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The journey of a short life, in which there are many papers that have not yet been revealed. This is a rapid journey of questions and answers, produced by the situations of the world. We put it on every day after meeting one of the prominent faces in the different fields of giving and creativity .. A journey that does not stop .. And our guest today is the engineer Faris Al-Turki, a man. Business.
01-08 in person
– Without any introductions .. without any improvements or additions .. How do you introduce yourself to a group of strangers?
Engineer Faris Hani Al-Turki, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University, and an MBA from the University of London, and I have experience in banking for over 10 years, in addition to that, I am an entrepreneur in many projects, and now I have simple investments in early stage projects.
I do not like anyone calling me “famous” or a “social media” or “snap” celebrity. It’s true that I’m known and famous, but I’ve worked very hard on myself, so I see her as “lacking” in me.
Aside from work and professional challenges, what are your biggest personal accomplishments?
To receive the King Abdul Aziz Medal of the third degree, for my continued blood donation, praise to God.
Character overwhelms imprinting..what is your character still triumphing over you and knocking you down with a knockout blow?
I expect anger and nervousness.
Do you have money that makes you safe and secure in the face of adversity of eternity … Or is this money the last of your interests?
Yes, I have money, the good thing, with which my Lord has blessed me, praise God, but there is nothing that makes you safe and secure in the face of the calamities of eternity other than trusting in God and His approval and success.
– The boy who wants to be a rich man when he grows up … so do you have any valuable advice to give him?
My advice is always to work, strive and persevere, and our country has many good and great opportunities, and whoever gets very tired can achieve.
– Some people lie with innocent words, a polite manner, and good intentions .. this kind of polite deception, you sometimes resort to it .. and with whom do you do it?
Yes, I use this method, especially with my wife, mother, daughter, brothers and anyone who is dear to me.
The Corona pandemic has ended .. a war of iron and fire and rapid death breaks out in the corners of Europe .. what’s happening in this world?
What happens in the world is what has happened throughout history, there are struggles, challenges and problems that the world always goes through.
– Those who stuff coffee mugs with sugar. Do you consider them the happiest and smartest people?
No, anyone who pours sugar into coffee is someone who does not understand coffee.

09-15 sports
– Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia in the World Cup … A painful and hurtful farewell to Algeria and Egypt … Do you have a special perception of the reality of Arab football?
The reality of Arab football is only zeal, as there is no professional institutional work, which is all personal zeal, and we rely on professionals from abroad.
– Everything confirms that the Saudi league is the best and most important in the great Asian continent .. Do we need new evidence to establish this fact .. Or are we exaggerating our football emotions?
Yes, we exaggerate our football emotions.The ball in Asia is very weak and does not compare to Europe or South America, not near or from far away.
– Cold wars between clubs … between their presidents, stars, media and supporters … How do we stop them … Or do you see it as a healthy sporting phenomenon that must continue?
Sometimes I find it a beautiful phenomenon and it means enthusiasm, and sometimes I see that the subject has gone too far, especially since we do not get these poles abroad.
– Talisca, Hamdallah, Pereira and Banega .. These four are the foreign players most mentioned this season .. Why did the atmosphere of noise, controversy and conflicting opinions accompany them?
Because they are professionals and play for big clubs, and big clubs have a large audience that likes to communicate with each other.
– If FIFA gives you the right to change the football law, what would you do?
I will cancel the offside, and change the “out” to a “foul”, not a throw-in.
– What is your team that you fell in love with .. and what price are you asking to give up this love?
Arsenal are very strong in the English Premier League, and the union is the love of the family and my love, and the price is 10 million riyals.
– When you look forward to these great international sporting events hosted by Saudi Arabia … Formula, Horse Riding, Golf and other games … What do you think of?
Congratulations, pride and thanks to the leadership that attracted these investments, and put Saudi Arabia in the right place on the sports map in the world.

16-20 arts and culture
The Riyadh season has recorded impressive numbers in its various activities. Art, ideas, initiatives and innovations. How do you see the picture in its broad framework?
The Riyadh and Jeddah seasons, and all seasons, are a wonderful movement and great efforts of the Entertainment Authority, starting with the Crown Prince to the protection of Turkey Al-Sheikh, they have created a new spirit of happiness.
Do you write your name confidently in the middle of a list wishing for the return of the days of “Tash Ma Tash” to the Ramadan screen … Or do you prepare it as a television work that commemorates its time and death survived from the train?
Every time a country and men, “tash ma tash” was in the past the legend, and now it is very difficult to return to the old situation, but it can come back with a very big renewal, and on that time I can put my name in this document.
In the worlds of art, new faces appear every day. What emerging names are betting on their success?
I do not care much about art, but we watched the series “Rashach”, and everyone who participated in it is creative and has a very great future.
– Love, Crime and Wealth is the most popular trilogy in movies. Do you have a fourth edition that you would nominate for permanent display?
The issue of work, struggle, zeal and creativity, this is a very important topic.
– Your charming artist, with whom you formed your taste for movie stars … Who is she … and why is she in particular?

21-30 culture and life
– The unknown idea that you want to crystallize on the ground … Has the time come to reveal his mysteries and secrets?
The time has not come for her secrets to be revealed.
– The so-called time of the good … What would you choose to take with you on your future journey?
I take with him the monuments and monuments that have been demolished. I wish we could preserve them.
– People whose hearts are full of your hatred … Do you have a confident message to shock them with?
I do not have a message to shock them with, but I understand that the reasons for hate in life are very simple, there are, for example, those who hate you because your tone of voice does not suit them or your haircut.
– The media .. old and new .. who do you like among them .. and what would you do if you accepted their leadership?
I do not have much in the media because it’s a big profession and I did not practice it, so I have nothing to offer them.
On the shelves of libraries are millions of books that have enriched the minds of people. Which book do you want to be the author and owner of?
“Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.
When your closest friends say to you: Give me my faults … Do you tell him half the truth, or do you let him live with his illusions?
What my family and friends know about me is that I tell the full truth, I do not compliment anyone and I do not let my friends live in their illusions, on the contrary, I am the friend who clashes with my friends because I do not compliment them , and it’s my duty to my friend.
– Those people who are stigmatized as thinkers, how do their ideas differ from others?
Characterized by the fact that they have meditation, the ability to meditate is an important and difficult skill.
In this world overflowing with God’s creation … Who is the only one you can trust with your secrets and rest your arm on?
Two, my brother, engineer Firas al-Turki, and my wife.
– That happiness that all people long for .. Did you know it in your life .. when and how .. and what are its characteristics?
Happiness depends on your expectations in life. The higher your expectations, the lower your happiness will be, and vice versa. Happiness is found for me in the pleasure of God Almighty, and in the spending of charity and good deeds. Happiness is not in storing money, but in spending money.
– The person who stopped passion, dream and ambition … How can we help him and bring him back to life?
Not everyone has a passion, ambition and dream. This is a beautiful thing, but you can lead a sweet life if you are not very ambitious and passionate.

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