Hamlet: More than anything to do with the art of acting

The play “Hamlet” is closely related to the performing arts, it may not be found with this power in any of Shakespeare’s other plays, the role was written primarily to act, not to read only as a poetic text . Shakespeare also included the tragedy of the Danish prince, some short and useful lessons in the performing arts, and used this art and used it as one of the keys to solve the dramatic knot. The character of Hamlet is one of the most embodied characters in various eras, and one of the attractive roles of the great actors in the world, and even playing the role of Hamlet is one of the strongest proofs of their greatness and power.
But how does the actor feel when he is Hamlet? And what must he do to succeed in his primary mission, to bring Hamlet to life for a while, and to incarnate on stage as a man of flesh, blood and nerves, seen by the masses with their eyes and hearing by feeling their ears, and by the pain of his tormented soul, his bruised heart, and his burning mind, and directly connected with all his feelings.

Hamlet’s pain

Hamlet can appear in any form, utter any language, recite Shakespeare verses in their original heavy language, or in a simplified language, or as poetry translated into another language, or as prose dialogue inspired by poetry, and it may even be that Hamlet is merely a spectral figure in Theater Text, the preparation or reprocessing of the original text in a new innovative way. It is possible for the actor to play another modern character who has a familiar name and contemporary form, but carries Hamlet’s pain, psychological complexity, confusion and hesitation in it, and then the actor really has to somehow Hamlet embodied in everything. incidents. And no matter how many images of Hamlet’s appearance and attempts to embody and represent him, the actor will repeat the same ideas, and will surrender his mind to that dark intellectual whirlpool, which Hamlet began to destroy until it claimed him and others. harmed it. The actor himself will be subject to those feelings that bother Hamlet, and he will enter into a state of hesitation between something and the opposite, life and death, love and hate, murder and forgiveness, forgiveness and revenge. He still suffers from the pain. of loss and its psychological consequences.He wears mourning clothes, and when everyone around him wears festive clothes, he lost his father, the king, less than two months ago.In this short period, his mother married his uncle, who succeeded . his brother on the throne.
It was enough to cause Hamlet the most pain and aggravate his crisis, but things got much worse, when Hamlet met the ghost of his father the king, who appeared repeatedly and flocked to the castle, and some guards saw him, and the matter was circulated until the news reached Hamlet, He could finally meet him, and during this meeting the father’s ghost tells him that his uncle killed him in his sleep by throwing the poisonous poison in his ear, his throne to seize and take possession of his beloved wife, whose beautiful face he was afraid of being touched by the air. He asks him to take revenge and avenge his death and the elimination of the uncle, and to allow his mother to be tormented by her deed and become a prey of remorse for a lifetime. There is no doubt that the scene of Hamlet meeting the ghost of the father king is one of the first important scenes that the actor performs during his personification of this character. The young prince calls him, to perform his trick and his revenge plan , and also to avoid attempts to kill and eliminate him, even for a while, until he faces his eternal defeat.

Actor’s soul

In this scene, the actor sometimes has to communicate with the void, or with something that only he sees and hears, and the audience does not see or hear him, and other times there is someone who plays the role of the ghost and she utters. phrases, but in both cases the communication will not be natural as if it were going on with One of the people. Just as listening to what the ghost says is not entirely serious, there is a state of doubt and uncertainty that dominates Hamlet, and the actor must summon it, and there is also a fear of the ghost, even if it is in the form of his father loving him, and there is a possibility that he is Satan and embodied in The King’s father’s body to tamper and incite agitation. The actor must complete this scene as if he had received a ball of hell in his hands that he could not escape, and this scene allows the actor to exaggerate a degree of exaggeration by showing fear and physical disturbance, and confusion of the horror of the shock, and the difficulty of bearing the heavy burden which the ghost had placed on Hamlet, and he had to deal with him until the last minute.
Through this scene, the actor digs more into the depths of Hamlet’s character, gradually moving from the world of ideas to the world of action or good planning for action. An important aspect of Hamlet’s character should not be overlooked, namely that he was a book reader, and spent many years of his life in study, so His handling of reality is difficult and different and may eventually lead to failure be doomed. He is subject to his theoretical thinking and intellectual and philosophical reflections. He becomes the victim of these lectures and reflections, as do some of the heroes of the novels that came later about the play Hamlet written by Shakespeare at the beginning of the seventeenth century. And such a character usually suffers from some weakness and obvious fragility, which is not found in those who only communicate with reality and do not approach the world of imagination, thoughts and feelings.
Hamlet’s play can be described as performance in performance in performance, and whether Hamlet is really crazy or claims to be crazy, he in any case represents the role of the crazy man well, and also represents the role of the unconscious who does not know what is not. around him, but actually he knows everything, and in it The actor relies heavily on the lying face.

And when that play is performed in the play “Hamlet”, the actions of the actor while watching it must be different from everyone else. , with all its complex and complex feelings.

Voice and diction

He is a lover of acting, aware of the exact characteristics of it, to the point where it suggests that he is the greatest actor, or the master of acting who directs and trains the actors to act, and because he loves acting and liking watching drama and theater novels, the palace took refuge in a group of actors to present one of their performances in front of him, hoping it would help to enlighten him and divert his mind from which is engulfed in him and attracts him to anything other than his pain, and brings him back a little to his natural state, and gets rid of the signs of madness and strangeness that quickly began to appear on him. In Hamlet’s words, Shakespeare set important and brief lessons in the performing arts, and he leads the actors to focus on some of the things that strengthen the embodiment, and encourages them to get rid of the crude and vulgar methods, and asks them to better present a story similar to the story of his uncle who killed his father and married him to his mother, to see a reaction. The king and queen did, and he was endowed with a measure of certainty and confidence in what the ghost had told him, and so that he might be determined to take revenge and take revenge. Meanwhile, he advises them to deliver a good speech, and that the words come out easily and clearly without stretching or suffering in their pronunciation, and that the execution runs smoothly even in complex stormy moments, and that they stay away from shouting and squash that harms the audience, because there is always that subtle difference between agitation and loudness, and shouting.And the scream that anyone who has nothing to do with the performing arts can do by just standing on stage. Hamlet also forbids them from extremism in speech and movement, and that the word should not collide and contradict its motor expression. The body should follow the voice, speech and feelings that dominate the actor or character at that moment. Hamlet also points to the need to mediate between sharpness and softness in execution, and to avoid pretense, which may be funny in places other than the place of laughter, and whoever plays a primarily funny role, Hamlet asks him to stick to the written words, and not to overdo them and add to elicit stupid laughter from the audience.

Performing arts

And when that play is staged in the play “Hamlet,” the actor’s actions while watching it must be different from everyone else’s. , with all his complex and complex feelings, and the actor must explain those feelings with a degree of abundance, and convey his feelings in a strong way to the viewers, and one of the most important things that the actor should pay attention to in his relationship with the mother is not to turn into an Oedipus, for Hamlet is not an Oedipus, though Within it is a small Oedipus, and the differences are clear to those who look a little closer, and not overlap or deceive, for Hamlet will not kill the father and marry the mother, as Oedipus did while unaware that he is doing so and moves like a puppet with which fate plays, Hamlet wants to kill his uncle who she father killed, and does not want to marry his mother, he would rather take revenge on her than murder, and the mother in Hamlet turns into a knot regarding women in general, and towards love, marriage, reproduction and life in the general, and she is a treacherous woman in his view that all women v erander has submitted to traitors desire and passion, he does not restrain them from that deterrent, begets sinners and godfathers Tham is in a process that is repeated incessantly, and he wants to stop this existential joke, and one of the most dangerous of the very short sentences, or the short questions the actor asks when playing the role of Hamlet connected to the original. text, are those questions he addresses to his beloved Ophelia, and have profound implications for his complex buried opposite the woman, when he says to her, “You are beautiful? Are you chaste? ” From Hamlet’s desire to stop the existential farce he sees from his point of view, appears the most dangerous desire or his greatest existential crisis, manifested by his hesitation between suicide and survival, and she realizes that fear alone is what motivates one sometimes to pursue a life he hates and prefers to confront Unknown.

Hamlet Revival

When the viewer feels that his mind is racing into the depths of Hamlet and penetrating his mind, he realizes that the actor has reached the point of perfection, accuracy and completeness of production.Once with a high degree of suspense and attraction, despite his previous knowledge of the theater story, and the actor’s job is to create an illusion, and they drown in it, but he must not drown alone and lure everyone with him to the depths of that illusion, and Hamlet must be a hero , grabs the full attention, and that He is selfish in it, so that he does not lower the character to a normal degree, or allow him to be equal in attention to any of the other characters, and the artistic creation is effective and more powerful when Hamlet’s emotional unity is preserved, and in harmony with the ratings of conflict in itself, Hamlet’s role is based on that The conflict in his mind and his furious internal dialogue all the time, and the character is apparently calm and his external emotions are weak and few except in some scenes, and it is a character threatened with death and his future is vague and frightening, suffering from a terrible mental chaos. Hamlet is not happy or happy on stage, his story unfolds with sadness and resolves with greater sadness, and because almost everything is based on Hamlet’s inner world, any actor in the world can play his role in his own language or in his local dialect away from poetry and grandiose words and great compositions, and what matters. Indeed, it is for the actor to come out of himself and enter the soul of this tormented prince.

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