Al-Khatib: Not looking at things from a sectarian, partisan or regional angle

The Vice President of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council, Sheikh Ali al-Khatib, sent a message to Eid al-Fitr in which he said: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Gracious. The Mighty, the righteous one of the oppressors, the conscious of the fugitives, the mistreatment of the oppressors, the cry of those who cry out, the place of the needs of the seekers, the trusted of the believers, and may God bless Mohammed, your servant and you messenger, your trustworthy, your trustworthy, your lover, and your best under your creation, and the keeper of your secrets, and the transmission of your messages is better and better, more beautiful and fuller, purer and evolving And the best and purest, the kindest and most of all for whom you prayed, blessed, had mercy, had compassion, and greeted one of your servants, prophets, messengers, your elect, and the people of honor from your creation. And your great sign and the good news, pray for d ie pure friend Fatima, the leader of the women of the world, pray for my grandsons of grace and the Imam of guidance, Hassan and Hussein, masters of the youth of heaven, and pray for the imams of the Muslims, Ali Bin Al Hussein, Muhammad Bin Ali, Jafar Bin Muhammad and Musa Bin Jaafar Ali bin Musa and Muhammad bin A For me, Ali bin Muhammad, Al-Hassan bin Ali, and the successor Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, are your arguments against your servants and your trustees in your country many and permanent prayers. O God, we ask you on this day that you made a feast for the Muslims and for Mohammed an asset and more to bless Mohammed and the family of Mohammed as you prayed to Abraham and the family of Abraham in the world , and to make us among those whose deeds You have accepted The Forgiver of sins, that You exchange evil deeds for their very good deeds, You are Forgiving, Most Merciful.

He continued: “On this blessed and happy Eid al-Fitr day, I ask God to give us, you and our country goodness, blessing, security and stability, and to come out of this miserable and painful reality that all the Lebanese “to unite the word and the political and economic vision for the future of Lebanon and not waste time with mutual accusations and attention to special interests.” It calls on us to abandon self-love and not to pursue matters of a sectarian, partisan or regional angle, which is the basis for all the civil wars that are hitting and hitting Lebanon and the destruction and destruction of all the achievements of the Lebanese, innocent victims , orphans, widows and tears of grieving mothers, the poor and needy, and for the Lebanese to turn into Beggars at the doors of embassies, sell honors and buy slander, some using to get votes in the elections, which a decay of the homeland and national and moral values. Are such homelands built? No, but it is a breakdown of them and sabotage of the minds of citizens, as the poet says, but nations are morals as long as they remain.

He added: “Those who practice these kinds of practices and reinforce sectarian feelings and sow hatred and intolerance among citizens do not possess a sense of patriotism and proceed from racist principles that identify with the animal instinctive Zionist racism and strive for to reach similar Israelis in the Arab region.They are more dangerous to Lebanon than the hybrid Israeli enemy.Which has nothing to do with principles, morals and religion, while the Lebanese belong to civilized, moral and missionary values ​​that have an urgent human need at this critical and critical stage of its existence.Among these civilized values ​​are the regressive animal racism values.The Almighty also exposed the Jews for this backward nature, which constitutes a fixed moral advantage, as he called it and it in the Holy Book established that all men would know who they were and would be until the Day of Judgment, when the Almighty e said: (You exchange what is lower for what is good) “.

And he continued: “O Lebanese, God’s first concern on this day, the blessed Eid al-Fitr, and as the first act we must do, even before the Eid prayer, is to consider the rights of the poor to take and to pay zakat al-fitrah as a lawful right for them.For them first, and as we have noted and you note that this prayer in the congregation is performed in tight rows as an expression of the unity of the drive and that collective participation as a dedicated act that requires it to be done in addition to the content we recite in it begins with the praise of God because He made this day a feast for Muslims as a warning to them of the importance of unity among Muslims and that it glorifies His name., for which he deserves praise, and this is one of the great blessings He has given to Muslims, and therefore He singled it out through it in the prayer of one of name the major Muslim festivals to establish this meaning in their himself, and to remember the Almighty’s saying to the Muslims: Brethren) and therefore those who blow in the fire of strife among Muslims in the name of sect and religion, and who blow up mosques for Muslims with their worshiping people, violate holiness of religion and violates its doctrines, which require religious authorities, officials of Islamic countries and government It is a condemnation of these criminal and terrorist acts, and that those who carried it out or ordered it are a deviant group, none of the people of this religion is not represented and they are not of the people of this day, and God does not include them with this blessing. ”

And he said, “This is the case with the rest of the content of this prayer, which confirms this meaning and expresses the meaning of the feast and how we should live it in our private and public affairs, and to remember our people. “both living and dead, with compassion, communication, solidarity, solidarity and cooperation, especially orphans (God is in orphans, so do not lose sight of them) and the womb.” O people, fear your Lord, who created you from a single soul, and created his mate out of it, and scattered many men and women out of both of them, and God fears through whom you pray, and the womb, that God is a keeper about you was) and the neighbors. he set them apart with remembrance and supplication (O God, forgive the believing men and believing women, the living and the dead, have mercy on them and the neighbors. The living among them and the dead follow, O God, between us and them with good things) So the connection between us and them is not cut off with what is good, because it has a good effect on people, for the benefit of the living and the dead, so charity on their behalf benefits the one who gives charity by increase life, and it is You are more important than life as a prize for this communication, and for the dead and the living together, an increase in reward, forgiveness of sins and closeness to God. ”

And he concluded: “Oh, faithful brethren, I advise you and myself with what the Almighty has commanded us in His Glorious Book: (O you who believe, often think of God and praise Him in the mornings and evenings.) Happy New Year.” .

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