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phrases about man

phrases about man .. God, the Almighty, said in his precious book: “And of his signs which he created for you out of your souls, women, so that you may dwell in them and make a covenant and the mercy of you among yourselves. phrases about man ; Follow us in the following rules; To be able to express your love for your men.

phrases about man

  • To the one who stood by me in the most difficult situations, who never left me and was
    A band and a replacement, and congratulations in the saddest moments, I wish you every double congratulations
    what you have given me, my beloved husband.
  • Life gives her a few moments of happiness when we meet our loved ones, friends or family, and gives us everything when we meet the good, nostalgic man. You have blessed me with everything, my dear husband.
  • Whoever catches a nostalgic man has won everything, and you are not only my nostalgic man, but you
    All I have in this life is happiness and bond, and you are the one with your presence that I feel
    I am able to face all the difficulties of life.
  • It’s rare these days to find a person who is delighted with his wife’s success and encourages her to
    achieve what she desires and help her in everything; Thank god i found this person
    He is my beloved husband; You are the most precious gift life has given me.
  • Do you think that this universe with everything in it can keep me busy about you for a moment, or forget me?
    Your love, or make your second for me? Be assured that it was never or will never be, you are as you are, as I knew you, you were never but first in everything, and so you will remain
    If God wills, in my heart, mind and pulse, first there is no second.

Phrases for man Twitter

  • My husband is in love with you, and I am satisfied with you, may God give you a long life.
  • My husband, you are the universe.
  • Love is you, my dear man.
  • Love to be happy with you and never enough with you .. I love you.
  • My husband, you are my supplication in my prayers.
  • How I worship him, that man who interrupts my conversation to tell me he loves me.
  • My beloved, my soul lived and sat on the throne of my heart until my soul left its abode.
  • I worship him so much that I wish I could replace the word joy with his name.
  • Even the old ones, I do not want a lover, but you.
  • I’m not afraid of you, but I fear a lifetime that can come without you.
  • O God, I love this servant of Yours with a sincere love in You, so gather me and him in the gardens of heaven.
  • Be nearer to Me than they are, for I have chosen you out of their midst.

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  • The man is the bond for the woman; It’s embracing in times of need, and it’s safety and reassurance.
    He must take care of his wife and put her in his heart and eyes.
  • One of the most beautiful things that can happen in life is to share it with a man who will be your band.
    He cares for you and your family, and never cries for you.
  • The man is the bond to the family and he is the lover.
  • In life there is no better bond than a man who fears God in his wife and loves her
    He’s scared of her.
  • A bond man is perhaps the best thing a girl can have in this life.
  • He feels you, stands by you, tries in every way to make you happy, and helps you
    achieve your ambitions; This is the bandman, and he’s the best thing a girl can have
    in this life.
Nice words about a good man
  • The best that life can give to anyone is a good, loving man; Thank the Lord
    Which blessed me with a man like you, my dearest man to my heart.
  • The righteous man who is well aware of the sentence: “No one is the most generous to them, and only one who is offended is common.”
    And not just those who observe it, but also those who implement it.
  • It was only when I married you that I felt safe, calm and secure; You are already a good man
    You have enlightened my life with happiness .. God bless you as a blessing in my life.
  • A good man is a loving, generous and generous man who knows well how to contain you; as
    God has blessed you with it; He has given you the best of this life.
  • Whoever does not hurt his wife with a word, behavior or look, is truly a good man, may God provide for him
    All girls are in good men.
  • He is kind to you even when you make a mistake; He’s really a good guy.
  • The best thing a girl can have is a good man .. Marry all of you as good men.
    He fears for your distress, and he will be a source of security and tenderness for you, and he will be a support that you do not fall while you
    more with him.
Beautiful words of prayer about the faithful man
  • My Lord, make my husband forever a support for me and beside me, and open the doors of food for him in terms of food
    not counted.
  • O Lord, in my heart there is someone I love, so protect him for me He is my first love and my third eye
    And my refuge is in God, my Lord, I urge you to do good, for by God I did not love your creation as human beings.
    I loved him, O God, I entrust him to You, so do not show me anything wrong that he cries me, and do not let me taste
    The bitterness of losing him, I am nothing without him I trust you to God, you are the deposits of the Most Merciful.
  • O God, I invite you with your generosity and your presence to protect my husband and give him health and wellness
    And to make his food easy, lawful and good, and to make his effort for My sake on a scale
    His good deeds, my Lord, I loved him, and I do not see that we have beauty without him, therefore I pray that You do not deprive me of him, O Lord.
  • My husband, if they replace him with the goodness of the whole earth, I will not replace him. He is my support, my back and my forgetfulness
    My happiness is my paradise in this world and my promise to me hereafter. O God, give him peace in my life.
  • My Lord, protect me someone whose soul is afraid of everything and I am afraid
    Damage that affects him, O God, I entrust him to You at all times and places.
  • O God, open to my husband all the doors of food and open all the good in his way and keep all evil away from him.
  • O God, glorify me in the heart of my husband, make me beautiful in his eyes, and make me for him as he loves
    And make it for me as I please, and make us for You, O God, as You will, and enlighten all our affairs and achieve
    We wish you were over all things.

Matters about my beloved husband

  • For the one who loves me with all my faults, and the one who wishes me happiness, is only one person, my husband, my love, I love you.
  • I love you the number of what the lovers said the word I love you, I love you the number of what the newspaper wrote the word I love you.
  • My husband, your smile brings me out of the grip of my darkness.
  • The most beautiful feeling a woman can feel is to find a man who does for her what she thought would only happen in dreams, this is what I felt when I got married, all my life.
  • My husband, I will always be your first lover, your second mother, your third sister, your last wife, because you are my life.
  • You have tenderness in your heart and you have nostalgia in love I love you until my breath stops I love you, the source of my happiness and the reason for my joy.
  • My husband, my love, age and moments in your vicinity are worth this mortal life in my eyes.
  • If I could give you my eyes I would put them in your hands … and if I could give you my heart
    I would remove it from my chest to you .. and if I had, I would give you my life, I would lay my days under your feet.

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