Goal Insider | Iniesta’s “Haunted House” and statues that flooded his village!

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Today’s episode will be about Andres Iniesta, the former Barcelona captain and current Vissel Kobe player, and his home in which he spent most of his professional life as a football player.

The house was reported by the press to have ghosts, and Iniesta wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, but what is the truth of these reports?

Iniesta the ghost

Before Iniesta got the nickname of the painter he was known for during his football career, he had another nickname between himself and his friends.

The historic Barcelona star got the nickname the ghost because he goes through his opponents very easily, and after going through, the opponent looked for him and did not find him.

Iniesta’s association with ghosts did not stop at the old nickname or the house, but expanded into his working life as he appeared in one of the commercials for the Spanish version of the movie “Ghostbusters”.

Maybe it was not in his mind then, but the same name returned, according to what several reports said, to chase him through his house again.

Iniesta’s home history

In 2006, Iniesta bought a piece of land in his old village of Fuentalbia and built his house on it in an elegant style for 18 months, under the supervision of his father, who works mainly in construction.

The home of the Spanish star is located in the same neighborhood where he was born and bred in the northern province of Albacete, southeastern Spain.

A neighbor told The Sun: “I remember Iniesta as a child when he played football here with his friends. He was different from everyone else because he controlled the ball easily, we could see the intelligence in his eye.”

He added: “He and his family come on holidays to spend time at his house. He is a very ordinary and simple person.”

The value of the construction process at that time, in addition to the land, amounted to about 4 million euros, after the house was furnished and furnished.

However, according to several sites that specialize in buying and selling real estate, the site would be worth no less than seven million euros if it were sold today.

The neighborhood around the house is poor and there are no obvious luxuries, but the fact that the house itself belongs to Andreas Iniesta gives it a special value.

Barcelona-style house and all about Iniesta

The Spanish star’s home has five bedrooms, a mini chapel for worship that he and his family use and a large swimming pool.

At the bottom of the pool is a large FC Barcelona crest, the club where Iniesta spent the longest period of his football career.

Inside the house, photos of the painter in a Barcelona and Spain shirt were strewn against the walls, and Barcelona shirts hung on the walls.

Even at the beginning of construction, it was proposed to paint the exterior of the house in Barcelona colors, but that proposal was later canceled with the rejection of the architect in charge of the work, according to a blog dedicated to Barcelona fans called “FCB Transfers”.

The house from outside has the word Iniesta in bold, in addition to the number six, his shirt number with the Spanish national team, next to the team logo on the right, and the number eight and next to it is the Barcelona logo on the left.

Regardless of the style of the house, everything in or around it revolves around Iniesta’s orbit, so if you get a chance and enter the house somehow and look out of any window you will get a bronze statue of the big star outside. his house.

Not only that, if you are on your way to Iniesta’s house, you should not run into any kind of trouble to look for it. The house, despite being the largest and most elegant in style in the area, is in a street called Andreas Iniesta.

You will not step outside much until you find another World Cup statue in a nearby square on which Iniesta’s name is engraved and his photo of his goal in the 2010 final against the Netherlands has been affixed from the outside.

A few meters later, in front of his family’s winery, which Iniesta has expanded and sold more since it was renamed, behind the 116th minute in which he scored the World Cup winning goal, there is another statue of Iniesta himself.

To rent

In 2015, Iniesta announced that he was offering a house for rent for about 135 euros per night, and placed the house on one of the sites that specialize in it.

Many fans flocked to the ad and were shocked to find that the house that Iniesta showed was little more than a room in the middle of his farmland.

In this agricultural area, the wine that the family uses in their work is grown in its production, which has expanded a lot and we will talk about that in another episode.

The fans were frustrated after realizing the house that Iniesta would rent is not the same as the one in which the Barcelona star lived at the time.


The origin of the story of the appearance of ghosts in the house of Andreas Iniesta can be traced back to the well-known South African newspaper, Soccer La Doma.

The newspaper confirmed in 2015 after Iniesta offered a wine room for rent that the Spanish star was suffering from the appearance of ghosts in his house.

According to what Iniesta reported, he offered the house for sale immediately after that incident, but here we are to this day, as the house is still owned by the player Vissel Kobe.

The newspaper confirmed the player and his family heard noises in the house at night and did not feel comfortable in it, which led him to offer it for sale.

The newspaper apparently heard about Iniesta’s rent for the room we were talking about and he speculated that something was wrong and spread the news which had not yet been confirmed.

According to the testimony of Iniesta’s neighbors, the superstar still comes to his house from Japan every holiday to spend his time with his family where he started his life.

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