Aoun questions the integrity of the elections and complains about money

  • An open confrontation between the current and the powers … And the two allies, Basil and Arslan, are pushing for the seat of minorities in Beirut II!

Beirut – Omar Habanjar

President Michel Aoun entered the election mobilization line by questioning the integrity of the election, which gave the impression that in President Aoun’s words, through a tweet, he allowed doubt about the possibility of holding it, in this image .

Aoun said in his tweet: “With the rise in the level of election money, I remember what I wrote in 1998: Avoid electing candidates for what’s in their pockets, it’s for them, but rather vote for what’s in them. their hearts are. and thoughts, it’s yours. ”

In response, the former Tripoli representative, dr. Mustafa Alloush, tweeted via Twitter, saying: “Those who talk about the election spending ceiling do not include the” military guidance “in this issue? And anyone who tries to cause uproar at every visit he enters by force does not fall under the roof of the law? ”

It is clear that Alloush is referring to this by saying to Representative Gibran Bassil, who, with the help of the Republican Guard, is wandering in areas that reject his presence,

and fighting military units, as happened yesterday in central Bekaa, and Alloush ended his tweet by saying, “I would have heard if I had called live, but the one who called would have no life.”

In turn, dr. Samir Geagea, head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, commented on the presidential tweet, saying: “President Aoun has succeeded in two things: the first is that he preached that we are going to hell, and the second is about the to slander image of some of the powers that have grown up around the powers and claim that they are powers and some transgressions have been attributed to them.And as Michel Aoun, instead of having the slightest honor, and saying that these people do not of the real are not. powers, covered all the facts and highlighted only the irregularities that took place. “

In practice, the confrontation between the “Free Stream” and the “Lebanese Forces” takes place in several Christian majority constituencies, especially in the “Beirut First” constituency, which includes Ashrafieh, Rmeil, Mudawar and Saifi, where six lists of 38 candidates compete for eight seats as they compete for the first time. The Lebanese Forces “announced the elections in this constituency, with a list that does not include the name of Nadim Bashir Gemayel, who chose to return to his Phalangist roots, at a time when the Sunni vote in this constituency (12,691 of whom 4,860 voted in the 2018 election) seems distracted due to the reluctance of the “Future Movement.”
And there is a confrontation between the leadership of the movement and its ally in western Bekaa, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Elie Ferzli. He has an answer, he increases his folly, he magnifies his dream, like a good old zadeh of fire.

As for Beirut (the second district), 11 lists compete, three of which are in the orbit of “Hezbollah”. This fact motivated the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, to call on former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s call for his supporters not to run in the elections, and to call on former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s massive participation in the elections, in anticipation that Beirut will be represented by those who do not like it, and here Salah Salam, editor-in-chief of “Al-Liwaa” newspaper, will say that the Mufti’s position the “Future Movement” in a critical position, as for the first time in the history of the relationship between Dar Al-Fatwa and “The Future Movement” Al-Mustaqbal “Such a contradiction occurs, but the Beirut activists are still waiting for the final word of First Minister Saad Hariri personally, otherwise his exit from the election arena will be a departure from the popular conscience, which still has to do with him as the political heir of his tortured father, Rafik Hariri.
In Beirut’s first district, the battle is over for the only Maronite seat in Ashrafieh, where MP Nadim Gemayel is competing with “Lebanese Forces” candidate George Shahwan, and it appears that Gemayel’s absence from the constituency he inherited from his grandfather will not respond to this session. due to that absence.

Gemayel told MTV that the parliamentary elections today are a referendum, to know which Lebanon we want, the reluctant Lebanon or the open Lebanon? He said: We carry the identity of the Ashrafieh martyrs and their sacrifices, and stressed the need to strengthen the state’s weapons against Hezbollah and its influence, which works to serve Iran’s project.

Bassil, in turn, attacked his allies in Beirut’s second district, accusing them of trying to extract the seat of Christian minorities, now occupied by Edgar Traboulsi, and said during an election ceremony that the introduction of political money in society is a worse crime. as murder.

Bassil’s problem here, with the list’s ally Talal Arslan demanding that Hezbollah support his Druze candidate in the second district, against the candidate of the Progressive Socialist Party and Walid Jumblatt, as a priority over others, at a time when the party can not turn its votes to more than one ally so as not to lose any of the “Shiite duo” candidates in this constituency.

Arslan hoped that “the allies will not give us a consolation prize for the opponents, pointing out that these elections may be the most dangerous in Lebanon’s history.”

In response to the violent stances announced a few days ago by Basil from the western Bekaa, Wael Abu Faour, a member of the Democratic Assembly, accused Basil and his movement of trying to dismantle the coexistence in this region. and appealed to the people of the Bekaa to As for the Islamic-Christian partnership, Abu Faour said, we have seen an example of this.In Qabrshmoun, Tripoli and Akkar you and your black covenant understand the partnership of subordination, submission and humiliation.

In the area of ​​election pressure, Zulfikar Raad has his cousin, the candidate for the election in the Baalbek-Hermel district, Dr. Hussein Raad, inside the Husseiniya of Al Raad, where he expressed sympathy until he passed, was beaten for refusing to withdraw. of the election confrontation with Hezbollah.
Sheikh Abbas El-Gohary, head of the list to which Council belongs, asked public opinion to keep up with what is happening in the Baalbek-Hermel district, because he is no longer

He carries this Daeshism, and said: I do not know how we will come up with a solution to it.He addressed Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and said: These moral standards oblige him to communicate with his group.

Meanwhile, Facebook has prevented searching for the name of MP Ali Hassan Khalil, arguing that the man’s name is linked to “dangerous acts” carried out by individuals and organizations, which are not allowed on Facebook, knowing that Ali Hassan Khalil is still a member of parliament. Representatives, and he is a candidate for the parliamentary elections, even though he is accused of the “crime of the century” and he defies the judiciary and refuses to appear before it.

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