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17 April 2022

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The commemoration of the martyrdom of President Saleh Ali Al-Sammad represents a milestone to inspire meanings and connotations from his sacrifices to strengthen steadfastness in the face of aggression against Yemen.

The commemoration of the martyr President al-Samad, who is in the eighth year of steadfastness in the face of aggression and the great victories of the heroes of the army and the popular committees, is of great importance in the conscience of the Yemeni people to invokes his remarkable positions in giving and redemption and strengthening of the home front, which has remained and still resists all conspiracies and schemes that weave the aggression and its mercenaries its threads.And they have won nothing but defeats.

The significance of the commemoration of his martyrdom is embodied in the grandeur of what the martyr President al-Samad presented as a refined model and a true witness of his leadership of the nation’s ship under extraordinarily compelling circumstances and great challenges.

Yemenis remember a national figure who has always represented an icon of steadfastness, wisdom, integrity, courage, bravery, bravery and inspiration. She worked to consolidate the pillars of stability and drew the characteristics of construction, progress, development, modernization of the defense system. and the Yemeni deterrent to confront criminal aggression.

Despite the challenges, the martyr al-Samad was able to make a big difference in a short time in his performance, his movements and his national and developmental fingerprints The project to build Yemen into a practical reality.

Martyr President Al-Samad, with his principles and ambitions, embodied a new roadmap to achieve the pride and dignity of the people of Yemen and to reject the projects of trusteeship and subordination. The Yemeni will and determination and the spirit of urge to continue building and developing despite the aggression and killing, sabotage and destruction thereof.

The Saudi enemy, by assassinating martyr president Al-Samad, did not achieve his goal, as his arrogant regime drenched history with the great leaders he sees as a stumbling block to his conspiracy, destructive projects and hidden hatred towards In his embodiment, His Excellency President Mahdi Al-Mashat succeeded him with power and pride.

The martyr Al-Samad offered his cheap soul for the sake of God, served his fatherland and his people and set the most wonderful examples of loyalty.It is the duty of fulfillment on this anniversary to fulfill his approach and his role in confronting aggression embodied. and to continue to mobilize and support the fronts, and to perpetuate the memory of an exceptional leader whose departure represented a great loss to the fatherland.

The Yemenis have lost a national symbol that is respected and appreciated by all political parties and national forces that will not forget its efforts to unite the home front and manage the country’s affairs with tact and competence, and which is distinguished by the correctness of his planning, goals and all his orientations. And all the misery that Yemen suffers from.

The martyr president overcame the difficulties of the stage with determination and confidence and adopted the morals of the great leaders in the face of tyrants of injustice and arrogance, armed with a jihadist faith and an ascetic spirit. of the Almoravids is more honorable than all the positions of the world, so he was not afraid or limited by the monitoring of reconnaissance aircraft and satellites.

He was an eloquent orator, a wise political jurist, who tried as much as possible to heal the wounds and unite the home front with the unanimity of all parties.

With his insightful view, he reflected a model in the conduct of the affairs of the country, where he did not discriminate or distinguish between anyone. Rather, he was the president of all Yemenis and a statesman who did not waver, did not complain, did not wait for anyone, did not turn to the weak, did his best in counsel, guidance and enlightenment, striving for all territories and is present on all fronts., did not see himself but a soldier of the soldiers of the fatherland.

He had previously envied the people stationed on the fronts and positions of heroism, their position and sacrifices, and he felt in his heart that the arenas of honor and dignity were the most suitable place, and his ultimate goal was martyrdom.

With the certainty of the wise leader he continued to defend the land, honor and sanctity, and to preserve the various territories, especially the coastal areas, with the knowledge of the danger and importance of the battle there so that it did not fall into the hands would not fall. of the occupiers and invaders.At the same time, he did not for a moment lose sight of the liberation of the territories under occupation.

Despite the short period in which he took over the leadership of the country, the martyr Al-Samad devoted all his efforts to uniting the Yemenis in the heart of one man to confront the aggression with all means and abilities. confrontation and the transition of Yemen from defense to attack and deterrence, and from unilateral ballistic attacks to painful groups in the Saudi depths.

He raises the slogan “A hand that protects … a hand that builds” to realize that his project is not easy and that the road ahead is not paved, and that this project faces internal and external obstacles and problems facing, and that the forces of aggression would not allow the building of a strong Yemeni state, a state of institutions and law, but he braved the aggression and his mercenaries and decided to get involved in a combat building .

With his project “A hand that protects and a hand that builds”, he looked forward to an independent, free, precious Yemen that is not dependent on any state. He actively tried to inflict a fatal blow on the aggression in which he would protect and build the homeland after being surrounded by two hands and two palms complementing each other and not even completing one without his twins.

With his national project, he devoted his attention to three main components to stabilizing the state-building project, namely independence, emerging from the dependencies that have plagued Yemen in recent decades, strengthening reconciliation and political stability through partnership in the management of the state and independence in strengthening institutions in its various sectors.

Political thinkers and analysts saw his national project as a reflection of his spirit and his path of struggle, which was never tempted by the lust for money and power.

The Martyr President Saleh al-Samad said and was honest: (One should not sell oneself for less than Paradise), and it was the one who made Paradise his eyes and did not turn to others. Paradise remained the holy dream, the highest hope, and the most important foundation for all his movements in this life, until the soul reached its destination and the Samad, may God’s peace be upon him, the eternal paradise of God and his won eternal bliss.

It was said by many people about Heaven and the world to come, as deception was implanted in their souls, and the love of money was imbued in their hearts, and among them were traitors and mercenaries who sold themselves, their religion, their land. , and their honor in exchange for a few dirhams thrown at them as the remains of bones are thrown to dogs.

Al-Sammad said: “Our blood will not be more precious than your blood, nor will our wounds be more precious than yours.” His pure blood was shed on the land of this precious land for the most holy relationship between the ruler and the ruler.The responsibility that imposes on him the sacrifice and the sacrifice of his blood for the blood of this people.

Al-Sammad said and was honest: (There is nothing to disagree about, if God wills, and Salih al-Samad if he was tortured tomorrow or at the end of the month, there is no ignorance about where they lie , and it is a great blessing by the grace of God). He was the honest and honorable president who shook his hand from the world and turned a blind eye to his good, and did not follow the path of those who preceded him from the lovers of power and the beasts of greed. Their path is marked by looting, robbery and corruption.Al-Samad was rather very keen on public money, and realized that the president’s first responsibilities are to preserve this money to tamper with it whether it is false and unfair under the pretexts of the presidency or leadership or under the authority of influence.

The peace of God on him regards this integrity, which he has preserved, as a great blessing and favor of God, because he is well aware of what it means to be an honest president in the era of materialism. The weak person can help the stumbling block of the needy or wipe away the tears of the wretched, or provide what he can provide in terms of construction and protection projects for this country.

Al-Sammad said and was right: “We did not open the palaces so that people would come to visit us, we rather said that we would come to visit the men of the men on the battlefields.” Indeed, Saleh Al-Sammad did just that. did not inhabit those palaces and did not ascend their thrones so that delegations flocked to him and offered the instruments of loyalty, obedience and obedience in his hands, but rather he went through the land.He inspects people’s conditions, shares their concerns , share hardships of life and the taste of suffering with them, tour all fronts, share moments of fatigue and fatigue with the Mujahideen, strengthen their power and sharpen their determination until a strong-willed, cohesive army stands before them.

Al-Sammad said and was honest: “To wipe dust off the shoes of the Mujahideen is more honorable than the positions of this world.” He said this because he is the true believer who draws from the source of the Noble Qur’an – the word of God – whose verses are immutable facts and do not lapse. He who lives his life as a mujahid and an expert lived in places of struggle, did not care about jihad, free or cold, or easy or difficult, therefore he underestimated it worldly and fleeting position compared to those eternal positions that God prepared for the Mujahideen.

Al-Sammad said: “He has spoken the truth, so we are only honored to return to our people who carry the banner of victory or carry the flag of victory on the shoulders of people as martyrs.” . So that the blood of al-Sammad would remain a burning spot in the chest of every free Yemenite, with his fiery darts burning, everyone who begged himself to occupy Yemen, enslave his people and rob his abundance and wealth.

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