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Brisbane, Australia-Wednesday 4 May 2022 [ ايتوس واير ]

Brisbane, Australia – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Megaport Limited (ASE) announced today ASX: MP1Referred to as “Megaport”), a leading global provider of Network-as-a-Service (NAAS) solutions, it has entered into a distribution agreement with Bechtel, Germany’s largest IT systems company and leading e-commerce provider. field of information technology in Europe. This agreement will make Megaport’s global software-defined private networking platform available through Bechtel to companies looking to modernize their networks and accelerate digital transformation.

Rodney Furman, chief revenue officer at Megaport, said: By bringing Megaport’s flagship Network as a Service (NAAS) platform to Bechtel’s portfolio, it provides customers with the convenience they need to modernize their network communications and connect quickly with leading cloud service providers. Multiple clouds, connecting SD-WANs to the cloud, or enabling hybrid environments, the Megaport platform makes it easy to connect securely and quickly to essential IT services. Furthermore, Bechtel’s presence and presence in Europe, combined with its expertise in IT solutions, make it the ideal partner to develop and improve our distribution relationships. “

Ralf Beck, Director of Software Product Management Infrastructure at Bechtel, said: “With Megaport, we are expanding our portfolio with innovative and scalable infrastructure-as-a-service solutions required by today’s competitors. The provision of services by German data centers contribute to the provision of services by German data centers. and liaise with leading cloud service providers to complete the ‘Megaport’ range of services. “

By using Megaport, Bechtel customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improve network performance by reducing transmission instability and response time.

  • Lower cloud exit costs for connection services in the data center that provide a direct connection to the cloud service provider compared to internet rates.

  • Provide a point-and-click network to support interconnection between branch locations, data centers, cloud service providers and IT services without any hardware requirements.

  • Real-time provision of virtual network infrastructure and interconnections.

  • Secure, private hybrid cloud and multi-cloud connections with more than 360 service providers, more than 750 active data centers and more than 240 cloud terminals.

With more than 80 IT systems centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as e-commerce companies in 14 European countries, Bechtel offers a combination of direct IT product sales and end-to-end system integration services to large and medium-sized enterprises and public sector organizations. Using its in-depth expertise and experience in future IT architecture, Bechtel values ​​traditional infrastructure, as well as current trends in digitization, cloud computing, modern workspaces, security and information technology as a service.

It’s noteworthy that Megaport helps companies deploy a highly available global network within minutes, not months. Megaport’s Network-as-a-Service platform provides private, scalable, on-demand connectivity to leading global cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The company’s solutions also allow for flexible, high-performance networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

About the company “Megaport”

Megaport is a leading provider of networking solutions as a service. Its Global Software Defined Network (SDN) helps companies quickly connect their networks to services through an easy-to-use portal or their open API. Megaport offers flexible networking capabilities that reduce operating costs and speed up the market compared to traditional networking solutions. Megaport works with the world’s best cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as the world’s largest data center operators, system integrators and managed service providers. Please note that Megaport is ISO / IEC 27001 certified.

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