Water purification companies aim to expand their business in the UAE

Dubai: Hamdi Saad
On the sidelines of their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, companies specializing in the production of potable water have unveiled many modern innovations that contribute to reducing the gap in the production of pure water worldwide, at the lowest possible cost.

The global water desalination market is expected to grow from $ 17.7 billion in 2020 to $ 32.1 billion in 2027, while a report issued by the World Bank expects the total cost of filling the demand gap for drinking water to be $ 104 annually. billion will amount to, and can amount to. between $ 300 billion and $ 400 billion annually, if demand operations are not managed effectively.

Company officials told Al Khaleej Expo 2020 Dubai gave them a valuable opportunity to expand in the UAE by also introducing their products to partners in the country and region, emphasizing that their innovations will contribute in the coming years to reduce the production of clean water. gap worldwide, especially in countries The poor, who do not have the developed infrastructure for dialysis facilities and water supply to homes.

Martin Renk, founder and creative director of Way Out International, said: “We have developed precision manufacturing units to produce drinking water in a seamless and sustainable way for daily consumption using patented energy-saving technology, while achieving high efficiency in water production. can convert any A-type water – even seawater – to very pure drinking water, and we sterilize these containers with ozone, and the “Yout” devices are connected to the internet by the “iCloud” technology.

He added, the single Way Out system can provide 3,000 people with clean and safe drinking and boiling water daily without any waste, while helping to prevent the use of nearly 6.5 million plastic bottles, and the release of 536 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. .

The “smart” system stores water purity data in a digital slide and transmits basic information and consumption data to the user and operator, enabling users to monitor their drinking habits and the purity of the water consumed.

Rink revealed that the company held consultations with the Department of District 2020 and Masdar City to work with him, pointing out that the company has entered into a strategic partnership with Siemens Emirates, in addition to strategic partnerships with real estate developers and large water production and distribution companies in the Emirates.

Regarding the company’s intention to allocate financial investments in the UAE market, Rink said: During 2022, we aim to purchase information technology and Internet of Things services locally in the UAE with an estimated value of 6 million dirhams, and to invest another 6 million dirhams in the distribution of the company’s technology.

He continued: Over the next five years, we plan to invest more than 100 million dirhams in the technology of Way Out International, and these investments may increase if the company intends to build design, manufacturing and programming facilities locally in the UAE. and we look forward to making profits of about one million dirhams annually from just one system.

Air extraction machine

water from air

Aero Water has launched a machine that extracts water from moisture in the air through a patented 4-step filtration process at the India Innovation Center, on the sidelines of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The company said that the machine is one of the best examples of cost-effective, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative products from India, which contribute in a modest way to global sustainability.

Rahul Mathur, CEO of International Operations for Aero Water, said: “The goal of an efficient, effective and cost-effective air water heater is in line.

Palak Shah, head of sales at Aero Water International, explained that the water produced by the machine is pure and enriched by the ozone process with healthy oxides and minerals, which is 3,000 times better than using chlorine in water.

In this context, the Swedish company “Blue Water” introduced advanced water purification technology for the first time in the UAE and the region that uses a patented purification called “Superior Osmosis”, which removes all known pollutants from tap water, including lead, bacteria, pesticides , medical waste and chemicals and plastic particles.

Bluewater offers a range of market-oriented water purifiers, ranging from units for smaller families and larger homes, to commercial uses such as restaurants, hotels and clinics.

During the “Water Week” as part of the 10-week series of topics at Expo 2020 Dubai, a discussion was held to improve the protection of the planet’s water resources, with the aim of exploring innovations to ensure the sustainable use of water and water-focused projects were supported within the “Expo Live” program.

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