Online shopping distributed in Qatar. a fraud alert

The demand for gifts and luxury clothing during the festive season

During the Ramadan season and the current holidays, electronic shopping has increased as a large number of individuals are eager to buy gifts and clothes from well-known websites, especially Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.
Qatar Chamber has released a study on e-commerce in the state of Qatar. The study revealed the escalation and growth of e-commerce in the state of Qatar in recent years, which reached about $ 2.2 billion in 2020 compared to $ 1.5 billion in 2019, a growth of 47%. The study predicted that the volume of e-commerce in Qatar would reach approximately $ 2.3 billion during the year 2021.
1.66 billion people
According to the study, the volume of e-shopping worldwide amounted to about $ 25 trillion in sales in 2018, which coincides with the number of e-buyers reaching 1.66 billion people, including almost 9% of the international retail market.
According to the study, the state of Qatar was not far from this development, as the e-commerce document, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, drew the broad lines of the current reality of e-commerce in the state of Qatar. .
The study indicated that the state of Qatar enjoys a suitable environment for the acceptance of electronic commerce, and has a developed infrastructure for the Internet, as Qatar is the first in the world in terms of the deployment of fixed fiber networks and a takes a leading position in the implementation of mobile networks and the fifth generation.
Central tips
Qatar Central Bank, in turn, has appealed to bank customers to be cautious during financial transactions taking place online during the current period, and to increase purchases during the festive season. The Qatar Central Bank stressed the need for shopping from secure websites that use the latest technology to protect financial information, confidentiality and security, and stressed the importance of avoiding fraudulent websites that appear legitimate and professionally designed for the purpose of private gathering information from visitors who lack awareness. The Qatar Central Bank provided a set of tips for online shopping, which included the need to research the retailer before shopping online and always shop at reputable stores and retail sites, explaining that reputable companies go to their commercial address and at least one must market. telephone number for customer service or to order products. .
With the importance of telephone contact if possible and asking questions to determine the legality of the business, with checking anything unknown, unprofessional or misplaced and checking the quantity before completing the ordering process, and never responding or electronically open links or attachments to emails Unreliable or informative source.
The use of encryption technology
The Central explained that secure websites use encryption technology to transfer files from the customer’s computer to the merchant’s computer system in the electronic network, which in turn maintains the confidentiality of information such as credit card details. Secure websites can be identified by looking at “https” in the URL or address bar (when entering personal or financial data). This means the confidentiality of the information circulating between the private browser and the website you are trying to buy, which in turn keeps it safe from prying eyes as it does not allow websites to keep credit card information on file. In addition to making sure that there is a small lock in the address bar or in the lower right corner of the display, always make sure that the lock symbol is present in the browser, knowing that the presence of the symbol is a secure communication channel but does not necessarily indicate the legitimacy of the website.
The Central Bank of Qatar has also demanded to keep the system software and the web browser up to date by installing the latest updates for the system and the web browser software. This is to ensure the safety of the institutions and their high efficiency in performance.
Check electronic devices
The Central stressed the importance of checking electronic devices, including cell phones, on a permanent basis to protect them against threats such as viruses, spyware or spam emails, and to protect personal information Identification of the seller , description of the product, as well as the time, date and price paid or quotes on the product, in addition to keeping hard copies of the order confirmation screen and all transactions made by email. And constantly looking for suspicious banking transactions.The Central Bank has also demanded not to disclose online payments or the password for shopping. For example: the private account in PayPal
VISA Verified or MasterCard Secure Code You should avoid mentioning children’s and family names when registering a password on the site, and instead use alternatives that are difficult for fraudsters to guess. Using a strong password containing no less than 8 symbols, and that it is a group of numbers, letters and punctuation, and not using a password used in other private accounts on the Internet not, with the password changed from time to time.
The Central Bank asks for caution and gives tips for safe shopping

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