Emirates News Agency – “Family Development” Introduces “Positive Parenting” Platform for Adolescents

ABU DHABI, 11 April / WAM / The Family Development Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi, has launched the “Positive Parenting” platform for adolescents, which is concerned with developing parenting skills to deal with children in adolescence. , the National Rehabilitation Center, the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, and the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, the Mubarak Foundation, the Authority for Community Contributions – Together, the Zayed Higher Organization for Personnel of Determination, the Department of Justice, the Department of Justice Education and Knowledge, and the Federal Youth Foundation.

The content of the platform focuses on the social, psychological, educational, religious, financial and digital world, in addition to the developmental characteristics and physical changes of adolescents and how to deal with them, as it includes a set of awareness and educational material (visual, readable and audio), which provide programs that support the education of adolescents, through the availability of the necessary knowledge and skills To raise children in adolescence in an effective way, to enable parents and those caring for children to to grow psychologically, healthy and physically.

The platform aims to increase parents’ awareness of the changes that take place in adolescence in terms of physical and hormonal changes, and the impact of these changes on the behavior and thinking of the adolescent, as it is accompanied by psychological changes and mood swings. , and the importance of the role of parents in educating their adolescent children about physical changes, in addition to parents’ understanding of adolescent behavior, and their motives, which help to teach behavior management skills for adolescents in a positive way, and the adolescent help to understand his behavior and reactions and manage his behavior effectively, in addition to providing practical and applied tools and strategies to strengthen family ties.

Her Excellency Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director-General of the Family Development Foundation, said that childhood in the UAE received great attention, full care and generous care from Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council. for Motherhood and Childhood, Vice President of the Family Development Foundation “Mother of the Nation”, who is always eager to strengthen their role and give them their right in society and the enjoyment of all necessary rights such as education, health, security and safety by laws and legislation relating to the protection of children so that they enjoy complete freedom and exercise their family, health, cultural and educational rights.

Her Excellency praised the “positive parenting” platform for strengthening the role of the father and developing his parenting skills to be qualified in dealing with his children, especially in adolescence, noting that relationships within the family are very important to support the teen who needs love. and attention of parents, and the setting up of rules And systems within the family contribute to the establishment of a framework for responsibilities, duties, rights and the organization of relationships Parents learn the skills to resolve conflicts and quarrels between siblings’ manage and manage a correct way, the importance of complementary roles between parents in raising adolescents, and strategies and alternatives in the absence of the father or mother’s role.

Al-Rumaithi explained that the stage of adolescence is delicate in the lives of children because it is the bridge that connects the stage of childhood and adulthood in a person, through which he begins to acquire his psychological and spiritual qualities, his intellectual and social values. . and beliefs, and during which he begins to discover the world around him in a new way that he did not know in the pre-adolescence stage. To be born again. This stage imposes itself on man through a storm of change that includes all physical, psychological or emotional aspects. Not only that, but those changes extend to include even the outward form, interests, emotions, and even the type and method of thinking and observing. the world around him.

Her Excellency insisted on the need to adhere to religious education and national identity through the foundations, principles and moral values ​​that are among the basic requirements that the adolescent needs, and the role of parents and caregivers in the process of education and upbringing for these religious and moral values. Point out that the school is the second family in which the adolescent student spends time. He therefore needs for a long time many social skills in his relationship with his colleagues and teachers, in addition to study skills, motivation and achievement, preparation for university life, and the role of parents in the development of these skills, the education of the teenager and raising his awareness regarding the requirements of school life.

Her Excellency Dr. Laila Al-Hayas, Executive Director of the Monitoring and Social Innovation Sector at the Department of Community Development, said the launch of the “Positive Parenthood” platform comes as an important step in supporting the strategic system to improve the quality of family life in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and this step is an extension of the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak aimed at caring for Childhood in all respects as the builders of the future and the backbone of the nation.

Her Excellency praised the tireless efforts of the Family Development Foundation to develop skills and cultures that promote positive fatherhood, as this strategic initiative is a qualitative leap to improve the social skills of parents with their children, especially in adolescence, which is a very represents important stage in building the formation of a cohesive generation capable of overcoming social challenges through foundations, principles and moral values ​​to achieve a cohesive family that forms the core of a tolerant and prosperous society for its different groups.

Al-Hayas has stressed that societies are witnessing rapid change, and we are working in the social sector to shed light on priority social issues and find radical solutions to them. Social and governmental organizations to deliver messages that carry value and thinking that will shape the culture of adolescents who are the youth of the future.

The platform emphasizes digital citizenship and the importance of adolescents’ awareness of their roles, responsibilities and rights when using the internet, smartphones and electronic games, the role of parents in educating and protecting their adolescent children from the digital world, and to be good digital citizens. , the importance of quality relationships and social ties within the family and society, and the improvement of parents’ ability to handle their children according to their developmental requirements in adolescence.

Studies suggest that there is a significant correlation between physical health and mental health, each of which is influential and influenced by the other, and due to the changes that occur in adolescence as a transitional stage from childhood to adolescence, and this is important for parents to know the health aspects the adolescent needs at this stage in terms of nutrition and sports activities And entertainment, in addition to addressing the most common psychological disorders in adolescence (anxiety, depression, psychological stress and how to manage and cope) them), as well as educating parents about negative behaviors to which they may be exposed and how to prevent them.

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