Mufti Qabalan: The fate of nations is not determined by the bowels, but by dignity

The excellent Ja’fari Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan delivered this year’s Eid sermon after performing the Eid prayer in the Imam Hussein Mosque, in the Burj Al-Barajneh area, the text of which is: “To all believers who fast on their feast day, and to all the beloved Lebanese, I say: Happy New Year, for goodness comes from God. ” And not the oppressive classes, the corrupt cartels and the organized armies of the economic-financial betrayal group. Eid al-Fitr is past us this year, and we are living in the toughest internal and external struggle, because whoever wants the head of Lebanon has used all his abilities to eliminate this dear country, through the instruments of politics , financial, economic and living mortality. the deposits of its people, the state bankrupted, its ability paralyzed, its monetary and political decision confiscated, and the country plunged into crime, chaos, darkness, unemployment, inflation and misery, as well as market control, the medical sector, hospitalization, information and money.

He continued: “We speak to all the Lebanese, and to the patient and strong environment, saying: Today we are in the feast of God, which is the feast of victory by God, the feast of steadfastness with God, the feast by power. by God, the feast of the support of the Lord of the heavens and the earth. with the financial political class is bitter, but because we are nothing without God.The discourse here is directed at Muslims and Christians, with the background that we are God’s subjects and the object of His care, and that what happened to this country The oppressed are caused by corruption and dependence, and corruption and dependence are the greatest manifestations of the devil, and whoever belongs to God is not in the camp of the devil, whether he is in politics, money, markets, suffrage or other things, and whoever is with God, brothers, God is with him, and there is nothing greater than God Almighty. ”

Here, in particular, the Lebanese must understand that the formula of the sectarian system established by the French Mandate has transformed the country into sectarian cantons and political cartels that are insatiable with sectarian feudalism and family political greed at the expense of the interests of the people of this land.Therefore, the sectarian formula of the roots must be eradicated in favor of a state. Citizenship and homeland, and that is the greatest demand of God for his addicted people in this oppressed country. ”

He added: “Today, brethren, the country is in ruins, bankruptcy is pervading its institutions, and the political dollar game is being played by the method of invasions, and there is no doubt that Awkar and his teams are on their way, and the project to suffocate people and the struggle to control our markets and goods and work to displace our generations and youth is very organized, just like projects that plunder resources, confiscate people, their bread and inflate their professional capabilities, including to disorganize disorganization too late Therefore, we have said and said that one of our biggest national and election battles should focus on cleansing the power, state administrations and institutions of American influence.And our position is not only condemnation, but we are part of The great national confrontation , and therefore we will fight the struggle for national independence and political salvation with all national powers, including the struggle of the fatal parliamentary elections .

He addressed the Lebanese in general and the Shiites in particular: and the white paper is forbidden, for the land and the government are the trust of God. a struggle to deplete Lebanon and burn everything green and dry for the purpose of the Zionists of Lebanon, and neutrality is nothing but a great crime, and the struggle is a fatal struggle.He acts in his country worse than Satan, and we know exactly what the prices are, invoices, and the price of the insane campaigns, but I regret that Washington and its allies are waging a war around the country, through political, financial and media laws, at low prices to burn.

He continued: “Oh, faithful brethren, on the fifteenth of May we will fight the greatest national struggle, with a view to liberating the political decision, and saving the country from malicious dependencies. The issue is not an issue of a homogeneous parliamentary majority as much as it is national priorities and goals.The rest are details.Homeland can only be established by its free, honorable and brave people, and here I say to our brothers in the Lebanese sects, God is justice, peace, security, mercy, justice, love, nobility, giving, and a guarantee for all its creation and people, and that is what we want for this country that has been exhausted by the game of sectarian leaders and American dependence, and the civil war – remember this – is human destruction and ruin Countries, black oil is a massacre, embassies ignite cavities, sectarian strife is a poisonous political commodity, and fear of the sect is a lie of feudalism, and sects are given anguish of sectarian feuds, and only the state of citizenship and its just system will liberate them, and that is what must turn the election into a national revolution to save Lebanon from sectarian feudalism And its farm.

And he addressed the Lebanese of all their sects: “We want to live together away from the mentality of the winner and the loser, and away from the tendency of temptation, betrayal, intimidation, psychological barriers and hateful republics. The most important national function of the sects today are to uproot the corrupt political idols from the houses of God, and from the hearts of our people and our society, because the betrayal of the people and sects was caused by the criminal sectarian system and feudalism that Lebanon exposed to the worst comprehensive historical bankruptcy.And here I want to say to some: We are never utopian, and our first and last measure is God, the country and the people of this country.The battle is a fateful battle, accurate calculations, and scales as good and evil, and the best of two evils National religious slogans must run on the ground, within their calculations and reality, to establish political justice, according to Moontli and in phases, God created the heavens and the earth in six days, and whoever fights to save Lebanon does not sit in his house, nor is he neutral, for neutrality is between truth and falsehood. either cowardice or silence about the truth. And he pointed out the real dumb devil ”.

And he addressed Christians and Muslims: “Our struggle is a struggle of titles, goals and values, all of which come from the core of the religion of Christ and Mohammed and human instinct, and we will fight it on earth, because history is made by those who fight battles in national squares and ballot boxes, not those who sit in their homes, for this category leaves its fate to those who decide His fate and the fate of his country with dirty money, and how many demons of dirty money is therefore at the ballot box.Therefore, from a religious and national point of view, the struggle today is a struggle for power, markets, sectors and international, regional, national and electoral options, and there is no excuse for God and the homeland for those which fails. this, especially on the big national voting day. In closing. Brethren, just as the month of fasting was the month of belonging to God with attitude, choice, lifestyle and the socio-political environment, so too Eid. On the day of the Battle of Badr, the battle was not against the idols erected on the roof of Mecca, but with a feudal tribal system, represented by Abu Jahl and his bargaining team, and today the battle is not ‘ a struggle of administrative and security appointments. and quotas, but rather a struggle of a sectarian system to be buried in favor of the civil system, as for the mother of all battles, it begins with the purification and liberation of the political and administrative decision by the polls. The religious and patriotic attitude has been carefully calculated, and we are not preachers of the sultans, but we are the true sultans, a religion and a great national project. ”

Qabalan concluded: “From the mountain of his blood with the land of his fatherland and land, and he lived both ways to liberate the land from occupation and domination, from the uprising of February 6, to the overthrow of May 17, ending with the defeat of the Israelis in the year 2000, then the victory of 2006, and then the greatest regional war in Lebanon and the region fought. ” It is our final choice for the struggle for Lebanon’s political independence, and the focus remains on coexistence, civil peace, and the state of citizenship that preserves the Christian and the Muslim together. We are now in the last square, and there is no value to fasting and prayer except through political partnership and polls, and religious and national duties begin with the mihrab and end with politics, and whoever retires Politics retires from the mihrab , and some remember that the fate of nations is not determined by the bowels, but by dignity, and our history with dignity is an example in the world.

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