Education: Inventory of schools equipped with technology to write electronic exams

I sent Ministry of Education and Technical Education A letter to all the education directorates in the various governorates of the Republic began to prepare for the examinations at the end of the current academic year 2021/2022 AD, and the inventory of technology-equipped schools to conduct the examinations for the first and second grades from the general secondary school.

Today’s News Portal I obtained a copy of the letter issued by the Ministry of Education, which stated that, with reference to Periodic Book No. the first and second grades of general secondary school, please show the directors of All the education departments of your directorate are as follows:
1. Inventory of secondary schools (public – private) that are equipped with technology and have a state of stability (electricity – internet, etc.) and that are suitable for performance electronic examBy the head of the development department in the administration and under the direct supervision of the director of the development center in the directorate.

2. Inventory of first- and second-year secondary school pupils targeted to perform the electronic test.

Distribution of the target students to the equipped schools that own the building, provided that the students of the original school are in the morning shift and students of the service school, in addition to students of non-equipped schools or private schools in the evening shift.

4. Equipped schools, as well as students accommodated in the morning and evening shifts therein, are registered on the application prepared for this purpose by the Statistics Department of the Department of Education, knowing that by the end of the working day on Tuesday completed, 26 April 2022 AD, so that the Ministry can complete the work related to electronic examinations before Examinations are held on time.

The letter also calls for the need to emphasize the importance of making all secondary schools (government – private) aware of the need for all students to attend training on Tuesday and Wednesday, 26 and 27 April 2022 AD, so that students can maximize achieved. benefit from the training and to ensure the readiness of the tablets before the end of the year exam.

Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, announced the details of the exams for the end of the 2022/2021 school year for Egyptian students abroad, STEM students, blind students, first and second grade students and high school students 2022 and their controls.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education has stated that all questions for the secondary phase will be in line with the new assessment system, which started in 2018, which measures comprehension and learning outcomes, not memorization and indoctrination.

First: Methods of holding examinations for first- and second-grade students in public and private schools:

– We will use a “draft paper” like the high school exams. A paper book or attachment is not allowed, and the examination platform will not allow you to browse through electronic resources to prevent electronic cheating and ensure equal opportunities.

Examinations are held in schools with secure and supervised committees according to the attached schedule for the 2021/2022 school year. Students take the exam in two periods. In the first period the examination is paper-based (essay questions) and these questions represent 30% of the examination score, while the second period includes the examination. Electronic (multiple choice questions) through the electronic platform, and the percentage of questions in it represents (70%) of the exam count. The result of the essay question examination, and this is done by forming a committee for the system and control in the school, with the need to take all precautions to preserve the general health of students and teachers.

Examinations are held during the morning period in equipped schools (official or private), and for unequipped schools their students join the equipped schools (official or private) and the examination is held during the evening period.

Second: Methods of holding examinations for non-essential subjects for first- and second-degree students in public and private schools:

– The school has a contract Non-core exams And the fields and the high level are secured by insured and monitored committees at school level Examinations are held under the supervision of the education administration.

Third: Methods of holding examinations for national identity materials forInternational schoolchildren:

The school holds examinations for national identity subjects (Arabic language, social studies, religious education, national education) for students of international schools in the school on paper under the supervision of the education administration, and the results of the students are approved by the educational administration.

Fourth: Methods of holding examinations for students applying for the “Our Children Abroad” system:

Examinations for all classes (transport classes / completion certificate examination in the basic education stage) are held electronically by the ministry’s platform (multiple choice questions), according to the dates set in the announced schedule starting on Saturday, 7 May 2022. in the event of any obstacle impeding Without passing the examination through the platform, the student has the right to print the question paper and the answer sheet (Babel Sheet) on the website and answer it and by express mail to the headquarters of the Systems and Monitoring Committee for our children’s exams abroad (Advance Technical School, Al-Qasr Al-Ainy St., in front of the Faculty of Pharmacy – Cairo).

– The student’s result is (pass) / (failed) for all grades, including the result of the basic education completion certificate examination of the student’s domicile.

– Students who are enrolled at the Egyptian track schools, exams are held for them, as in previous years.

The central technical committees responsible for compiling examination questions are responsible for formulating the questions according to what is followed by the multiple-choice system in the open book method.

Fifth: Methods of holding examinations for the third year of secondary school:

– It starts on Monday, 20 June 2022 and lasts until Thursday, 21 July 2022. The exams are paper based and the answer is based on (Babel Sheet) – the questions are only multiple choice – provided the student receives a draft paper, and the book or tablet may not be taken to school.

The examination for subjects that are not added to the total (religious education, national education, economics and statistics) will be conducted by monitoring and secure committees and within the approved examination timetable.

International school students take the national identity examination according to the approved schedule in secured and monitored committees and according to the sitting numbers prepared by the system and control committees for the examination of the certificate of completion of the second general education.

Students who apply to write the General Secondary School Completion Certificate Examination in STEM schools and blind students are similar to what was followed last year and tested according to the approved schedules.

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