Canaan of Nabih: Vote for activists in institutions, not in front of cameras

Representative Ibrahim Kanaan was of the opinion that the stage “is not a stage of consolation prizes, but rather requires the presence of men in parliament, and whoever wants to restore his rights must make better choices so that there are firm decisions and there are representatives who know the value of responsibility, and struggle in institutions, not in front of cameras. “He emphasizes, however,” Lebanon needs these types of men. Therefore, a massive vote is required on May 15, and the response will be at the vote. boxing, to give Lebanon an opportunity to restore its role and preserve its Lebanese identity, not the Gulf, Iran, American or anyone else, and to rebuild the free economy and the Gaza Strip. ” The private one, because it is the car that brings our children back from the diaspora, and restores our rights. ”

Canaan’s words came during his inauguration of the new office of Nabih’s commission in the Free Patriotic Movement, in the presence of municipal, voluntary and social activities.

Initially, there was a speech by the coordinator of Nabih’s committee in the Free Patriotic Movement, Roland Abu Fadel, in which he said: “We welcome you as a militant deputy, friend, brother and companion of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun We have absolute confidence in your choice and our choice is yours because you were safe on board in previous years, and we will renew the confidence for you in the years to come, and his loyal supporter of your approach will be with you in the next phase, to overcome the difficult stage, because we need a skilled captain when storms blow. We have great confidence in you and in the candidates of the current list that we support. “

Deputy Canaan’s speech

Then MP Kanaan spoke and said: “This visit reminds me of my first visit in 2005, after General Michel Aoun nominated me for parliamentary law in northern Matn, and the first office I opened was the current office in Nabih. time was a “tsunami” where the stream received 70% of the votes of Christians, and 21 delegates are against them all Today, with this visit, which is one of the first visits in which I have an office for the movement opened, I hope it will be a good gesture, and we will win five deputies out of 8 in the northern Matn. ”

Canaan stressed, “We will stay here to complete what we started, no matter how much you lied and twisted and tried to bury this march and falsify the facts, and no matter how much you tried to Lebanon and to prevent parliamentary and criminal investigation, and no matter how much you have tried to enforce laws in the guise of darkness, we will be on the lookout that you can not stand it. ”

He said: “You’re talking about Capital Management, so how are you going to propose a ‘Capital Freeze’, which means you freeze deposits indefinitely. You raise taxes on people while withholding their money, and the economic contraction reaches 90%, and you You accuse the trend that has stopped since 2005 and established parliamentary inquiry with its receipt from the Finance and Budget Committee, the opening of the file of financial accounts, leading to the identification of 27 billion dollars of funds unknown how to spend , became in the Audit Bureau, which was prevented from making its judgments.

He stressed that “these facts have become the property of the Lebanese people, and we were warned against bankruptcy with the issuance of the impossible release in 2013, and we checked the random employment file, and identified 32,000 illegal jobs. Where do you want to go?” “continue this crime? And on what basis are you asking the Lebanese to re-elect you? Are you on this path that has eaten up people’s rights and the future of the youth in Lebanon?”

He added, “You say that the movement took part in power. We are proud to have brought to us an exceptional and clean president who has struggled under difficult circumstances and worked for the independence and liberation of his country. We will not give up, we will continue and we will win our battle in 2022. ”

Canaan stressed, “We started with the people and after the people we will return, and we were out of the people and we are still for the people and with them, and the authority did not change us, did not color or we Customerism and transactions, therefore, the decision must be made on May 15 to support this march, because it is the march of the Lebanese people The rights of the Lebanese, the restoration of the homeland, and the rights and trust we have in lost the past. years. ”

He said: “I promise to you, my family in northern Matn, that I will keep the covenant, and by completing my career in Parliament, which was like daily battles over every comma, every point, every bill and decision taken by successive governments of corruption and waste, and we tried to stop them in Parliament. “

He added, “They have brought us to a major collapse that cannot be continued thereafter, and to a place where there is an end, so we need to build on the positive and financial reform. We want an agreement. “We want a plan to write off depositors’ money with $ 69 billion,” he said. And what was left of Capital Control was frozen. This lie will not pass away, neither today nor tomorrow. “

Canaan thanks “the Nabih Committee led by Coordinator Roland Abu Fadel for all that it does, and for my friend Michel Habib, who has many visits and tours with our people. And for the promise we will keep, and we will the battles with a firm will, and we will win the merits of May 15, so that we have the representatives who protect the rights of the Lebanese, and also do not conduct transactions under the state. “

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