The monotheistic religions are built on the shoulders of young people

One of the remarkable issues is that the late religious authority, Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad al-Shirazi, who nowadays commemorates his death, has devoted much of his life to the youth group through his books, lessons or lectures, or through his social encounters with members of society. He commanded Muslims – especially his followers, supporters and imitators – to pay attention to the youth, if change is desired, because they are the best tool for renewal, and the most important element for social change.

The backwardness of nations and peoples and their progress almost depends on the special group of young people without other age groups. The backwardness and ignorance of nations is the first cause of lack of interest in youth, just as the development of nations, progress and progress can only achieved through the development of the youth, their progress and their progress. And all the great societal changes that can take place on this earth, positive or negative, are the first leaders of the youth, and every political, cultural or religious correction is usually young people are the makers and tools of it.

Therefore; On each occasion, the late reference Imam Shirazi focused on the youth from three basic angles.

first; He gave a clear idea of ​​the interest of the heavenly religions and Islam in particular to young people, and how it gave them the opportunity to prove their abilities and energy, which made it clear that these young people have a great impact on the distribution. of Islam around the world and its sustainability.

the second; It is his focus on the role of the youth and their importance in building Islamic society, and the importance of the maturity they are supposed to enjoy; To be the leaders of the future.

the third; He explained the key tools and resources that can be implemented by the Islamic community to consolidate the role of the youth in sustainable development.

Imam al-Shirazi says: “When we review history, trace the lives of the prophets, make peace with them, it becomes clear to us that many of the heavenly messages are placed on the shoulders of young people. Valuable principles, for example: the prophet of God Noah “peace with him” when he announced his monotheistic call in that dissolved society, who responded to him and helped him, and who responded to his call, what is the call of truth? The believers, what hurried to support Noah (peace be upon him) and believed in what he brought out of the truth.As for the rest of his people, who are many, they persisted in their unbelief and did not believe in him, and they were not content with that, they rather detracted from him (peace with him) and his followers, as stated in The Noble Qur’an, where the Almighty said: “And we do not see that you have followed, except the which is the most despicable of us.

Imam Al-Shirazi adds that (when the Messenger of God, may God bless him and his family, proclaimed the new religion and the new Islamic ideas, we see that those who hated to believe in it and adopted the new religion , among them a group of young people. Peace) who were not more than ten years old, and among them were Jaafar bin Abi Talib, Ammar bin Yasser, Musab bin Omair, Bilal Al-Habashi, Muadh bin Jabal, Zaid and others.

All this was a reason for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to attach great importance to the youth in the leadership of the religion and its spread among the tribal members and in the countries to which the light of Islam has reached. Imam Al-Shirazi says (The Messenger of God looked at the youth with a firm view, and attached them to the utmost importance in the movement of the nation. So we see him “may God bless him and his family” the banner to Osama bin Zaid, the young man who was not more than twenty years old – and it was said eighteen – and ordered his companions to follow his command, and they obeyed the young army commander, to the extent that some Muslims called the emir for the rest of his life.The Messenger of God (peace with him and his family) made them followers of a young boy, and he (peace and blessings of God on him and his family) wanted with this and other things show the nation the true standards of differentiation, and that age is not a measure. The right man is in the right place, and Utab bin Usayd appointed Mecca after its conquest. He said, “May God bless him and his family, “with regard to the publication of Utab bin Usayd’s assumption of Mecca after the vero defense of it (and none of you argue against him because of his young age, for it is not the eldest who is the best, but the best who is the greatest. He is the greatest in our faithfulness, loyalty to our friends, and enmity toward our enemies.

The greatest messenger (may God bless him and his family) used to choose the righteous young believers, and put them in some sensitive positions and positions, to manage what is related to the Islamic nation; The reason for this choice is due to several things:

First: Because the young man at the beginning of his youth feels that he has great power that enables him to be influential in the world, and has the ability to work and creativity, and he has a great love of activity and service, and is always willing to sacrifice for the sake of his ideas and opinions, and he tries to sacrifice himself for it .. clings to life just as much as the great man; Because the nature of man, the longer he stays in this world, the more eagerness and greed for it increases, and as it came in the hadith of the Messenger (may God bless him and his family) where he said: ( The son of Adam grows old and two grow in him: curiosity and long hope) As for many young people, these cases usually decrease.

Second: In the youth stage, the young man feels the openness of his mind, and also feels that his talents are exploding, as he begins to think nicely, therefore he diagnoses in his mind many questions and question marks about life and society, which he must answer get up; That’s why we see him looking for answers, even if it sometimes costs his life, so you see him ready to embrace the new idea he sometimes agrees with, no matter how dangerous and difficult it is.

Perhaps most of the current societies, and this is what is unfortunate, including some Islamic societies, still evaluate people on the scale of age and time … As long as young people have only come a short distance from life, the adults do society does not look at them with confidence and respect – sometimes – It does not allow them to move and be active, contrary to the standard that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family) in his adopted honorable life. (may God’s prayers be upon him and his family) chose from among the members of the Islamic community the explosive energy and entrusted to them the management and leadership of Muslims.

From this point of view, Imam Shirazi emphasizes giving the youth the opportunity to play a social role and to play a good and useful role in society, to help him build his personality, develop his competencies and to to offer him social experience. And if we do not care about the youth and do not allow the youth to exercise their legal desire to play a social role within a just direction, the result will be one of two things: either the youth’s energy will be extinguished , his talents will be killed and his ambitions will be buried, or he will start twisted roles and perform corrupt actions.

Imam Shirazi commands the Islamic nation to take care of the youth through the following axes:

1. Attention to the spread of authentic Islamic thought among young people, especially the ideological axis, for what is important in the lives of young people, and thus we have laid the intellectual foundations on which non-Islamic culture and thought are honored, and at the same time we Islamic concepts clearly demonstrated to our young children.

2. Pay attention to youth mass gatherings, as it is one of the means to which young people are inclined, and at the same time it is a way of spreading culture, where words and news circulate, and these gatherings sometimes exist, and others we urge to find; In order to gather the largest possible number of scattered and lost youth, and we must create programs through which young people take steps forward on a social and intellectual level, we must work to form institutions or complexes that embrace and contain young people, and provide them with everything they need has.

3. Pay attention to useful science Young people need to pay attention to the need to acquire knowledge and study with the meaning of the word, not as is common in this time, when when they study science and complete university, they start leaving life scientific progress and the development or diversification of their information without taking advantage of new experiences and theories; Therefore, it is necessary to always persevere in seeking knowledge, as told by the messenger of God (may God bless him and his family): (Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave).

The provision of legal physical and intellectual entertainment, such as swimming, horseback riding, archery, and the like. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be with him and his family, said: (Teach your children to swim and archery) as well as the establishment of private libraries to read useful books and magazines and others.

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