Egyptian technology .. Higher Education: Distribution of 50 respirators to patients

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Wednesday 04 May 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, received a report by dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, has been submitted on the project to support the manufacture of home-made breathing apparatus run by the academy under the name BioVENT A Series.

The report stated that the project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research by the Supreme Council of University Hospitals as a key partner in clinical trials, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology as a major supporter of the project, the Arab Organization for Industrialization as a manufacturing partner, and Biobusiness Medical Devices, one of the technology companies.Al Nashatah specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic medical devices, and the only one operating in this field in the Middle East and Africa work.

The report indicated that the technical stages of project completion began with the signing of a protocol between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and Biobusiness to find innovative solutions to confront the Corona pandemic, and to find a solution in particular for the problem of shortage of respirators. , and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology launched the “Apply Your Idea” program in April 2020, and the approval was approved. On the proposal of Biobusiness to design a high-flow oxygen device as the first class of respirators, then start the prototype of a high-flow oxygen device, obtain approval from the medical services of the Army, and approval from the Medical Device Calibration Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, followed by conducting clinical trials in Cairo University Hospitals under the supervision of the Supreme Council of University Hospitals, and obtaining conditional approval from the Egyptian Medical Authority as the first approval of its kind for this type of device provided by the Egyptian Medicine authority was issued, then the second model of the device was introduced to the process of converting the first sample into a usable product, and the manufacture of the first industrial model Ready, as the necessary tests were performed to evaluate it , to start the implementation stages of the actual production w at as entertainment will be announced The first 50 devices of the Unified Procurement Authority will be distributed to university hospitals in April 2022.

The report added that the project plan aims to design an easily transportable respirator that is suitable for work in all environments, whether field hospitals, ordinary rooms or intensive care, as well as it can be used at home. The production process of the device is phased , starting with high-flow oxygen devices, then penetrating and penetrating, and paying attention to quality and elegance in the design.

The BioVENT A-series device features a heavy-duty blower operating up to 40,000 working hours, and includes a nebulizer or nebulizer for use in the form of a mist for inhalation during treatment with the device, and works with high-flow technology as well as high-speed delivery , similar to the technology used in US Vapotherm devices. It supports penetrating breathing modes similar to the V60 devices manufactured by the Dutch company Philips, and supports penetrating breathing modes similar to the technology of the PB560 device manufactured by the American manufacturer. company Medtronic.

The report added that the device offers the possibility of automatic control of fio2 or manual control, and is supported by a battery that works up to 6 hours, and is equipped with an external humidifier and a bacterial respiration filter, in addition to the benefits of easy disassembly and installation of the inhalation and exhalation valves, which are useful to prevent infection and easy sterilization.

The report took note of the high economic feasibility represented by this project, in the provision of locally manufactured respirators, and the avoidance of the negative effects of rising world prices on the level of medical services provided to the Egyptian patient. , especially with the crises facing the world, such as e.g. the Corona pandemic, and the manufacture of this type of The devices locally is a golden opportunity for Egypt in terms of achieving self-sufficiency, reducing the import bill and the ability to export to many countries suffering from a shortage of fans, such as e.g. African and Central Asian countries.

Dr. Saqr explained that Egypt is the first country in the Middle East and Africa to manufacture breathing masks with 100% Egyptian technology, and that the final product is already available for use in hospitals and serves patients efficiently, indicating work to move forward in the development of the manufacture of the device to cover the categories of respirators The industrial device, which includes 3 types: the high-flow oxygen device, the penetrating breathing device, and the penetrating breathing device, after obtaining the required approvals, note the efforts made is through the Academy to implement the long and complex stages of obtaining approvals for these types of devices by communicating with the responsible agencies of the Ministry of Health and medical services in the armed forces and many experts, and collaborating with engineers with different specializations, and the device represents an Egypt ‘s patent and work is underway to register it.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media adviser and official spokesperson for the ministry, said this project was the result of leading efforts to link research outputs with industry bodies, by concluding protocols and collaboration agreements to transform relevant scientific research into collaborative products. in their production and distribution, and the provision of local alternatives to the requirements of the national industry, noting that the Ministry is currently implementing a scientific policy based on the use of scientific research to serve the Egyptian community and in its to meet needs in all fields, through the research role of research centers and institutes and universities, emphasizes that it works in permanent and continuous cooperation with all development sectors in the country, price represents the results of the project in the production of technology Fully Egyptian fan.

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