University majors required in the labor market

High school students dominate these days by thinking about the scientific specialization to which they should join, provided it brings them career and financial glory. Fortunately, one of the research centers has released a video over the past few days that talks about the scientific specializations required. in the labor market: cybersecurity, business and finance, and medicine, and that the labor markets in many countries of the developed world recorded the highest demand for these specializations.
If the world markets record the highest demand for these specialties, I think the Saudi market is no different from the global market, and these specialties are already recording the highest demand in the Saudi market.
And I think universities in the Western world have been working since the beginning of the 21st century to restructure business colleges, computer colleges and medical colleges. Indeed, some major universities that have redesigned their curricula in the past, such as Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, and Duke, have developed the curricula of financial colleges. It has given the faculties of finance and business and computer faculties complete independence to bring forth creative minds capable of creating smart cities and achieving unconventional solutions.
And as the demand for holders of these majors increases, the demand for these colleges increases through students targeting academic qualification to work in security institutions, banks and large companies.
As a result, these colleges have started to rank among the top colleges in the United States and in some countries of the European Union, and it is certain that they have recorded some remarkable numbers in Saudi Arabia.
Computer faculties and business and finance faculties bet that the global financial crisis that hit the international economy after the Covid-19 virus is caused by the administrative failure in security institutions, banks and other health care institutions, because the administrative efficiency to tackle the crisis bids were not at the required levels, and we take the United States and other countries The European Union, for example, we note that (the administration) in these countries is behind the spread of the epidemic in all parts of their countries, and therefore, the infections of the Corona epidemic in these countries were among the highest injuries to which the countries of the world were exposed.
Due to the efficiency of graduate cadres in the faculties of business, finance, cybersecurity and medicine, the demand for these specializations began to increase in Western countries that suffered from the plague of Corona, and the demand for these cadres also began to increase due to to the vacancy of executive directorships, which began to increase in the labor market and required holders of these powers.
The world is beginning to realize that the way to achieve real growth is to pay attention to the security, finance and health sectors, and from the gate to managing cybersecurity, finance and business, China and Singapore are currently achieving high rates of GDP growth, and at Fudan Business School in Shanghai, the college is seeing an increasing demand for Campaign Masters in Business and Financial Management. “I notice that multinational companies have American and European employees, and now they want to hire more Asians with MBAs and cyber security personnel,” says Jin Huang, head of the Business Process Development Office at Fudan College.
Today, a large group of management scholars are flocking to the United States and Britain, from the United States and Europe to Asia, and especially to China and Singapore.
Saudi Arabia was not far from everything that happens in the scientific community in the developed countries. Rather, Saudi universities have begun a decision to establish an independent College of Finance and Business, similar to Harvard Business School, and a group of highly qualified cadres work in college in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although the college is new, it has achieved high-level successes, and has produced highly qualified and leading Saudi executives. Therefore, the Business College at King Abdulaziz University occupies an excellent position in the Saudi labor market.
Similarly, it is not hidden from everyone that the Saudi administration is interested in cyber security, and employs many qualified youths in the field of cyber security, which has become a government agency receiving special attention from the rational government.
With regard to medicine, many Saudi universities have medical colleges, and are given a very great interest in achieving global competition, so we can say that medical colleges in the Kingdom produce qualified cadres that are the arena of competition with the world’s top doctors can enter.
It is striking that in the 21st century, the countries of the world are building their strategies on the issue of cyber security, on the growth of money and business, and then on a deep circle of public health and advanced medicine. In fact, cyber security is the digital network that is concerned with building a national security wall and provides the appropriate conditions to bring about renaissance and development in all walks of life.
The three circles are the engine for comprehensive development and the protection of the profits made.

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