Words of the first Ramadan with my beloved 2022 and the most beautiful Ramadan messages for the beloved

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The words of the beginning of Ramadan with my beloved new 2022 and the most beautiful Ramadan messages for the loved ones, are what women and fiancés are most looking for to exchange congratulations and invitations with their loved ones. A place in the heart that differs from the rest of the months visits lovers, spells and festivals increase, family and loved ones meet, quarrels reconcile, and words and congratulations between lovers have a big impact, which increases kindness and closeness between them .The most beautiful phrases about Ramadan.

Words of the first Ramadan with my love

Words and messages have a great magic in the hearts of lovers, so remember the beloved with the messages of the beginning of Ramadan with my beloved, Ramadan’s congratulations strengthen the relationship between the two parties, and leave a beautiful effect, because meeting with God’s love does not separate him but his will, and these are a group of appropriate messages for the beloved on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan:

  • Every year and you are my sweet life, every year and you are the reason for my happiness.
  • Happiness and joy permeate the atmosphere of my beloved with me during Ramadan.
  • May Allah make Ramadan full of joys and fulfillment of wishes.
  • Every Ramadan and you are my sin, every Ramadan and you are in my heart and mind.
  • May God bless you in my life, may God bless you and my heart.
  • Ramadan wants you with me, O light of my eyes.
  • The first message of Ramadan with my beloved: “You are near me every year, in my heart, in my soul and in my soul.”
  • Every Ramadan and you are in good health, dear life.
  • The month of Ramadan is sweeter with my fiancé with me.
  • Praise and thanks to You, Lord, that Ramadan reached me while I was with my beloved.
  • I ask God not to separate us and to bring us together for good.
  • The first message of Ramadan with my beloved “Ramadan with my beloved is the most beautiful Ramadan that passes in my life”

Ramadan Messages for the Beloved 1443

  • The message of the beginning of Ramadan with my beloved: “The joys come with you, and you become joy over joy, and the month of Ramadan comes, and it is well above the good that I knew of you. Blessed are we, the first Ramadan testifies through this love, to be a covenant between us to keep the covenant with what pleases God. ”
  • To the measure of my smiles, the joy of my joy and the torch of my light, to my beloved, on our first Ramadan together. Blessed is the month, and may God make it a good start and success for you.
    In the first blessed month he and you are accepted in my life, I bless you in Ramadan and I bless myself with it and with your presence, my beloved, the most beautiful of God’s blessings on me, and I ask Him in these blessed days to to protect you from all evil.
  • Blessed are you, the most beautiful months, my most beautiful destinations, Ramadan has come, and this year must be more beautiful than any other, for you will be its crescent moon illuminating my sky. I am your star that shines in every wish that heaven takes farewell.
  • You came into my life and enlightened it, and here we receive Ramadan together and our hearts are filled with God’s love and affection between us whose boundaries only He knows.
  • And on our first Ramadan together, my first prayer will be that God will protect you, grant you success and sustain you for me, my beloved, with a pure and faithful heart, and that He will write for us the halal gathering that corresponds to His Book and Sharia in the very near future.
    To you, the most beautiful of fortunes, I bless the month of Ramadan, and it has come upon us for the first time, and my heart is happy and content for the first time, and my life is long and my childhood is long for the first stop.
    I knew the beginning of love with you, and I knew most of happiness, but since the first Ramadan came to us, I know with you the strictest degrees of reverence for God and pray to Him to protect you and to bring us well together.

Msjat congratulations to the beloved in Ramadan

The more the congratulations with Ramadan, the more it indicates the depth of the sender’s feelings and the sincerity of his feelings, so the following rules will include messages of congratulations on the occasion of Ramadan for the beloved, unique and beautiful:

  • The first message of Ramadan with my beloved: “Ramadan will be a month in which I pray for your happiness and goodness. You are the one who has always given me happiness and you were a great thing to me whose meanings do not run out “Blessed is the holy month, my love.”
  • Joy suits you and your smile suits you.I ask God for the blessing of the holy month to participate in happiness the most abundant and to remain in my life a lamp that illuminates its nights, Ramadan Mubarak my love.
    Congratulations to you the month of Ramadan, my soulmate and my beautiful soul. May God make you among those who have been accepted and forgiven and their prayers answered.
  • To my dear beloved and the secret of my happiness, Ramadan Mubarak, may God make it a good month for you and write for us among those who are accepted and answered, and may we be the next Ramadan in our house.
  • My love, this month without you is incomplete, you are the phases of the moon and the crescent of the month with you is complete, and in Ramadan I pray for you morning and evening, and from my prayers for you my heart never gets bored not.
  • Lord, Ramadan has come and my beloved is far away, I pray that he will stay healthy and always make him happy, and we unite with your law, O Lord, and our joy increases because the matter is in your hands and only what you want to happen.
  • O Hafez people in Ramadan, bless and protect my beloved, and make him, O Lord, my part and my part, I am as far from me as the sky with sunset, and without him I am sick and he is my doctor.
  • Oh my happiest heart, the month of goodness has arrived, Ramadan has come, and the world is changing, and the conditions of people in it are different.

The first prayer of Ramadan for my beloved

  • The message of the beginning of Ramadan with my beloved: “Prayers are the most beautiful gifts a lover gives to his beloved.
  • The message of the beginning of Ramadan with my beloved: “My beloved and my soul, my Lord, protect you and take care of you, and in my life there is an unquenchable light that keeps you, and may God keep you from all evil. , illusion and sadness, because I can not endure life without your love.
  • The first message of Ramadan with my beloved “In Ramadan I pray to God to unite us and reconcile us for what is good for us, and I pray to protect you from all evil, O beloved of the soul, and around you to protect me with a pure and faithful heart that will not betray. ”
  • My first plea in Ramadan is you, my first wish for you, and the first blessings for which I thank God.
  • To the soul that dwells in my prayers and desires in Ramadan, I pray to God to protect youof Of all evil, to grant you, to make you happy, to continue to bless you, and to multiply you from His abundance, to my dear beloved, I ask Allah to accept and grant you success in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Ramadan congratulations to my beloved in photos 2022

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