Through escalation, Israel serves the Palestinians …!

Author: Akram Atallah

In recent weeks and days, the intensity of contacts between capitals and cities from Washington to Amman, Ramallah, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Gaza has brought the Palestinian issue to the fore again after they believed it was under the influence of the Russian-Ukrainian withdrew. war, and the Israeli occupation exploited that war to complete its normalization project in the region and what appeared to be a deliberate relocation of the Palestinian file.
During the past year and the developments it has observed and Israel’s effort to circumvent the openness to the region, there has been something like acknowledging the change in the priorities of the region and the world.
The Palestinian cause is no longer a central issue before the development of interests, and it seems that some have been promoted by some that the Palestinians are “not the center of the universe”, but suddenly, in the midst of the flames of a war that seems global. with its alignments the hotlines return to the movement of their fire engines, for if the fire rages, it will reach all capitals, and as Washington The Head of Politics It can be said that the Palestinians have succeeded in putting their cause at the center, as all the issues of the region appeared before him as mere margins.
The spark was in early February, when Israel killed three Palestinians from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the hidden area of ​​Nablus. The funeral was furious, in which all factions participated, and a number of armed men appeared for the first time. The furious atmosphere indicated a transition to a new stage of escalation, especially as the assassination was carried out by members of the armed forces. Of the Fatah movement, the ruling party in the West Bank, and they are more capable of appearing in public, defying authority, wandering around with weapons and rebellion, as the government finds great sensitivity in clashing with them, which they gives more room to react and explode the situation.
Politically, the Palestinians, despite their losses, discovered that this escalation that occupied the capitals did them a great service when the political movement bypassed them, that their cause eroded and that the lands became preoccupied with themselves. , their issues and their interests. But they have discovered that it is they who have the key to war and the key to calm, and they light fires and move all the firefighting vehicles, even though these vehicles are moving in the wrong directions. The first is that they are dealing with the official authorities, while the escalation is taking on a popular dimension that the official authorities will not be able to control and control, especially in Jerusalem. As for Gaza, which was on the verge of an explosion, the mediators control the case because the situation is more orderly.
The other side in the mediators’ mistake is that Israel started the escalation, from Nablus, went through Jenin and reached Jerusalem, while everyone demanded or asked the Palestinian side for calm.
This further aggravated the situation, as Palestinian action is a reflection of Israeli behavior, whether related to Israeli settlement and colonial projects or related to the internal situation of the government and its exposure at any moment to tend more towards right-wing behavior. in a overwhelming right-wing opposition.
What if a comprehensive calm is achieved? The Palestinians will discover that they have been pushed back to the sidelines, and that the region and the world are back in search of their interests, and that their interests, the continuation of the occupation, the confiscation of land and the control of Jerusalem and its threat has fallen off international and regional attention and no one will pay attention to it. Let them completely lead to that conclusion. Before the last round of escalation, Israel was looking for distant capitals to discuss files such as Iran, the food crisis, wheat and barley and the Russian war, but after the escalation, the Israeli pilgrims to Jordan talked only about calm and Jerusalem, and no other addresses.
Israel provides a service to the Palestinians. It is always said that the occupation is stupid because the illusion of power defiles its owner who loses his sobriety of mind. In recent weeks, reality has imposed comparisons of economic peace and security in exchange for food, transfers and money bags. Even the United States sent its envoy Hadi Amr to meet businessmen as if they had accepted this reality. . This is how politics is, as long as there are no crises, why do others interfere or why do they talk about politics?
Is it enough to redesign Israeli politics? Does Israel understand that all its plans for an economic peace, an agreement of the century, and attempts at normalization by being a normal state in the region without a political solution with the Palestinians can ensure stability for it?
Reality says otherwise, and that the calm, whether in Gaza, the West Bank or Jerusalem, are only temporary exceptions in an ongoing conflict. The wars with Gaza, the operations in the West Bank and the fire in Jerusalem gave enough access to political conclusions that could judge Israel’s policy as foolish.
Here is the role of mediators who are aware of the reality of the crisis, even if the escalation assures them an effective presence, but they know that the case is related to the profession and that the solution has one and specific path, so they has to take advantage of the case and leave Israel in the midst of the fire and not rush to relieve his headache, but rather contribute to its focus and intensification where possible.In the role of a temporary fire truck they deal with the consequences, not the causes, and it is no longer appropriate for the role of central capitals that have their political vision that is certainly incompatible with the existence and continuation of the occupation.
It is the opportunity that offers escalation to change the political discourse and set a political and not a temporary administrative agenda, liberating the role of one who is called to a specific small issue that does not fit into a more complex crisis not, and everyone knows the entrance to his real solution with permanent and not temporary solutions.
And that should be said for Washington and Tel Aviv when they turn on their red phones that the world is tired of temporary and temporary solutions and topical treatments. There is an occupation and a people under occupation, that’s the story. As for the Palestinian side, there is a calm that marginalizes their cause and an escalation that puts it on the capitals’ agenda, Israel is offering their service …!

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