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The husband’s love for his wife, there are some signs and manifestations that may be evidence of the noble feelings of love towards the wife,
The husband may not always express his love for his wife directly, but his actions indicate his feelings, through his concern for his wife. Dr. Medhat Abdel Hadi, an expert on marital relations, told “Madam” that the wife should be assured of her husband’s love for her, especially amidst the burdens and worries of life. Therefore, there are signs that the husband continues to love his wife, which are all signs that assure the wife of her position in her husband’s heart.

Indirect signs of man’s love

One of the signs of the husband’s continued love for his wife is his fear and concern for her

Give the woman priority and enough time:

It is by asking the man about her, about her conditions and how she spends her day, how her job was and whether it was stressful for her, and looking after her small details, in addition to helping her in the job and management of the home, and with her in the upbringing and care of their children, and not responsibility on her farm, but rather her participation, support and sympathy with her, and desire By sitting next to her, on various issues to talk, and make family his top priority in this life.

Good communication and attention to the goals of the woman:

It is shown by living well together, good company, using a polite way with her, listening to her opinions and ideas, and not interrupting her, or trying to impose his opinion on her, but rather exchanging meaningful dialogue between the spouses, so that they respect each other even though they differ in views, and apologize when they are wrong, even if it is from He did not mean, and each of them gave advice to the other, and asked his advice , in addition to the man’s appreciation for her goals, ambitions and achievements and not underestimating her, no matter how simple, and praising her, and not forgetting her important role in providing the necessary support to her with love, the supporting her success and achieving her ambitions, achieving her independence and proving herself As this friendly communication is the key to the success of the relationship, it brings hearts closer, deepens love and achieve love and intimacy between spouses.

Build and strengthen trust with the woman:

Since trust is the pillar of a successful relationship, and the basis of its stability, the husband seeks to consolidate trust with his wife and not overload her with thoughts or doubts, therefore he takes the initiative to keep his thoughts and thoughts to open for her. actions, and be honest with her, and develop feelings of loyalty and loyalty between them, which makes her trust and rely on him and assures her about her future with him without fear.

Change certain behaviors

The spouses may differ in their nature, their hobbies and their ideas, and when one of them compromises to please the other, and draws a smile on his face, it stems from his great love for him, his interest in his feelings , and his preference for his happiness, even if it is contrary to his desires, which is one of the signs of the husband’s love for his wife, and his desire to be In her opinion a good man, by trying to please his wife in various ways, in addition to accepting advice and constructive criticism from her, works to change some of his behavior or character that contradicts his wife’s desires, and in return she exchanges him for good treatment, praises him and accepts his personality, and supports his desire to change for the better, in The way to achieve happiness and marital harmony between them.

To express feelings of love:

The husband can use various expressions of love, and gentle courtship methods, as a deep expression of his sincere feelings towards his wife, and this is evident by admiring her, or praising her good qualities, and acknowledging that he is expressly in love with her, like repeating the phrase “I love you”, or flirting with her beauty and elegance. And her attractive personality, her high culture, her way of thinking, and other things that attract her to him, but talking about love is not enough, actions also deepen this love, increase it in the hearts of the spouses, document their relationship and improve their growth and stability.

– Strengthening the relationship with the woman’s family and friends

A man can try to consolidate his good relationship with his wife’s family and her parents in particular, treat them with love and respect just as he treats his parents, and share the happy times and special occasions for his family with them. share, because of his wonderful love for her, and his desire to please her, in addition to going out with her friends and spending time with them, despite his different thoughts and personalities sometimes, but he does it to to bring joy and gladness into his wife’s heart.

Signs that the husband continues to love his wife

The husband’s zeal to communicate with his wife is a sign of the husband’s continued love for his wife

Take good care of it

The husband’s continued interest in his wife, and his efforts to reach his interest in her amidst the workloads and life responsibilities and the many obligations, is a strong sign of the continuation of love between them, for attention indicates love and there is no love. without attention.

Be careful to communicate

The husband’s zeal to communicate with his wife is one of the signs that indicate the continuation of love between them, because communication is the basis of love, and the husband’s zeal to communicate with his wife and be intimate with her, is one of the signs of love that still exists in his relationship with her.

Share his thoughts and concerns

The man who shares his thoughts with his wife out of love and the desire for connection and the emotional part they bring together in their relationship, this is a sign of the husband’s continued love for his wife.

Fear and worry about her

Also one of the signs of the husband’s continued love for his wife is his fear and anxiety about her because it means he is still in love with his wife and therefore the wife should be reassured and calm because of his fear and anxiety about her is an important and strong sign.

listen to it

Listening to the husband to his wife, hearing her complaints and understanding what she is going through is a strong indication of his love for her, and therefore it is a strong sign of the husband’s continued love for his wife.

it contains

To contain the woman, to enlighten her and to give her kindness and tenderness is one of the most important of these signs, because the woman needs his kindness and tenderness, and because true love is through deeds and not just words and sayings.

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