Use modern methods to develop traffic units to keep up with the times. Know the details

The General Directorate of Traffic Information Systems, in coordination with the Traffic Department, has contributed to the introduction of many modern systems for the development of traffic units at the level of the Republic, to keep pace with the technological development of countries..

A security source said that the General Directorate of Traffic and Information Systems had used modern methods to develop units by electronically archiving all files related to cars in a large number of units in Cairo and Giza, and this would go to the rest of the units in all departments at the level of the Republic, which store files against damage or damage The outbreak of fires or the loss of files and their placement on a hard drive which includes all car data.

The source pointed out that a system of radars has been installed at the top of the axles and the link between the governors of Greater Cairo and the regions to work on monitoring the roads and preventing accidents due to madness speed over the axles, as these radars capture speed offenders, take down and send the data to the Traffic Prosecutor to take the necessary steps against them and fine them financially To prevent the recurrence of this offense in order to prevent the occurrence of to reduce accidents.

The source indicated that the Traffic Department is also overseeing the project RFID This includes the electronic identification of the car’s data and the use of surveillance cameras that automatically recognize all the necessary information about the vehicles in the event of a breach of the speed barriers set up or required for security, or the amount of theft, or to identify the identity of people. necessary measures against offenders, and the allocation of an archive room for all car files for quick access to their data.

The source pointed out that 25 traffic units at the level of the Republic have been developed through the introduction of modern devices and surveillance cameras and the renewal of parking spaces, in response to all complaints received by the administration through the human rights sector, in addition to maintenance of 330 computers, 45 printers and 22 packaging machines. , establishing 31 special lines for the licensing units and resolving 6,190 technical support requests within the units, adding that 83,000 distinctive characters were distributed to people with special needs, and 100,000 distinctive characters were delivered from police presses , and a one-stop shop system is established in some departments and will be circulated in the rest of the units.

The source added that among the development systems is the work of electronic car portals to facilitate licensing procedures, use coding machines and provide officers with PDA devices that help control stolen cars and monitor them in the roadblocks, in addition to the identification of completed motor data by Place it on the electronic poster and broadcast it in a magazine with the technical specifications and the photocopying requirements to expedite the extraction of documents for vehicles and drivers..

The source pointed out that the administration’s issuances after the purchase of two machines approved up to 20,000 electronic posters a day in the governorates, which helps to speed up access to the stolen and security required cars to bring peace to the citizens within the framework bring. of a plan that the administration follows under the slogan of paperless traffic and disciplined roads. One million and a half car stickers have been installed so far, with 425 000 metal plates supplied.

The source added that since the signing of the memorandum of cooperation with the Postal Authority, the value of the financial offenses for cars and drivers on it has been sent to the Traffic Prosecutor, which has helped alleviate the congestion limit at the outlets for the payment of fines for cars Issuance of replacement of lost driver’s and driver’s licenses, issuance of operating cards for passenger transport companies using information technology, in addition to extension services for drivers..

The source explained that the department of systems and information participated in the launch of smart highway transportation systems in collaboration with the military and the Ministry of Communications and Transport, and the department implemented a plan to develop all road traffic systems and traffic units to fits with the technological development in developed countries, and explains that the new portal within The website of the Ministry of Home Affairs is to provide the necessary services for the service sectors, whether passports, traffic or civil status.

The source added that the General Administration of Traffic Information Systems has set up the website “Egypt Traffic Gate”. This portal contains economic guidance services, including payment of fines, taxes, fees, compulsory insurance, home delivery fees, and the purchase of distinctive metal plates through website link, with a service to all the plates that the citizen has entered for auction and statistics and locate information of interest to the citizen.

The source explained that the website includes car licensing procedures, traffic laws, executive regulations and a set of behaviors rejected for drivers to prevent accidents. Submit copies of the previous license and a valid national number, the certificate of offense and the renewal of the vehicle or bicycle must be less than 2030 CC.

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