In the inevitable guardianship

The stance taken by the International Monetary Fund, which refuses to finance the importation of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity into Lebanon, was not surprising, except for the geniuses of the Aoun era who are still stubbornly stupid, and have to do with the disasters that befell them. the land as if they had happened and happened in another world. The followers of the Aounist-Basilian group, which has monopolized the Ministry of Energy since 2009, have refused and refused to adopt legal frameworks in running the business of this important sector, which was known in the well-known corrupt local climate, which led to a general and unprecedented collapse. But the total abomination lies in the fact that they accept that the external supporting parties can be treated as if they were a local party, taken as the Lebanese political groups are taken !, and as is the case !, ie looting, intermediation and benefits , to then exchange accusations of responsibility for failure and collapse, then blame others according to the favorite song “They Didn’t Leave Us Working”!

The first conditions of the IMF, and behind it all the countries and donors who have declared their full readiness to help Lebanon rectify its disaster and the failure of its financial and economic components, are, in the electricity story, the formation of the regulatory body for the sector before anything else! The words are clear, and do not require explanations and deviations! And what is meant by this is to keep political and corrupt investment away from direct management, and to keep the law as a whole enter into everything related to the sector, and to adopt the regulatory frameworks subject to the provisions of public accounting in that context!

What is absolutely clear from the insistence on this particular condition is to say that there is no longer any way to provide any support funds without full supervision of the supporting party! No countries, funds or international bodies are more ready for one Dollars without that condition!

There is no confidence in the Lebanese political team, and its leaders can resume their hobbies as they please, but the game of merging public money and power is over! And if partisan, sectarian and sectarian political actions were part of the Lebanese national structure since the inception of the entity, “finances” are no longer so !, not local.After the state treasury went bankrupt, neither after the loss of confidence, the burning of boats and the change of conditions everywhere.

What the Aounist team in the Ministry of Energy has not yet understood is that they can not continue with his usual behavior, can not be smart in front of any donor and supporter, nor can he incite rude polemics, and nor can it provide ridiculous, weeping justifications for its failed and corrupt! approach !, and also does not act with the conditions set for the provision of support as if it were a Local political debate, in which sectarian insults or empty slogans can be used to escape or fail!

What applies to the Aounist Ministry of Energy applies to others in the Lebanese public sector Donors set comprehensive rescue conditions, based on the extent of corruption in the political, social and behavioral structure, public and private, and on the basis of a full understanding of how official departments work in failed states to the poles of power.And it becomes part of their private property! And Lebanon is a “pioneer” in this regard that has no equal in both worlds! This is not a transient or simple matter that places its current crisis at the top of the list of the three worst crises in modern international history!

The “shock” of the IMF with the energy sector was preceded by a shock of less weight and notoriety at the Ministry of Transport, and this may be followed by other “shocks” in various sectors that have collapsed, and need urgent support , and some in Beirut talk about this with sick political dimensions, such as saying that the IMF and other parties The donors do not want to offer any support before the parliamentary elections in mid-next May, so that it is not invested by the stakeholders. concerned with that support! It’s a lie that does not befit the Arabs and foreigners abroad, just as it is not appropriate for the national interior, because the matter is quite simply related in the first place. Implementing the set conditions before moving on to any interpretation, deviation and intuition.

As long as that does not happen (and the energy sector’s regulatory authority is a vivid example), the money will not come !, and it will not come, even if it turns upside down! And the responsibility here rests with his famous pioneers, and at their top is the Aounist group!

Therefore, there are those in Beirut and abroad who assume that Lebanon’s crises will escalate in severity in the coming short period, and not diminish, as the experience with the Aounist era provides no evidence to the contrary! This is an era living on its own planet! And he wishes at the height of his dreams that Lebanon would be like Syria, for example, where Bashar al-Assad remained in his place, and Syria and its people in action went to hell. and in a word!

Authority is more important than the state, the people and the structure in that school! And the visible, clear and complete collapse of Lebanon should not be a “good” reason for the succession of son-in-law Gibran Bassil after the “succession” of his Uncle Michel Aoun in the presidency! The political trend (for example, but not exclusively) is completely and utterly permissible!

Consequently, the telling conclusion is that there is no reform with Aoun and Basil, and that means no foreign aid, or any kind of saving or radical support, or in the context of a comprehensive, gradual, interconnected and clear rescue of the sun’s rays of flame!

While waiting for that, the Lebanese will be entertained by attending the parliamentary elections before enjoying the days after the end of the Aounist era again, and the launch of a real reform workshop, not in the Aounist-Basic way, and then prepared to co-exist with a new term, namely “external financial guardianship” of state affairs, which is supposed to compensate for the catastrophes caused by the Syrian and Iranian guardianship over the land of the cedars!

* Published in association with the “Greater Lebanon” website.

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