Social media attracts leads to indecent assault and rape

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Prepare The phenomenon of lure through social media platforms and social media is one of the most dangerous phenomena that society has faced in recent times as this phenomenon carries other crimes such as harassment and rape, which are punishable by law in light of of the development of information technology tools. until the victim falls and becomes an easy prey for those with malicious intentions and they exert themselves to gather information They are unaware and end up in several problems, the most famous of which is sexual recruitment, which is a very dangerous criminal activity.

victims She fell

Occurred The student “Shaima” is a prey in love with “Mustafa” after he seduced her with his love for her until she fell prey to him on the social networking platform Facebook, so he sexually assaulted her and Mustafa is waiting for his sentence before the criminal court.

pointed out The order to refer the accused to the Criminal Court, and if the victim was a child at the time of her threat and the accused committed the reality of the victim “Shaima” without her sexual consent when she was not 18 years old, until he sexually assaulted her after she deceived her with his love and desire for her marriage, so she exchanged it, and she was not He learned of his diabolical intentions, so she fell into innocence by getting used to it to disclose her private parts that are protected and legally protected and had an incomplete sexual relationship with her through the Facebook application on the social networking site, therefore he threatened the victim to disclose things that violate her honor, and since that threat was accompanied by a request, which is the establishment of their illegal relationship.

as such That the accused forced the victim to enter into a customary marriage contract without her consent or the consent of her next of kin, so that he assaulted the sanctity of the victim’s private life through photos and video clips of her without her consent through his cell phone over carrying and threatening the victim by publishing her photos to get her to have a sexual relationship, so that he unfairly reached out to the victim after an intermediary private letter.

cause The accused is accused of deliberately harassing the victim by abusing communication devices, assaulting family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, violating the sanctity of the victim’s private life, creating an electronic account via Facebook and falsely attribute to the victim and use it. in matters that are offensive to her and thus endanger her life and morals.

She said “Shaima ”that she met the accused through social networking sites Facebook and misled her with his love and desire to marry them, so that she exchanged it for him and did not know his demonic intentions, as she was in the clutches of she sparked and was able to have intercourse with her more than once without her permission and he violated her offer and established an incomplete sexual relationship through the Facebook application, so she responded and registered it . customary marriage contract, and as soon as she asked him to marry officially, we obeyed her by sending these dishonest clips to some of her acquaintances and created a page on social networking sites Facebook in her name until she notified the police has and issued a report of the incident of his arrest He confessed his crime.

marriage by Facebook

being A gang formation whose criminal activity in forced theft in orchards under the guise of marriage by luring their victims through the Facebook application, and putting a drug in their drink to lose consciousness, they the movable property of the victim , Osama Taha, stole by force, that they prepared a criminal scheme on which they criminally agreed and started by preparing and preparing a remedy. Their brutality with the drug Clozaine, and as soon as their victim believed in them, they were unaware of him by secretly stabbing him with his drink until he drank it, so that by this coercive means they could lose his consciousness, his resistance export and seized his property, and left him on the ground until his health condition was corrected by receiving treatment in the hospital, and they also used an electronic account on the Facebook application on The international information network with the aim of facilitating the commission of crime.

Witness One of the victims, because they were subjected to a forced theft by the arrested suspects, added that he got to know one of them through the Facebook application on the page of the marriage page, and by communicating with him, he was lured under the pretext of choosing the bride he wanted to marry, and by meeting him with the accused in a cafe, they ignored him without his knowledge and started He put in a drug that causes anesthesia, and as soon as he woke up, he found that he was lying on the side of the road.He was taken to the hospital for treatment.It was found that his belongings had been stolen.

investigations The case revealed that 8 accused were preparing a criminal scheme to rob men by force by enticing them with analyzes by creating an account on the Facebook application for marriage and agreeing with their victims to meet cafes to see the bride to put in narcotics. they drank and stole their victims, and they were able to seize his property by this coercive measure.

confrontation and protections

lok E-mail contributes to its spread The entry of large numbers of people into the world of the Internet without previous experience or even the basics of electronic security, the person must be aware of his multiple efforts, he must be very careful to prevent the disclosure of your personal or financial data to others in response to a request for updating, checking or confirming data account, unless you are the initiator of the communication and you know the other party you are dealing with.

He said Councilor Haitham Abbas, former president of the Court of Appeal, said that electronic care is one of the most dangerous negative phenomena that has occurred in our society because it has been linked to other crimes punishable by law, such as indecent assault and rape as the victim. lok. through social media platforms achieves its purpose and the crime referred to in Section 268 of the Criminal Code.

confirm The crime of indecent assault carries a penalty in its simple form of aggravating imprisonment of 3 to 15 years, and if one of the two aggravating circumstances is present, namely that the offender is in charge of supervision or the victim less than 18 years of age, the penalty will be imprisonment from 7 to 15 years, and in the case of both, the sentence reaches life imprisonment, indicating that attempted indecent assault carries the same penalty.

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