

Adel checked with the bank’s employees, and the answer was firm: “His account is empty. There is no money in it out of one million and 100 thousand dollars.” Adel’s shock was not limited to the news of his bank account being emptied. The biggest shock was when he asked the bank to contact the branch manager, and he was surprised that the person wanted left the bank in the year 2018 (i.e. several months before his case was discovered by the victim, Adel is).

The victim held his courage and entered the office of the new manager of the bank branch, and perhaps got answers to questions that needed a lot of courage to ask, “Where is my money?” However, the new manager did not give the “stolen” deposit to the encumbered person, except for a short statement of account with his account balances, which confirms the absence of money. The money the victim and his wife worked outside Lebanon over the years of their exile to save.

.. then suicide
The funny thing about Adel’s case is that when he contacted the previous manager, the latter blamed him for going to the bank without informing him. The two men collided over the phone, and Adel insisted that the driver come to the bank immediately, to clarify what happened and return his money, thinking that the money might still be within the driver’s reach. .

But when the driver accused of embezzlement hung up his phone with Adel, the last words he uttered were. He did not hesitate to shoot a bullet from a hunting weapon in the head. He committed suicide before confronting Adel head on. As for the victim, who was waiting for the former driver to come to the bank, he was not sure that the eclipse had taken place until he called the accused driver again to chase him, and the news of his suicide reached him. came.

The picture began to become clear before Adel whose money was stolen. The former bank branch manager embezzled his bank deposit and committed suicide. But where is the bank and its management in all this? Did the offender resign in 2018, or did the bank fire him? And if the latter dismissed him from his job, did he open an investigation into the eclipse?

All of these questions were not answered until the victim went to court. Adel did not hesitate to immediately turn to a law firm and file a lawsuit to investigate the issue of embezzlement of his money and to get back the harvest of his years and his wife’s exile.

According to Al-Modon’s information, the most important element on which the case is based is that “the bank was the one that suspended the accused manager, and the offender did not submit his resignation.” From here the story begins. Why did the bank stop the Burj Hammoud branch manager from working? Was he suspected of other embezzlement or seized? Was the director referred to the judiciary?

pack teen BLC
The victim had few visits to Lebanon and did not use ATMs at all, but rather visited the bank to deposit amounts of money and receive the receipt. He brought the money to the bank and waited in the office of the driver charged with embezzlement, while the money was paid into his account against regular receipts. This procedure did not surprise the victim, as it is customary for managers to treat their senior customers in this way.

From here, Adel could not discover the embezzlement of his money for months, but what is confirmed is that the manager withdrew money from Adel’s account without any legal justification. In the sense that he was the act of embezzlement.

According to confirmed information, BLC Bank previously suspended the branch manager from work in June 2018, due to the receipt of many complaints against him. The bank has forced him, according to a reliable source, to waive his compensation in full in exchange for his 39 years of service. The source claims that there are 3 cases against the bank branch itself, the focus of which is the embezzlement of depositors’ funds.

There is information that the bank dealt with the complaints of embezzled persons, by paying it out of the remuneration of the embezzled driver, who was owed by the bank and who was deprived of it after he was expelled from the branch. Thus, the bank somehow acknowledged that embezzlement was committed by the branch manager. Consequently, he paid the embezzled money to their owners. The question is why the deposit of Adel, the last victim, was not paid? The source alludes to the possibility that the bank may evade recognition of the recent embezzlement, and its attempt to evade its responsibilities because the deposit far exceeds the value of the former manager’s remuneration.

In the case of Adel, the source revealed that the embezzled driver had previously opened 22 accounts in the names of the victim, his wife and his minor children, and with forged signatures, and it was later found that one of the accounts was used by the embezzler to trade in the stock exchange. And a loss suffered on 50 thousand dollars.

For years, the director forged the signatures of all the nobility’s family. Since most of the operations were done over the counter, this means that there are employees working with the manager in withdrawals from the account of a person who is not within the country.

Trial postponed
In view of all these facts, was the bank not obliged to hold the manager liable for the purpose of opening several accounts in the name of the same person? Is not this a gross negligence on the part of the executive of the bank? As long as the management of the bank authorizes this manager to exercise all the powers conferred on him in the name of the BLC, is the bank not in any way responsible for the manager’s practices?

The aggrieved party placed the seizure on the bank’s funds by his lawyer to guarantee his rights, and 31 properties owned by the bank were seized, but the bank tried to lift the seizure against a check for the value of the deposit in Lebanese pound. ie one billion and 600 million pounds, although the bank check has lost its value since entering the country in a financial crisis at the end of 2019.

Furthermore, it is confirmed and confirmed that there is embezzlement and forgery of all signatures on the documents attached to the accounts, fraud and documents indicating the presence of the two parties to the account (Adel and his wife) at those times outside the country confirm. of the same withdrawals. Consequently, it has been confirmed that there is eclipse in the true sense. Accordingly, the Financial Public Prosecutor charged the Lebanese Bank of Commerce BLC and the director authorized to sign, represented by its chairman, Nadim Kassar, and against unknown persons and anyone who later revealed the investigation.

Since March 2019, the date on which the embezzlement case was opened, until today, the case has not yet reached its conclusion. Each adjournment of the court hearing loses Adel and his family a portion of the value of their money, and the delay relates not only to the substance of the case but also to the extension of the dates of the hearings, the adjournment, the judicial strike and all other strikes and withdrawals, in addition to the general closure and other reasons that prevented the case from being resolved to this day.

In the latest chapters of the case, a trial was held on April 19 in the complaint filed against defendant BLC Bank and its authorized director, Nadim Al-Qassar, when they were supposed to file their formal defense. Newly escaped from the bank until forward, the trial on this basis was adjourned until 06/06/2022.

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