Iraqi officials urge labor, retirement and social security laws to be implemented

Baghdad – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Iraqi officials in the federal capital of Baghdad and Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, congratulated Iraqi workers on their International Day and at the same time called for the implementation of laws related to the rights of the working class, especially retirement and social security.
Yesterday, the President of the Public, Barham Salih, congratulated the workers on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.
In his “blog” he said: “On International Workers’ Day, a salute of appreciation and respect for the nation’s builders and loyal forearms.” He added that “the unsustainable human energy of our people is the real and inexhaustible wealth of the nation and the axis of development and its goal, and the victory for it will be through the reform of the economy, the provision of real jobs in various production sectors. and diversification of sources of national income. “
The Speaker of the House of Representatives (Parliament) Muhammad Al-Halbousi also congratulated the workers on the occasion of their International Day.
And he said in his “blog”: “A thousand greetings to the workers’ hands on the occasion of their International Day, as they contribute in various spheres of life to building the present and future of the country we are all looking forward to, because with your efforts the country is making progress. ”
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi also stressed that the first of May (May) is an opportunity to salute the working hands. And he said in a “tweet” on Twitter: “The first of May is an opportunity to salute the working hands, the women and men of Iraq who have not stopped giving, generation after generation, and have believed in the value of work.On International Workers’ Day we are inciting for the ongoing construction struggle.Our Iraq is built by the consciences and forearms that believe in it, and it will continue to strive for its reconstruction.
On the other hand, the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, instructed the institutions and relevant authorities to take into account the living and living conditions of Kurdistan workers.
He said in a press release on Monday: “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Kurdish working class, their unions and organizations, and to the workers of Iraq and the world at large. I am more serious about their working hands and the hands of theirs. struggle, and I look with appreciation and gratitude for their efforts, effort and role and wish them success. ”
He added: “The workers, as an important and influential segment of Kurdish society, in addition to their sacrifices and influential participation in the struggle and among the Peshmerga have always played a significant role in the process of reconstruction and prosperity of the land. “
The President of the Region also stressed that “their rights must be fully respected, their lives and dignity must be protected, and their organizations and trade unions must be more effective and organized to be better protectors of their rights, claims and working hours and be sponsors of workers’ work under healthy working conditions and environment. “
Barzani went on to say that “on this occasion, we reaffirm our support for all the legal rights and demands of workers, and the institutions and relevant authorities in the Kurdistan region must consider life and life within the framework of the law. “conditions of Kurdistan workers and strive to improve and care for the families of workers who lost their lives during working hours.”
In addition, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Masrour Barzani, congratulated workers in the region and the world on the occasion of their holiday.
He said in a press statement: “On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, I extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the working class in Kurdistan, and to all workers in the world.”
He added: “Given the Kurdistan Regional Government’s great interest, respect and appreciation for the role that the Kurdistan workers have played, and the services and efforts they have rendered in the process of rebuilding and establishing an economic structure for “considering the Kurdistan Region, it renews its commitment to protecting their rights and ensuring the best life for them under appropriate and healthy working conditions.”
In this context, Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Wisdom Movement, called for the implementation of the labor, retirement and social security laws.
And he said in a statement: “On May 1, we join the working class in Iraq and the world in its celebration, amid hopes and ambitions with legislation and laws that do justice to it and compensate for the stages of seriousness. and perseverance and the journey to earn a decent living. “
He added: “We call on the relevant authorities to implement the laws of employment, retirement and social security in Iraq, to ​​preserve the rights of this hard working class and to organize its relationship with employers in fairness and to to achieve the principle of justice and equality.
The Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Shakhwan Abdullah, also called on the federal government to activate labor laws and to provide justice to the workers.
And he said in a statement: “On the occasion of International Labor Day (…) we proudly extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the working class across the country,” and expressed his “high appreciation to the workers which has contributed “to the maintenance of infrastructure over many years, and which has played and still has played an important role in the restoration.
Abdullah called on the federal government to “ensure fair justice to this sworn group and guarantee their legal rights,” and stressed the importance of “activating Labor Law No. 37 of 2015, and that the celebration of Labor Day” a renewal of motivation and a true expression of the importance of work and the status of labor in society. ”
Abdullah also called on state institutions to “support the working class and temporary wage earners, address barriers and problems, apply justice, equality and equal opportunities,” and stressed the need for “a decent life for workers and to secure their families and the relationship between workers and employers on economic grounds, taking into account the rules of social justice as set out in the text The provisions of the Constitution in Article (22) ».
Every year on May 1st, the world celebrates International Workers’ Day, also called Labor Day, Spring and Labor Day, and International Day of Solidarity with the Working Class, which is a holiday in many countries.

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