Elegance beyond imagination .. The bedroom of star Yasmine Sabry and billionaire Ahmed Abu Hashima. The property that all girls dream of .. Look at the photos

You are now following the news of elegance beyond imagination .. the bedroom of star Yasmine Sabry and billionaire Ahmed Abu Hashima, the property that all girls dream of .. Look at the photos and now with the details

Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – Egyptian star and actress Yasmine Sabry is one of the Egyptian artists who, despite her young age, gained great fame and brilliance in drama and film.

Despite her short artistic career, she has achieved great success and wide fame, especially in recent years.

Since the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry was born on January 21, 1988 in Alexandria, her father “Ashraf Sabry” works as a doctor in one of the major hospitals in Alexandria, while her mother works as an interior designer, and she is also a African. champion in swimming, in addition to her grandfather being a marine captain. Yasmine is the third born in her family out of five brothers. She received her primary and secondary education in Alexandria schools, completed her university education and joined the Faculty of Mass Communication at Alexandria University, and studied at the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. Her sports career The artist, Yasmine Sabry, is characterized by many talents, as she is very fond of art, acting and media. She is also a first class athlete with a passion for sports, swimming and yoga. She started her swimming career at the age of 4, and she trains 5 hours in the morning before school and returns 7 hours in the evening to practice. She won many gold medals and was crowned as the champion of the Republic of Egypt in swimming.

Her Career Unfortunately, the competition was canceled due to a lack of sponsors. After that, Yasmine received a call from one of the companies working in the field of advertising, and asked her to work as a model for one of the ads. The director nominated her to work with Islamic in the program “Steps of the Devil”. preacher Moez Masoud and director Adel Adeeb, and she was able to get the role of the heroine of the program, the covered girl named Rasha, and the program was shown in Ramadan 2013.

Yasmine Sabry presented her first dramatic role, and she achieved great success with her role. Since then, she has become the talk of newspapers and magazines, where they described her as one of the most beautiful new young faces of Ramadan drama, and thereafter the works presented by Yasmine Sabry continued, including the series “My Way” with the star Sherine Abdel Wahab, and the series “Al Ostoura” with Muhammad Ramadan, and the series “The Black Horse” with Ahmed El-Sakka, and in Ramadan 2019 they performed the first dramatic work of her absolute lead role, which the series is “My Story”, in which she embodies the character of “Dalida”. Her marriage to Abu Hashima, although Yasmine Sabry was married before Abu Hashima to another businessman, but it was not the wealth of her current husband, and this is evidenced by the life of absolute luxury in which she lives. Followers say that Yasmine Sabry’s life has changed completely since her marriage to Abu Hashima in mid-April 2020.

Abu Hashima Palace is one of the most luxurious palaces in Cairo in terms of space and design, and it combines modern and antique elements in its decor, as it is characterized by ease and nature due to its beautiful views, and the trees and plants in its foyer with a wonderful pool. The luxury palace is located in the North Coast region, which is the most distinctive area in Cairo, and overlooks a private lake by the sea, so Yasmine Sabry spends her summer vacation there with Abu Hashima. The entrance of the palace Jasmine appeared after her marriage with a number of photographs from outside her palace, as the entrance expresses the grandeur of the general decoration of the palace.

The garden of the palace combines classic and modern decoration “Abu Hashima” appeared in one of the pictures of the garden of the palace, which is equipped according to the wooden “pergola” system, which embodies the ancient classical decor, as well as the “reflection “which shows the splendor and beauty of the” Genea “.

Leather furniture in the garden, and Abu Hashima placed leather furniture in the garden of the palace, making it all of a luxurious and easy-to-clean beige color, unaffected by sunlight or cold weather.

It is noteworthy that the decor engineers and specialists in the design, implementation and furnishing of gardens unanimously agree that the furniture used in the garden should be comfortable to the eye, so white is preferred with its derivatives while the monotony of color is broken by to add. colored pillows, including black, pastel or gray and other colors that absorb dirt and do not lose their luster due to Expose to the sun, the bright colors fade with time, but the pastel colors are faded from origin, so they are the perfect choice for the garden.

Pool outside the villa There is a private and spacious pool with plenty of places to sunbathe, and it is in the shape of a rectangle, where Yasmine took a number of photos for it and shared it with her fans through her accounts on social media.

Salon Yasmine and Ahmed Palace The room of the salon of Yasmine and Ahmed Palace is decorated in a calm beige color, indicating the enjoyment of comfort and tranquility for a long period of time.

Another salon that indicates luxury. Abu Hashima Palace contains another salon in which all manifestations of sophistication and luxury are manifested. Yasmine posted photos from inside when she received the Lady of the Rain, whose story buzzed with social networking sites.

A third royal salon, and through the images that Yasmine Sabry would like to share with her fans on an almost daily basis, a third Thalon appeared in Abu Hashima Palace, containing all aspects of splendor and royalty, in terms of royal decor and some gold – crusted pieces.

As for the lounge in Abu Hashima Palace, it is decorated with a light gray color, in addition to the dark colors, in addition to the bright shades, which adds a luxurious touch to the decor of the living rooms.

A gym in the garden and foyer of the palace There are two gyms in Abu Hashima Palace, the first in the palace garden, and the second in the foyer, and the two halls contain all the equipment and sports equipment, so Yasmine Sabry no longer do not have to go to the gym to exercise. Milestones from Yasmine Sabry’s life – In 2017, she was selected from the “100 Most Beautiful Women in the World” list.

In April 2019, she was appointed an Ambassador for African Women, during the Arab-African Conference on Empowerment of Women, in the presence of ministers and high-level personalities from across the Arab region and the African continent.

Yasmine is the advertising face of the French jewelry company Cartier (in French: Cartier), and Yasmine Sabry is the first Arab in the history of Cartier International to be chosen to be their advertising face since she was exclusively contracted last year, and she has the attended more than one party for them in Dubai and San Francisco in America and Paris in recent months.

She is the advertising face of the contact lens company (Lens Me), and in May 2019 launched her own collection, the Jasmine Collection.

Yasmine was at the top of the covers of Vogue International magazine in its Arabic edition, in the July and August 2019 issue, where the photo shoot was taken in the Italian capital, Rome. To be the first Egyptian star to appear solo on the cover of the famous magazine.

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