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People do not know who to believe: What do Western governments say that have excused themselves from the tasks to fight the new coronavirus epidemic? Or the numbers that confirm every day that the number of new infections is increasing, and that hypnosis and death still represent a threat in several countries? This question comes on a day that saw a new deterioration in the health crisis in several countries: yesterday, the cumulative number of injuries in Brazil (the second in the world after the United States in terms of injuries and deaths) rose to 30 million. It is natural that the number of deaths in the largest South American countries since the outbreak of the Corona virus has risen to 660,269. While the United States is close to recording 82 million injuries; Yesterday, France surpassed the level of 26 million injuries. And has established its position in the fourth place in the world, after America, India and Brazil. South Korea – most affected by the current wave of the Omicron tribe – has surpassed the level of 14 million infections since the outbreak.

And the New York Times reported yesterday that despite the decline in the number of new infections in the United States to less than 27 thousand a day, that urged state governors to cancel the mandatory wearing of the snout and the rule of physical distance; Several U.S. states have reported confirmed increases in the number of new infections over the past two weeks, particularly the states in the northeastern United States. The newspaper added that although this increase appears to be insignificant compared to its counterpart last winter; This represents a more than 40% increase in new cases in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Other states are also seeing a steady increase in the number of new infections, including Delaware (17%), Florida (25%), Illinois (13%), New Hampshire (19%) and Wisconsin (11%).

on a global scale; Yesterday, it seemed clear – amid the accelerating increase in the number of new cases – that the new Corona virus could exceed the cumulative number of its infected people before the end of this April, 500 million infections, since the start of the pandemic at the end of 2019. Yesterday, it exceeded 491 million infections. The world’s interest in exacerbating the health crisis in China has continued; Where 25 million people live, residents of Shanghai city are under orders to stay in their homes, and instructed to subject them to two types of investigations during these two days. Yesterday (Monday) the Chinese government was forced to send in about two thousand doctors from the Chinese army, and 10 thousand health personnel from all over the country were called to be deployed in Shanghai to help the health authority there to accelerate the spread of the virus . And the number of new infections in Shanghai since last month has increased to more than 60,000. And authorities said yesterday the number of new infections confirmed on Sunday was more than its counterpart last Saturday with more than 9,000 cases. And the increase in the number of new infections in China is more than 10-fold, just about two weeks ago. The problem is that China absolutely rejects the principle of “coexistence with the virus” pursued by Western governments, and follows the “zero Covid” approach, which has been repeatedly proven to have failed to spread the word. to stop epidemic infection.

Australia begins ‘Second Revitalization’

Australia announced yesterday (Monday) that it has started circulating a second booster dose, which is the fourth in a series of vaccines against Covid-19. She said she has started giving a second incentive to people who are most at risk if they contract the virus; In anticipation of a possible viral attack during the winter that came to the door in that part of the world. Yesterday, the government in Canberra declared that the second booster dose is available for those older than 65 years, provided 4 months have passed since they underwent the first booster dose. It is also available to indigenous people older than 50 years; In addition, those with chronic diseases frustrate their immunity. The Vaccination Advisory Council has stated that there are no plans to roll out the second booster to the rest of the population. On the other side; The Chinese pharmaceutical company Cansino Biologics announced yesterday (Monday) that health regulators in China have agreed to allow him to start clinical trials of a vaccine against Covid-19, which will be the first there based on the RNA messenger technology used in American vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer. Cansino said in a statement yesterday that her research on the new vaccine showed its great ability to generate bodies that are able to neutralize the virus in the body. And another Chinese group announced on Sunday that it had been given the green light to start clinical trials on a vaccine it had created using mRNA technology.

Britain expands list of Covid symptoms

Yesterday, the National Health Service in Britain announced the expansion of the list of symptoms of Covid-19, to include 9 new symptoms, especially sore throat, extreme fatigue and headaches. The list was limited to three recognized symptoms; It is fever, persistent cough and absence or change of sense of smell and taste. The new added symptoms are: shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, loss of appetite, diarrhea and feeling sick. The British Health Service added on its website that these symptoms are similar to those of other diseases, such as colds and flu. Britain – which last week dropped the latest health restrictions for Covid-19, which is the cessation of free investigations – is seeing an increasing increase in the number of new infections, due to the outbreak of the BA.2 sub-strain of the Omicron pressure. The government said yesterday that at least 5 million Britons had been infected with the virus during the week ending March 26; In contrast, 4.3 million people contracted the virus a week earlier.

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche announced in Zurich yesterday that the US Food and Drug Administration has agreed to prioritize the review of data on a new drug found to treat Covid-19 in adults in hospital. The new Swiss drug bears the names “Actemra” and “Proactemra”. The Swiss company has indicated that more than one million people have slept with Covid-19 in countries of the world since the outbreak of the Corona virus with this drug. On the other hand, “Roche” announced yesterday that the trial data of a new drug he has developed to treat the decline in the incidence of multiple sclerosis (MS) show great benefits. In three-quarters of the trial volunteers, the disease has stopped worsening more than a year since they started taking it. The new remedy is called “Okrifas”.

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