(Plutocracy) or the rule of money, unseen secrets: Written by: Emad Khaled Rahma

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Through our studies and specialized research in anthropology and various lectures in philosophy, humanities and social sciences from world history, religions and cultures, a very large number of terms, concepts and opinions circulate 24 hours a day through political, intellectual, philosophical and media conferences and seminars. What is the term plutocracy touched on. This word is a combination of two Greek words or words, money and money. Its exact meaning is the rule of money. Which reached its cruel climax in capitalist societies that created a wide and vital economic field for the sermons of economic and financial scholars.

Among the dozens of terms circulating through the media and political forums 24 hours a day, the term plutocracy rarely finds its share in this context. The Prince) which is considered the most dangerous book in the world so far. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Machiavellianism as the use of cunning and ambiguity (deception) in political efficiency or in conduct, and the goals in the world of economics justify the means (the purpose justifies the means). Dual personality and associated with cynical (very) negative) beliefs and realistic or practical (pragmatic) virtue. A good example of this is the book written by the American economist, author, political activist and environmental scientist (John Perkins) entitled: (Confessions of an Economic Killer), which was on the throne of best-selling books in the world and was translated into thirty languages, including Arabic under the title: (Economic Assassination of Nations Where he reported on leaders, leaders and agents who overthrew all the so-called red lines as he tells through his book what role he played in the economic colonization processes of the three countries of the world, by bribery and extortion of kings and presidents of developing countries to accept money in the form of loans from the United States The United States under the pretext of developing its infrastructure and bringing benefit and progress in return for granting all privileges to US companies and banks in all tenders and contracts, but the fact that can not be tolerated not, the entry of these countries is in the swamp of debt.

The British economist, author and journalist (Graham Hancock), author of the book: (The Masters of Poverty), has sparked a wide-ranging debate on what he has published of scandals, economic conspiracies and unprecedented deception in the world. And how some countries that want to develop and grow are thwarted. Hancock concluded with an important phrase that belongs to an important phrase that had a great impact on souls and minds, after what we in our Arabic literature call the laughing, crying or (the evil of the ordeal is laughing) when he with absolute honesty: (The best recipe that dog capitalism offers to end poverty is the extermination of the poor!)

Plutocracy or the rule of money was long known to Europe, and a period passed when voting rights were not only granted to the rich, influential people and decision-makers, and the Western Church played a remarkable role in confronting them. . pattern of monopolizing power and depriving others of it (Plutocracy) or (the rule of money) due to what it causes of excessive sensitivity in capitalist circles, especially among multinational and transcontinental societies, has remained limited in use except in specialized research , academic or supra-political contexts.

Google, which contains four billion web pages, conducted a search to monitor the various languages ​​in the world and found only 1,850 uses for the word plutocracy and 16,520 for the word oligarchy. And 4750 uses of the word despotism and 47300 uses of the word property, these numbers were mentioned in the magazine Arab Dialogue in its tenth edition. What is the meaning of these numbers and what does it mean? This mainly means that this exciting term related to money is deliberately avoided and that it enjoys great secrecy because the rule of money (plutocracy) necessarily owns most of the global media, especially in the United States of America.

The German-American thinker and philosopher Herbert Marcus, affiliated with the Frankfurt School, and theorist of the radical left, was perhaps one of the first Americans to ring the bell warning of the influence of money on government, especially in his famous book (The One-Dimensional Man), or the title of the book translated into Arabic. (The One-Dimensional Man) concluded that the culture of consumption has transformed modern man into a sponge that has no effects other than absorption did not, so man became contemporary and not contemporary, as he embodied this idea in his book entitled: (Love and Civilization). We find that she wore many masks and disappeared behind many misleading names. Soon this virus (plutocracy) leaked to the third world, and political affinities took place between money and power, but this intermarriage often ended in a clear and great divorce, because capital does not recognize an agenda that does not return to it, and it has a list of priorities and basic principles that the state, its strategies and its national security are not at the top. (Plutocracy), as Arab research and study centers address the ambiguities and misunderstandings caused by many of the terms circulated in isolation from their context, methodology and exact meanings, including (plutocracy), theocracy, autocracy and patriarchy, in addition to liberalism, because there are those who kidnap these terms with The Greek roots gave their eyes and senses and treated them like diamonds or precious stones, and this is what happened in the middle of the last century when many terms were used in abundance , as e.g. as the term proletariat and petty bourgeoisie, haphazardly and without goals.Meal, because it did not enter the industrial world except through folklore, consumer or service industries, and the absence of a single component would prevent a factory from working, so the losses would be very heavy!

Through our ongoing pursuit of studies, research, and the media in general, we have found in our Arab world that many people talk about secularism or liberalism and these terms increase ambiguity in their dialogues and discussions, leading people to imagine that secularism is synonymous with atheism and infidelity in religions, and the truth is not so, and secular countries in the world enter religion At the heart of its literature, its approach and the oath of its chiefs, but it translates the statement that religion for God and the fatherland is for everyone, and it has become a common slogan at media level. Democracy is a culture, practice, awareness, rehabilitation and building of long experiences, so that the individual comes to the conviction that the other is his partner in most aspects of life and has the right to differ The so-called transfer of power in democratic societies were nothing but a harvest of this culture.

And if we wanted to draw a clear initial and horizontal topography of the patterns of governance and authority in this vast world, we would find that they not only differ, but rather contradict and contradict each other. And the patriarch, who refuses to recognize the masses of believers from their right to reach the age of majority and gain their rightful place in the religious society, while the plutocrat is the largest and most dangerous space in our world, despite the fact that plutocracy or the rule of money creeps democracy from all sides. And when the book (The Seven Sisters) was published, they were the big oil companies and the world they made in the United States, with political influence driven by money in all its means.

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