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Networks have made him a means of illegal enrichment, and the Home Office has warned him of the tragedy of child Ryan

The arrest of a clinic owner, his wife, family members and assistants revealed charity and collected donations in the name of the needy, with the aim of obtaining material benefits through fraud, which amounts to a crime of human trafficking. In view of the growing number of “exploited charitable” cases, the legislature reconsidered the method of charity after the tragedy of Essaouira four years ago and the death of rural women, and the Ministry of Home Affairs warned after the fall of the child Rayan at the bottom of a well two months ago, of this kind of charity, emphasizes that it is subject to organized laws, to avoid Monument on behalf of the grieving families.

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Nazla called the arrest of the famous doctor “H. T ”The owner of a beauty clinic, his wife and members of his family, the subject of” charity “to a theme aimed at getting rich by collecting fraud through donations and illegal enrichment, especially after the King ‘s Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Al-Bayda asked the investigating judge to work with those accused of crimes of human trafficking to lure persons and exploit their vulnerability, need and vulnerability for the purpose of exploiting criminals acts (fraud and deception of donors) by a criminal gang and by polygamy and customary practice against minors under the age of 18 suffering from illness, in addition to misdemeanors of fraud and participation in the falsification of commercial documents and the making of certificates which contains incorrect facts and the misconduct of participation Recording and distribution of photos of people without their permission.
These accusations of the crime of human trafficking did not stop at this stage. The King’s Public Prosecutor instead demanded that a female detainee, in addition to the aforementioned crimes, be investigated for committing fraud in health services provided by a false statement, an offense. of an illegal rise in prices, a misconduct of exploiting the weakness and ignorance of the consumer, and a misconduct to take advantage of the money obtained by victims of human trafficking with knowledge of the crime of trafficking in human beings, as well as wrongdoing from incitement to false testimony and refraining from providing evidence, statements and misrepresentations related to the crime of human trafficking and participating in the recording and distribution of photographs of people without their consent.

Seriousness of action
The King’s Public Prosecutor requested from the investigating judge at the First Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Al-Bayda that the famous doctor and three of his closest associates be detained in pre-trial detention in the Ain Sebaa local prison. take what he deems appropriate against three other observers, who are working nurses in the clinic owned by the doctor.
The petitions did not stop there, but the Public Prosecutor also requested the head of the investigative chamber to implement the provisions of Section 84 of the Criminal Procedure Act against anyone who has been proven to be involved in the facts under investigation, whether ‘ a principal. , contributor or participant, especially since the preliminary investigations showed a multitude of offenders.

Shock of customers and followers of the famous doctor
After the scandal erupted, the clinic’s clients found themselves in an embarrassment, especially as the famous doctor gained a national and international reputation, and became a conversation partner in many different media, as intended by those from different regions want to beautify. from Morocco and abroad, especially people of Arab nationalities.
The doctor, his wife, his brother and his employees found themselves before the courts and prisons, especially after the evidence presented in the case was of the opinion that what the owner of the clinic and his employees committed under the category of an offense falls. of human trafficking.

Rayan’s tragedy … Home Office warns
The tragedy of the child Rayan who fell to the bottom of a well in the suburbs of Chefchaouen two months ago has revealed the aspects of charity and the associated fraud and use of networks such as these events for the sake of illegal enrichment brought, and the Ministry of Interior, represented by the regional worker, issued a warning notice.
The communication highlighted that a number of initiatives have been monitored, on social networks, from within and outside Morocco, and in various forms and formats, to try to exploit the incident of the death of the child Rayan, who died after being in ‘ a well has fallen. under the pretext of raising cash or in kind for the benefit of the family of the deceased. ” In this regard, remember that national legal requirements control and codify the processes and procedures for seeking public charity, and the various initiatives and invitations aimed at collecting donations and providing assistance, in order to protect the groups that may be affected by this. , including the family of the late Rayan, in this case, in accordance with Chapter 1. of the Law relating to the Recruitment of Public Charities.
In this context, the communication says: “The family of the late Rayan, who are aware of such behavior, refuse to exploit some people for their humanitarian conditions, under the pretext of providing assistance to their advantage in these dire circumstances.”

Identification of donors and fines
Draft Act No. the fine from 50 000 dirhams to 100 000 dirhams.
With regard to associations, in order to obtain a license to invite the public to collect donations, the association must be legally established and its file must be submitted to the local authority in accordance with the legislation in force, and that no member of its management. a final judicial decision has been issued in order to commit crimes or offenses related to state security, terrorism, money, counterfeiting, bribery, embezzlement or waste of public money, unless rehabilitated, and the same money for private persons.

The Legislature Donation Systems
The Moroccan legislature regulated the activities of donations by citizens or associations, the distribution of aid to people for charitable purposes and set conditions for these financial and in-nature donations.
To return to the history of the Public Charity Petition Act, the latter was codified in 1971 under Act no. 004.71, before this law was updated in 2018, as the Moroccan legislature issued a draft law 18.18, entitled “Regulation of the collection of donations from the public and the distribution of aid for the purposes of charity”, against the background of the ” Essaouira incident ”, in which 15 women were killed due to a rally and scrambled to get help provided by a charity at the time, which helped speed up the pace of this law’s enactment.
To return to the details of Act 18.18, it is necessary and necessary that all donations be subject to prior statutory authorization by the agent of the service or area in whose jurisdiction the fundraising will take place.

Use donations
Hatem Arib, a lawyer in Hayat Rabat, said that benefactors could take advantage of families’ plight and poverty and influence them with money, exploiting them in terrorism-related cases, and stressed that the Moroccan legislature emphasized by the texts of the General Secretariat of Government.
Oraib explained that charity affects the poor, needy and people suffering from ignorance intellectually, and could possibly be a catalyst for using it for horrific terrorist purposes, adding that many of the files submitted to the Court of Appeal in Salé , which specializes in ruling on terrorism cases, has shown various types of charities and donations aimed at harming the system through intimidation, intimidation and assassination plotting.
The same spokesman stressed that the exploitation of charity and fundraising is not always linked to fraud and deception or even human trafficking, but rather extends to issues of terrorism and extremism, adding that the legislature has drawn attention to the matter for reconsideration.
The same lawyer added that it is necessary to monitor and legalize social networking sites and YouTube, which is a key factor in this type of charity that eventually degenerates into various crimes, pointing to sites whose role has become to financial gain reap through calls for charity, but no Know the way of these donations and places of exploitation.

Sanatoriums under artillery fire, social media
Following the scandal of the doctor’s downfall, the owner of the sanatorium, his wife, his employees and members of his family erupted, remarks from the pioneers of social networking sites, which called for a review of the real role of clinics, especially those related to cosmetics.
Commentator Muhammad Ali said of the news of the sanatorium owner’s arrest: “In addition to the prison sentence, this butcher must be banned from practicing medicine forever, stripped of all his money and prevented from engaging in any activity in which he engages with clients. even if he administers the yoghurt broth, it is forbidden. ”
As for the commentator, who introduced himself as a “foreign visitor”, he confirmed that “4 clinics owned by this doctor should be closed. They are still working. I watched one of the videos how this family in luxury and obscene bourgeoisie live and play golf on the backs of the helpless, the poor and the needy. ”
However, the commentator, speaking on behalf of “the oppressed”, said in his blog that “there is an admirable wonder in some clinics that trade in citizens and exploit their weakness and ignorance of the law, exploit their need for medication, manipulate bills., and demand the patient’s quantity of “Nawar” pumped into the doctor’s pocket in addition to a guarantee check and the patient’s stay for a long period of time. Or put him in resuscitation while he’s dead, plus false surgeries and “There is no liability or supervision. It is unspeakable chaos and the poor citizen pays the price for these greedy people. Oh God, that is a denial.”
Several blogs and comments were posted a week ago asking their owners to reconsider the role of clinics and what they provide to patients in order to avoid any vicious exploitation by them.

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