The winners of Ramadan drama .. Egyptian, Gulf and Syrian

With the dramatic race for the month of Ramadan coming to an end this year, the most important works of art that could crown the scene by obtaining the highest viewing figures from the follow-up of the Arab public, and the praise of critics, have also emerged. came as the “trend” through social networking sites, and most of these works were characterized by their proximity Viewers’ lives and concerns.

Regarding Egyptian drama, which made up the largest segment of the works presented this year, as its number reached nearly 30 series, the list of winners was at the top of a group of series that converged in level, and “The Choice 3 “included, which was titled” The Decision “.

Also, “Baloo ‘al-ruh”, which is the first Arab work dealing with the period before the fall of ISIS, months before its defeat, was able to force itself strongly on the list of winners, despite being late in the race, with his presentation in the second half of Ramadan. In the same category of works that dealt with the war on terror, the series “Returns”, taken from the files of the Egyptian intelligence, emerged, and it deals with a true story, about the returnees from the cavities of terrorism in the period between 2018 and 2020, and how the intelligence confronted them and managed to eliminate them. And the series “Secret File”, which leaned towards the political side, and an attempt to expose corruption during the period in which the Brotherhood members tried to control the Egyptian state.

away from politics

away from politics and terrorism issues; The list of winners this year included a number of social works, including “Rejeen Ya Hawa” taken from a novel of the same name by the late author Osama Anwar Okasha, which was presented as a radio work in 2004 while the series was being written by author Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malik, and the series “Ghamam Island” by author Abdel Rahim Kamal, which dealt with the conflict between good and evil in an epic atmosphere, and “Faten Amal Harbi”, which sparked widespread controversy over the issues he raised related to divorce and the problems it entails, and the series “Min Said,” which was characterized by its youthful nature by the issue of generational differences and the extent of children’s freedom to pursue their academic and to determine professional future, and the “praise” that dealt with issues of witchcraft and the invisible.

The list of winners also included comedies released by “The Great Awe,” which returned after an absence to present the sixth installment. Other works have also appeared, including “Happy Dreams” and “Makotoub Alia”.

Emirati business

At the level of Emirati drama, the list of winners included “Al Fanar”, which falls under the type of Golf social drama series, and tried to shed light on a large number of social and family issues and problems, to address them in all their positive and negative details, and their impact on society and individuals, and it was written by author Jamal Salem, directed by Long Tim. The work has included a large number of artists including: Marei Al-Halyan, Bilal Abdullah, Hassan Rajab, Musa Al-Baqishi, Jamal Al-Sumaiti, Alaa Shaker, Nevin Madi, Hani Al-Masry and Haifa Al-Ali. to the series “Ali Al Maqam” written by Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, and directed by Abdullah Hassan Ahmed, starring Fatima Al Hosani, Mansour Al-Faili, Ammar Al Rahma and others, and addressed modern personalities featured in the UAE society lives, and reviews everything. the topics, achievements and national positions that the country has seen, including the establishment of the space agency, the “Probe of Hope” and “Expo 2020”, and the visit of His Holiness the Pope to the capital, Abu Dhabi, in addition to many economic and cultural events, such as the opening of resorts and new modern tourist facilities, the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, and others.


During the Ramadan season, Golf businesses saw strong competition between the works on display, and the list of winners includes “From Al Haram Street to”, which was the most controversial title this year, and “Sanaat Al-Jareesh”, “Zaqoum” , “Al-Asouf”, “Skyscraper” and “Baby” “and” Muhammad Ali Road 2 “, and others.

The Syrian drama has also seen a strong return to the Arab screens this year, and has garnered a high number of viewers, as some of them have been linked to controversy, most notably “Break a Bone” and “Suspended.” As for the series “Aziza Choir”. , despite reaching a high viewership, it faced Extensive criticism reached him, accusing him of distorting the history of theater in Syria.


The list of winners of this year’s Emirati works in Ramadan included the series “The Postman”, which in each of its 30 episodes presented a message in which it touched on an issue, in which he presented an example, and it is written by Ahmed Al-Fardan, directed by Muhammad Al-Qaffas, and starring: Jaber Naghmoush, Juma Ali, Maitha Mohammed, and others.

• At the level of Emirati drama, the list included the series “Al Fanar”, which dealt with a number of issues.

• In the category of comedies, the star series Ahmed Makki “The Great Away”, which returns after an absence, originated.

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