They asked Sweden’s meeting about the reason for her divorce from Hussein Fahmy and the destruction of her home after 5 years of marriage? His answer without shame and with all boldness

Artist Hussein Fahmy married artist Liqa Suwaidan in 2007, and he met her for the first time in the play “Welcome, Bekwat”, and then in the play “Zaki in the Ministry”.

A love story developed between them that ended in marriage, but after 5 years they broke up, and love turned into hatred and exchanged accusations, as some accused her of having her marriage to Hussein Fahmy motivated by fame since he was twice her age.

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She said of the marriage that it was “the only decision she regretted in her life”, and described the decision as a “lifetime mistake”, and she also said that he refused to pay her maintenance.

Suwaidan told Laha magazine in previous press releases: “There are those who thought that my marriage came to him because of my greed for him, and I want to make it clear that I married him without a dowry, a net or a delay, and now he refuses to pay the expenses of pleasure and kit, and I do not know the reason for his refusal to give me justice. ” And she added: “Although the court ruled that I should get my right from him, he did not implement it. The verdict and submitted requests to stop implementation, on the pretext that he has no money, taking into account that the amount is less than a quarter of his wage in any artistic work. “

The marriage of Suwaidan’s encounter with Hussein Fahmy lasted five years, and they were the focus of their audience’s attention, continuing to talk about the great love story that the two artists in turn were eager to announce in public when the opportunity comes anyway.

But Liqa was not safe from accusations, as some accused her of seeking fame at the expense of Hussein Fahmy, who the days were not correct as the marriage delayed Sweidan’s career, returning and shining after her divorce. has.

Liqa ‘has always appeared in the image of a happy woman, and she has repeatedly stated that Wassama Hussein did not attract her attention as much as his morals, kindness and appreciation for women.

She stressed that she does not pay attention to the age difference as it is twice her age.

For Hussein Fahmy, she was not the first woman. He had previously married four women, none of whom was an artist, with the exception of the artist Mervat Amin, with whom Hussein had one daughter named Menna Allah, who is currently married actor Karim Fahmy.

Despite the great love, rumors of divorce chased them, and they were eager to deny it and accused the malicious souls of being behind the release of these rumors.

Surprisingly, the rumors changed in reality, with the couple announcing their divorce and confirming their friendship.

But love turned into hatred and friendship turned into hostility after the case between them reached the courts, where she demanded a friendly meeting at the expense of preparation and pleasure, but Hussein, who was engaged in his marriage to a Saudi -woman, did not care about the requests for a meeting and did not find a solution, but to turn to the court to obtain her right.

Indeed, the court did justice to a meeting, and she got a sentence that forced Hussein to pay her 720 thousand pounds, but the latter delayed the payment on the pretext that he did not have this amount, which Liqa forced to beg through her personal page on “Facebook” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the deputy general to help her get her right.

And her last rising step was that she turned to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to demand her support and obtain her right, which she swore she would not give up, in a step that many considered retaliation against ‘ a woman who was stabbed when her ex-husband quickly married another woman.

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