Kevin Costner is an attractive star and a traitor man … and a secret love affair with Princess Diana that made her almost the heroine of his movie

Kevin Costner is one of the most important Hollywood stars. He practiced three different sports, before the growth of his body stimulated his love for sports and this can be seen in his roles, in films such as “Bull Durham” and “For Love Of The Game”.

His childhood and family background

Kevin Costnerium was born on July 18, 1955, in Line Wood, California, the youngest of three children, the middle of whom died in childbirth. His mother, Sharon Ray, was a social worker, and his father, William Costner, was’ an electrician and later CEO at Edison, California.
Kevin Costner’s origins go back to his father’s side of German immigrants who moved to South Carolina, and he also has Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh ancestry, and one of his grandparents married a Cherokee Indian woman , and this may be one of the reasons for his interest in embodying the lives of these people who are the original inhabitants of the states United in the epic 1990 film that won 7 Oscars, which is Dancing With Wolves, in which he role of a lieutenant of the American interpreter. army that joined a tribe of American Indians, mastered their language and defended them.

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Kevin Costner grew up in the Baptist church, loved football and took piano lessons, wrote poems and sang in the first Baptist choir.
The first thing that fueled his love for acting was when he was just seven years old, he watched the West win.
He moved between many areas in California during his adolescence due to his father’s career change and development, but the problem was getting to know new friends.
Kevin Costner was educated at Whitney High School, then moved to Orange County, where he graduated from Villa Park High School in 1973, with a BA in Finance and Marketing from the University of California, Fullerton. He joined the Brotherhood of Delta Shee.

Kevin Costner Early Years

At times, audiences will compare Kevin Costner to screen legends like Gary Cooper and James Stewart. He worked as a carpenter and also worked for some time behind the scenes as an editor for Raleigh Studios, before making his way to fame.
His start was not encouraging, as he played a suicide victim in 1983 in “The Big Chill With Glenn Close”, but the film’s director Lawrence Kasden later remembered him and gave him a role in “Western Silverado” and it was a springboard for more events in Hollywood.
Kevin Costner actually started his career in 1987 in two box office hit movies, he co-starred with Sean Young in the popular movie “No Way Out” and played the role of legendary detective Eliot Ness in “Untouchables” with Sean Connery.

Fame and stars

He presented the movie “Bull Durham” and then starred in 1989 when he starred in the movie “Field of Dreams”, then Costner became the first box office star, and received the green light for his directorial debut in “Dance With Wolves” in 1990. .
He later presented “RobinHood: Prince Of Thieves” in 1991, and the romantic drama “The Bodyguard” in 1992 with Whitney Houston, which gained wide international resonance, and Kevin Costner participated in 1993 with Clint Eastwood “Perfect World” and embodies his role. as the icon of the famous American West in “” Wyatt Earp “in 1994, which did not achieve the desired success, as well as in the movie” Water World “in 1995, which he produced.
After the movie “The Postman”, Kevin Costner’s star began to fade, but he returned and blinded the audience with the movie “Thirteen Days” in 2000.

Turn to music

He started turning to music and worked with the group (Modern West). They released their first album, “Untold Truths” in 2008, and since then Costner has made two more albums, “Turnition” in 2010, and “From Where I Stand” in 2011. He and his band have toured extensively in recent years. .
Kevin Costner did not realize his acting debut, he presented “Swing Vote” in 2008, in 2010 “The Company Men” and in 2012 Costner starred in a historical drama series, “Hatfields & McCoy”, Costner won an Emmy- won award for his performance. in this series as Best Actor in 2012 TV series.
In 2015, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 20th Critics’ Choice Awards.

His first marriage and his passion for acting

Kevin Costner’s interest in acting and dance began in his final year of college, and immediately after graduating, he married Cindy Silva, who worked as a Cinderella at Disneyland, and the couple spent their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, and on the way back they meet the actor Richard Burton Quietly Burton agreed to talk to Costner after he finished reading his book, and Costner, who took acting lessons and did not tell his wife that he wanted to become an actor, Richard Burton watched closely and approached him when the latter nodded to him, and Costner told Burton he wanted to be an actor Burton replied, “You have blue eyes, and I too, I think it’s going to be fine.” After the plane landed, Burton boarded his limousine while Costner and his wife waited for a taxi, and he wished him well, but they never met.
He acknowledges Burton in part with his acting career. After accepting a position as marketing manager, Costner began taking acting lessons five nights a week with the support of his wife, and worked in marketing for a month, working on fishing boats and a bus. manager, and organizing trips and tours to the homes of Hollywood stars around He improved his life situation and the responsibilities of marriage, and he started applying for auditions.

Kevin Costner’s personal life

Kevin Costner married his first wife, Cindy Silva, in 1978 and they have three children, Annie, Lily and Joe. Dollars after the divorce, after a brief relationship he had before his divorce with Brigitte Rooney, which led to his fourth son, Liam.
He met love years later, and in 2004 he married former model and bag designer Kristen Baumgartner, and they have two sons, Kayden White, Hayes and Logan.

Dae Davis, who has protected Windsor Castle for 3 years, said in an interview with the Italian version of the “Huffington Post” newspaper that Princess Diana had a secret romantic relationship with Kevin Costner shortly after her divorce.
Kevin Costner stated that he had previously prepared for a second part of the movie (The Bodyguard), and stated that the company was very excited, and that Princess Diana was the candidate for the championship.
He says he got the script for part two, the day before Princess Diana died in a car accident, and they talked before she died.
He adds: “She wanted me to write the work for her, so I said, ‘I’ll prepare the work for you if you’re interested. She said,’ I’m interested.”

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