“Vaccera” inaugurates the construction works of the logistics refrigeration complex and the storage of vaccines

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Acting Minister of Health and Population, witnessed the inauguration of the start of construction work in the Vaccera complex and the logistical refrigeration for vaccine storage, in the factory complex of the Control Company for Biological Products and Vaccines in the Sixth of October City.

The inauguration activities were attended by the Chinese Ambassador to Egypt “Liao Liqing”, Major General Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zeidan, Head of the Egyptian Consolidated Procurement Authority, and dr. Heba Wali, CEO of “Vaccera” and in a virtual presence via the “video conference” of dr. Mohamed El-Badri, Egypt’s ambassador to the Republic of China Popular, and a number of representatives of the Chinese company «Sinovac».

One year anniversary of the strategic partnership between “Sinovac” and “Vaccera”

In his inaugural address, the Minister referred to the celebration of the one-year anniversary of the strategic partnership between “Sinovac” and “Vaccera” in the field of vaccine manufacturing, which led to the production of 30 million doses of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, and plans to transfer various manufacturing technologies Types of vaccines and serums, in addition to cooperation in the preparation of the logistics refrigeration complex of which the construction works are inaugurated today.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar stressed the importance of the partnership between “Vaccera” and the Chinese company “Sinovac” in establishing a logistics complex for refrigeration and storage of vaccines and serums according to the specifications of the World Health Organization, with a capacity of 150 million doses, in addition to the conservation of raw materials, within the framework of the state’s strategy aimed at making Egypt a center for the production of vaccines and covering the needs of the countries of the African continent.

The complex is being built on an area of ​​3200 square meters

The minister added that the complex will be built on an area of ​​3,200 square meters, with future extensions of up to 1,000 additional square meters, noting that the complex will be equipped with an automatic management system, and automatic control for cold rooms , and each cold room is controlled by a dual cooling system (system for use) and the last reserve), and it will also work with electronic monitoring systems, in addition to a 24-hour temperature monitoring system, in addition to providing the complex with docks for charging , loading and unloading of products.

The Minister praised the efforts of the ambassadors of the two countries (Egypt and China) to work on the development of specific strategic plans for the idea of ​​establishing a logistics refrigeration center and complex, in collaboration with a Chinese company for architecture , to complete and equip this mechanized building, note that the works will be completed within 3 months The construction and equipment of the complex, so that it becomes one of the first monuments to preserve and complete the collection of types of vaccines too cool, not just the Corona virus. vaccines.

Vaccine transport and manufacturing technology

The Minister emphasized that the fruitful cooperation with the Chinese side had helped to place the Egyptian state among the 6 leading countries in the field of vaccine transfer and manufacturing technology, and noted that Egypt was on the verge of establishing a regional center for to become the production and manufacture of local vaccines. on the African continent, in addition to a hub.Important in the field of vaccine storage and refrigeration technology.

In turn, the Egyptian Ambassador to China appreciated the fruitful cooperation between Egypt and China in the field of vaccine production, which today culminates in the beginning of the construction of the logistics complex, which is an important part of the cooperation strategy between the two. countries, according to the vision of the political leadership in both Egypt and China, emphasizes its eagerness to follow up This file is to implement the common vision of the two countries, and praises the good cooperation of “Sinovac” company to the desired goals to achieve by helping Egypt to become a regional center in the manufacture of vaccines.

In his speech, the Chinese Ambassador to Egypt drew attention to the importance of the role of the logistics complex in increasing Egyptian capabilities in the field of vaccine storage, as it will be the largest complex for the storage of vaccines at the level from the continent of Africa, emphasizes the importance of joint efforts to combat the Corona virus, within the joint cooperation in the field of health care.He praised the Egyptian state’s strategy in combating the epidemic, which is able was to maintain economic growth and the health of citizens.

Cooperation with Egypt since the start of the Corona pandemic and its support with 4 groups of Corona Virus vaccines

The Chinese ambassador confirmed that his country has been eager to cooperate with Egypt since the start of the Corona pandemic and support it with 4 groups of Corona virus vaccines, as well as to support Egypt with a line for the production of masks, and the first line to produce vaccines at the African level, in addition to 60 million doses of Corona vaccines, scheduled to be delivered.To Egypt, as part of the solidarity between the two peoples, which Egypt began with the support of the People’s Republic of China at the beginning of the pandemic, led by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Dr. Heba Wali, CEO of “Vaccera”, in turn indicated how important it is to take advantage of the expertise of “Sinovac” and the transfer of cold chain technology, which is one of the key axes in the production process for the quality of vaccines to maintain. , emphasizing that the support provided by the Chinese side to establish the complex comes within the framework of the fruitful cooperation between “Sinovac” and Växera in the field of production and development of vaccines against the Corona virus and new mutations .

Representatives of the Chinese company, Sinovac, expressed their joy at participating in the inauguration of the construction work of the mechanized and integrated logistics refrigeration complex, emphasizing that the Chinese side continues to support Egypt, making it a leading center in technology of manufacturing and distributing vaccines on the African continent, and notes that the joint collaboration between the company “The Egyptian Vaccera and the Chinese Sinovac, which began in April 2021, has signed an agreement to transfer technology for the manufacture and manufacture of anti-Coronavirus vaccines locally, which promotes cooperation between the two sides in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

The Chinese side also reviewed a detailed explanation of the refrigeration and storage systems within the logistics refrigeration complex, as well as the temperatures of the systems for storing all vaccines and serums, which work to maintain the quality of vaccines.

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