The administrative capital hosts the first Egyptian-Nigerian Economic and Investment Forum

The press conference concluded yesterday in Cairo, which was held at the headquarters of the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo, in the presence of the Nigerian Ambassador, Naura Aya Rimi, and dr. Yousry El-Sharqawy, president of the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association.

The press conference activities were to announce the details of the major economic conference scheduled to be held in the new administrative capital next May from 22-25. The conference will be held under the title “The Forum and the First Egyptian-Nigerian Economic” Conference. ” private.
The conference aims to support and improve joint cooperation in the private sector between the two countries, to seek opportunities and strategic export trade and investment horizons between the two parties, and African-African cooperation between the Egyptian-Nigerian relations and the rest of the African countries from the perspective of the private sector.

The press conference discussed the presentation of opportunities and sectors that will participate in the activities of the upcoming conference and forum next May, and the arrangements that will be held between the Egyptian and Nigerian sides, either at government level or at the private sector level. , was announced.

The conference is organized by the Egyptian-African Businessmen ‘Association (EABA) and the Nigerian-Egyptian Association for Culture and Social Economy (NECSEF), with high-level government sponsorship from both sides and a large number of the financial and business community in the two countries.

In turn, the Cairo Nigerian Ambassador Naura Aya Rimi announced that he would make intensive contacts with the Nigerian government, the Egyptian side, and at all levels so that the conference achieves its objectives, emphasizing the support of the President of the Republic of Nigeria, and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s support for joint cooperation between the two countries at all levels and levels.

He noted that the Nigerian Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Nigerian Export Development Center and the support projects for agricultural projects are scheduled to participate in the economic forum, pointing out that an exhibition will be held on the sidelines of the forum, explaining that the third day of the conference will be for bilateral meetings between businessmen of the two countries.

He explained that the conference was scheduled to be attended by 160 Nigerian businessmen in more than 13 economic sectors, such as mining, industry, real estate, construction, agriculture, health, energy and water resources, noting that all of these sectors have interests . of the financial and business community, and the Nigerian private sector community, emphasizing that what Egypt has achieved in the file of economic reform has attracted all businessmen of all countries.
The conference was set up to bring together a number of government, African trade leaders, entrepreneurs, giants of the African industry, representatives of trade organizations and top-level African media.

He pointed out that the Egyptian-Nigerian co-operation in the private sector file is an extension of what was signed in Egypt with a joint co-operation agreement held between the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association under the leadership of Dr. The most important Nigerian businessmen.
In turn, dr. Yousry El-Sharqawy, head of the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association, emphasizes that the forthcoming economic conference next May is the first of joint cooperation with most African countries, and notes that the association carries an excellent copy of the elite. of the Egyptian financial and business community, of the private sector in 22 committees, pointing out The members of the Assembly are trying to rediscover the way to the African continent, and the serious efforts to enter the depths of the African continent, with emphasizing that Nigeria is one of the most important countries and stations with which there must be fruitful and genuine co-operation.

Points out that Nigeria and Egypt have a population of almost a third of the population of the African continent, and explain that the gross domestic product of the two countries is more than 30% of the GDP of the countries of the continent, and emphasizes that there are large and diverse markets between the two countries, and a region in central West Africa This is the leading Nigerian neighboring region, which explains that all these indicators must be taken into account, to support the private sector, to encourage.
Al-Sharqawi said it was necessary to support the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association by entering the depths of the African continent, and urged Egyptian businessmen to unite and unite in this entity so that we could bring the African business community into the most African countries in an organized, coordinated and well-formed manner, which explains the necessity of accepting the Egyptian media by shedding light on such These important conferences are scheduled to be held next May in the New Administrative Capital at Al Masa Hotel to become.

He added that the general atmosphere between the two countries has become available at the moment to increase the volume of trade exchanges and achieve real investment, pointing out that the existence of a free trade agreement between the two countries, and the real desire of the Egyptian and Nigerian businessmen will make a difference in the level of cooperation and achieve positive results during the coming period.

Al-Sharqawi explained that the forthcoming forum came as a result of the signing of an agreement and a co-operation protocol between the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association and the Nigerian-Egyptian Association for Culture and Social Economy, led by Hajj Mahmoud Ahmed, President of the Nigerian Gulf Chamber, emphasizing that the co-operation protocol was held in November 2021.
He indicated that it was scheduled to participate in the Great Economic Forum, next May, all friendly associations, all entities, business organizations and the business community, and explained that the invitation would be addressed to the head of the Egyptian government to to sponsor this event, and to the Minister of Trade and Industry in Egypt, and coordinate with all parties so that we can To unite the ranks of the private sector in such an important conference, with the participation of more than 150 Egyptian businessmen, in front of their peers in Nigerian society during their visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt so that we can come up with a good job worthy of the magnitude of the purpose of this event.

Al-Sharqawi took note of his hopes that the next conference would take place next May in unparalleled success, pointing out that the program of the Nigerian delegation will hold an extensive conference on the first day that will begin with the opening remarks of the large government representation between the two countries, followed by several meetings to explain the trade and investment opportunities between the two countries, whether At the level of the government sector or the private sector, then an open discussion session with the symbols of the Egyptian-Nigerian business community, stressed that the second day will hold many bilateral meetings between the delegations of the two countries, and an exhibition of some Egyptian-Nigerian companies and products during the conference. The third is for the conference to visit some industrial areas in Egypt, some investment projects, and the economic zone of the Suez Canal, so that the Nigerian side can get to know exactly what Egypt has achieved in the economic zone project. After we conveyed to them the initial preparatory efforts for this conference, through the Nigerian Ambassador in Cairo and the media, on what is happening now on the land of Egypt, they want to see the dream come true inside the Al Masa Hotel in the new administrative capital.

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