Egypt in International Newspapers | Suez Canal revenue and the most prominent “Great Transfiguration” project

International newspapers and platforms today, Wednesday, took note of some important news and events in Egypt, including the Suez Canal gaining record revenue last April, despite the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and the government ‘s start of the “Great Transfiguration” project in South Sinai with the aim of making the city a center for religious tourism.

In the following lines, “Al-Dustour” monitors the most prominent statements about Egypt in the eyes of international newspapers.

“Voice of America” ​​Emphasizes Achieving Record Revenue for Suez Channel

Voice of America stressed the statements of the head of the Suez Canal Authority yesterday, Tuesday, that the channel achieved the highest monthly income in its history last April, and indicated that the positive effect of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the Suez Canal the negative, at a time when navigation is recovering from the effects of the Corona pandemic.

Experts confirmed to Voice of America that the Russo-Ukrainian war contributed to an increase in the navigation movement in the Suez Canal and the flow of oil and gas shipments from the Gulf region through the canal to Europe, noting that the crisis did not significantly did not affect the traffic in the channel, but rather contributed to its strengthening.

The head of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, announced in press releases that the canal had a record revenue and revenue of $ 629 million last April, with 1,929 ships passing through the canal, an increase of 6.3% in represents traffic compared to the same month last year.He indicated that there is an increase in the number of ships moving through the canal due to Europe’s increasing dependence on oil and gas imports from the Gulf region as part of the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

Said Sadiq, a professor of political sociology, told Voice of America that the conflict in Ukraine “had a clear impact on gas supplies flowing through the Suez Canal in light of Europe’s efforts to distance itself from Russian gas and the Gulf states that started pumping. more LNG through tankers. ” which crosses the canal.

Sadiq noted that with rising tensions around the world and rising food and fuel prices, it was only natural that the Suez Canal transit fees would rise year after year.

In turn, Paul Sullivan, an expert on Middle East affairs at the Georgetown Center for Security Studies based in Washington, said the movement of oil and gas from the Gulf would be of increasing importance with the continuation of the Russian Ukrainian conflict, noting that Europe needs to diversify its oil and gas resources.

He added, “As the situation in Europe continues, I expect more LNG supplies to pass through the Suez Canal from further regions, in the light of current discussions in Europe to reduce dependence on Russian gas, and it’s clear that oil is coming from the Gulf and it will be interesting elsewhere. ”

Suez Canal's revenue ignores crisis

Sullivan explained that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have excess pumping capacity, given that it is likely that the two countries “will pump more oil as the market narrows due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the future”.

Khattar Abou Diab, a professor of political science at the University of Paris, confirmed to Voice of America that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine “contributed to the increase in the flow of oil and gas through the Suez Canal to Europe. , and noted that the conflict activates many supply lines around the world, which in turn increases the movement of containers through the channel.

Abu Diab noted that the United States has succeeded in persuading countries such as Qatar and Australia to increase gas production to Europe and away from Asia, which has increased traffic through the Suez Canal.

“Travel and Tour World” emphasizes the importance of the “Greatest Manifestation” project

The international tourism magazine “Travel and Tour World” emphasized Egypt’s readiness to open the “Greatest Transfiguration” project, which includes the blessed tree and the place where God Almighty spoke to Moses, peace be upon him, in the Governor of South Sinai, and note. that the project comes within the framework of the state’s interest in developing the tourism sector Tourism, which will become the largest religious project in the world.

In its report, the magazine pointed out that the “Greatest Transfiguration” area is considered a sacred place for the three major monotheistic religions in the world, as it is the St. Catherine Monastery along with Mount Sinai, adding that the project will completely transform the region and turn it into a major center for religious tourism.

The magazine quoted South Sinai Governor General Khaled Fouda as saying: “The Greater Transfiguration project includes unique things and will completely change the city. It is being implemented within the framework of the political leaders’ interest. in the development of the tourism sector. “

“The world will see the city of St. Catherine in her new dress in just one year,” he added.

She explained that more than 14 projects are currently being implemented in the mountains around Wadi Towa in South Sinai Governor, noting that the project includes the launch of a spiritual temple over the mountains around the Holy Valley, making it a destination for spiritual, therapeutic and environmental tourism on a global scale, as well as planning to provide leisure services.For visitors while retaining the nature of the place.

She added that the implementation of the Greater Transfiguration project is taking place in two phases, at a cost of more than £ 4 billion ($ 216 million), with the first phase to be completed in May and the second phase at the end of 2022.

Egypt begins implementation of the

And she continued, “A new residential area will be built in Al-Zaytouna, consisting of 580 residential units, and the project also includes a new eco-friendly lodge consisting of 216 rooms, and redevelopment of an existing one. eco-lodge, along with a desert garden and a mountain hotel.The historic Moses Road through Wadi al-Rahah to Mount Sinai, and Peace Square will be built as part of the Great Transfiguration Project.

An Indian magazine monitors the most prominent Egyptian landmarks in “The Moon Knight”

The Indian “Outlook” magazine noticed the most prominent Egyptian monuments in the American series Moon Knight or “Moon Knight”, which has received widespread attention on social networks since its presentation on March 30 on the Disney Plus platform.

The magazine pointed out in a post on its website that the series “Moon Knight”, based on one of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the same name, deals with the story of Stephen Grant, who plays the role of the famous personalized. world star Oscar Isaac, a gift shop employee who suffers from memory loss and other life memories, then discovers that he is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, while the series’ protagonists are pushed into a deadly mystery involving ancient Egyptian civilization and the ancient kings of Egypt.

She explained that the pharaohs are associated with the worship of the moon, which was also known to have three gods, and they are the god “Ah”, which means the moon god, and then “Khoncho”, a name that wanderer or wanderer means. traveler, who apparently has healing powers, and there is a temple for him called the temple of the “god of God”. Moon “in Luxor.

She added that the temple of Khoncho was built inside the Karnak temple complex in Luxor, so that its walls contain inscriptions, drawings and hieroglyphic writings that explain the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and their perception of Khoncho, the god of the moon.

The new Marvel hero in the official trailer for the series

The third god associated with the moon is the god “Thoth”, the inventor of the lunar calendar, and the god of love and music. There is for him a temple called the Temple of Hathor, located in Dendera in Upper Egypt, and it is one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Egypt, and it is an example of distinctive Pharaonic architecture, according to the magazine.

And she added that, in addition to the temples of Khonshu and Hathor, the Moon Knight series also refers to the pyramids of Giza in one of its scenes, especially the Great Pyramid, where it was the place where the Council of Gods met to to decide the fate of Khonshu in the series, which calls for a visit to the pyramid which dates back almost 14,500 years. .

Moon Knight belongs to the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes movies such as Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and me. Admire.

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