Tap Tok: Why do half a million people follow the account of a student who remembers his lessons on the application?

  • Hazel Schering
  • BBC News

Yahya Moghbel
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Yahya Moghrebel uses motivational signs such as the call to stop aimless wandering on Tik Tok

End-of-year exams are approaching, the reference stickers are gone, previous papers are available on screens and multiplication tables are hanging on the walls.

For Yahya Moghrebel, 22, who is studying trade and marketing at the University of Surrey, the pressure is twofold.

Of course, Moghrebel completes assignments on time, but he also helps 469,000 TikTok users excitedly complete class assignments.

And for a few times a week, after attending his lessons in the university halls, he installs his cell phone on his desk in the bedroom, and opens the camera to broadcast live that he is studying the lessons.

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