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Personal status system..protection of women’s rights and society

At the beginning of every reconciled and complex woman stands upright to every challenge, because of her integral part of society. Around her, the woman has always been proactive in her instinct lying in sacrifice, she gives for free and does not wait to receive not and this is what makes her special and unique because her affair is closely and directly linked to the rise of nations, peoples and civilizations. In addition to the fact that our true religion has protected and honored women in all aspects of life, in their scientific and practical life, and has preserved their rights, Islam has come on the basis of justice among men, and at the top of the list is the justice of religion between men and women in various aspects of life, even their duties come equally without any exposition.

Application of justice and equality between male and female citizens in family relationships

New systems to celebrate the preservation of women’s rights

In the Kingdom it was and still is at the forefront of the countries of the world in terms of attention and care for women in general, and for their rights in particular, and because of the great care and attention of our wise government – supported by God – who instituted integrated systems to preserve women’s rights, which come under the name of the new (personal status system), which comes first within the protection of The right of a citizen’s wife to support her husband, regardless of her financial condition, whether she is able to support herself or not, as the meaning of the second law comes in the inclusion of maintenance money, food, clothing and basic necessities identified in the official regulations regarding this.

her rights according to her social status

The new personal status system addressed the needs of single, married and divorced female citizens, in addition to the fact that the system emphasized the need to document all facts regarding personal status on the dates designated for this, such as divorce and return cases. . , which requires the husband to pay compensation to the wife so that it is a fair compensation in the event of failure to complete documentation. These procedures, then, the system dealt with the introduction and entry into force of a new law, which sets the minimum age of marriage. for a female citizen at 18 years of age, especially since this new system allowed female citizenship and gave her the full right to terminate the marriage contract if it was unilateral or from various aspects, as in many of the cases. In addition, she can also document the divorce process even in the case of the husband’s disapproval and consent. All that is mentioned comes in the interest of citizenship in society and reserves her right to live in dignity and security. does a great and powerful job of drafting and enforcing strict laws and legislation that serve the interests of citizenship, representing the division of this sober society, up to the system of jurisdiction in the marriage approved by the system is, what is the jurisdiction of religion and not the jurisdiction of descent, then the system of admissibility of marriage for a girl under the age of 18 comes by order of the court with her consent with proof of importance from her marriage and the completion of all procedures. marriage, our rational government – may God preserve and protect it – emphasizes that the husband must spend and pay maintenance on his divorced ex-wife in a revocable divorce, in addition to continuing maintenance also for the pregnant woman until she gives birth, hereafter the issuance of the last two laws in the new personal status system, which is the right of women In the custody of children, that is, after the issuance of this law, the divorced woman can submit to the court and the right to supervision over the children, and this system affirms the right of citizenship to the supervision of the children, the last law includes the ability of a female citizen to without I have one condition that she is older than 21 years.

The impact of the results of decisions on citizens

Saudi society has celebrated the issuance of the new personal status system that female citizens have been waiting for, as it is a system based on providing solutions to all the problems and issues that citizenship has suffered in many cases caused by the system is covered. And just to say things are in order again. This system will be an effective means of solving problems in cases of marriage and divorce, as it puts an end and forms an impenetrable shield around family members, children, the wife, the divorced woman and the woman involved in various cases. exposed to alienation in treatment, cruelty and physical and moral violence leading to dispersal and loss of parents and loss of hope in Return to normal life for the children who are the group concerned and who suffer greatly in the continuation of this situation, the new personal status system has put a clear end to the cases of abuse, mistreatment and injustice that have occurred between spouses due to the lack of equal relationships in marriage as it addresses all the mentioned social problems And the psychology between spouses canceled and focused on the fact that the only equality meant by marriage is religious equality, and that in itself is enough to eliminate all the pre-Islamic innovations that are common in our time, so the new personal status system has become a great and remarkable advance in the practical and real development, it has become a tangible reality that we live, and this laws are affirmed. The protection of the citizen and citizenship and equalization in one hand, which is that the law applies to everyone, the new personal status system took care of all aspects of life and The legality that citizenship previously prevented from doing certain things do, but now he can do what he wants, it has now become easy, especially since the system has made progress and taken an important step that deserves respect and appreciation, as it has broken the boundaries of gender discrimination in some segments of society, as well as what The system continues with its success, which continues and coincides with Vision 2030, which establishes a clear vision, principles and curriculum in the laws and regulations of the state so that it has a system and a real and realistic consolidating the Kingdom’s renaissance and upgrading its level Personal matters and legal issues related to and related to matters of marriage and divorce.

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