Modern fireplace designs in luxury apartments … and their features

Little by little, the fireplace abandons its function of raising the temperature of the house, in the cold weather, to play the role of sweetening the interior design, regardless of the season. This coveted piece in the modern space, especially the luxurious one, is an attraction, and a reason to fill the evenings … In the following, the interior design engineer Patrick Shami talks to “” about the different types of heaters, the methods of choosing them and the materials used in their construction. .

3 types of heaters

The wooden fireplace has lasted a long time, to this day, where it accompanies the modern home

Heaters fall into three categories:
• Wood heaters built into the walls, equipped with chimneys that rise to the roofs of the buildings, until they emit carbon dioxide upwards. In this context, the engineer Shami traces the history of the said heaters back to centuries ago, pointing to their prominent presence in the French apartments of the buildings designed according to the Haussmann style (with respect to the engineer and politician Georges-Eugène Haussmann). (1809-1891), who drew up the Paris Plan in the nineteenth century with the aim of improving its buildings). He says that “it was known that the wooden fireplaces in later centuries formed the edges around them, using stone or plaster,” and he added that “they have lived a long time, up to the present time, when homeowners want to let them accompany modern spaces to breathe in the scent of wood. “

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Finally, wood fireplaces are implemented using materials that represent a “modern” character, such as iron, with shelves surrounding them.

A model of gas heaters

• gas heaters; In turn, they require the presence of chimneys, but the difference with those powered by wood-burning fuel is that the first chimneys are short, and each is equipped with two pipes, one of which oxygen enters the space, while the second acts the function to extract the heat flow to the front of the building. These heaters have been relatively recent, according to Eng. Shami, as they go back twenty years, with developments taking place. The front facades of the gas heaters are covered with tempered glass, knowing that one of them can accommodate two facades, so that the piece of separation between the two parts of the space that are open to each other is reached.
Bio-ethanol heaters, which are recently popular, are easy to install because they are preformed molds, so the mold is installed in a marble or iron base. The aforementioned modern heaters do not require the presence of chimneys or the preparation of supplies so that the modern spaces can accommodate them. It is rather sufficient to have an electrical point to control one of them, by means of a remote control device (remote control). Unlike the aforementioned two types, however, the bio-ethanol-powered fireplace does not heat the space, but rather establishes it in the home, due to the owner’s greed for the atmosphere it creates in the modern space.

Interior Design Engineer Patrick Shami

In this context, Eng. Shami notes that “gas or bio-ethanol-powered heaters are more common because they are easy to control by means of a remote control, and the protection systems within them against any ignition accidents.”

Iron, marble and wood

The type of heater is determined by the design

In addition to the attractiveness of the fireplaces, the designers attach value to the decor that surrounds them, whether in terms of the materials they work on in the designs, the accessories or the sweetening elements in which they are distributed … The question of “Madam. only “Shami on the most commonly used materials, in this context, should be asked. He said: “The type of heaters is determined by the surrounding design. The classic school lines (or rustic style) are suitable for those who work on wood, while the modern trend prevails, with fireplaces working on gas or bio-ethanol.” He adds, “The ironwork has been prominent recently, as has the preparation of a combination of Italian marble with wood accents. On the other hand, stone is rare in the modern design around the fireplace.” He crystallizes an important point, that “heaters, especially those that run on gas or bio-ethanol, are not often associated with heating homes located in cold areas, but rather with achieving a comfortable family atmosphere. Therefore, heaters are ultimately plentiful in homes located in temperate areas. Coastal cities or even hot. “

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focal point of the decor

The fireplace is an attraction in the interior decoration, and a reason to fill the evenings

The fireplace is a focal point in the interior design, so that the session (the diwan) is spread around his fire, and there are many entertainment media, including: the TV screen, the billiard table or the “baby foot” … The fireplace brings the members of the house together or those with their guests, or even tempting them to relax. Next to her is a book.
On the other hand, it is the separation between the parts of the space, such as the sitting and dining areas, or the reception hall and the family sitting room.

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Tips before choosing a heater

• It is important for the owner of the house to disclose to the designer the reason for his desire to include a fireplace in his house.If the owner desires to spend pleasant evenings, to the crackling of firewood , which smells nice in the house, as he has roasted potatoes over a wood fire or even pizza (there is an accessory that allows the fireplace to be allowed), a wood fireplace is suitable for him, if his house the stock that can be attached to it (construction of the high chimney).
• The modern heater, i.e. the one that works on gas or bio-ethanol, is suitable for the modern home, and for the owner who wants this distinctive piece in his hall to enjoy an attractive design more than heating, without to make the effort to work the piece, which is achieved through a “remote control”. Note that the gas heater requires specific technical arrangements for the area of ​​Qastalin, and the place where the gas bottle is kept.

  • The images are examples of the work of interior designer Patrick Shammy

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