The immediate armed movements and trade in the blood of the victims

30 April – 2022
Khartoum: Radio Dabanga

Abdul Ghani Barish Fyouf

Written by: Abdul Ghani Barish Fyouf

The main reason behind taking up arms in Darfur, as the leaders of the armed movements (Minawi – Jibril – Al-Taher Hajar – Al-Hadi Idris – Walkh) claimed, was to protect defenseless civilians from the attacks of the Sudanese army. and the Janjaweed militias, as they claimed and so they claim to this day.

But the important question is: Did these leaders, armed with all kinds of weapons, protect the citizens of Darfur from the brutality of the Janjaweed and other security services?
The answer to the above question is very simple, which is that protecting the citizens of the house immediately against the attacks of the Sudanese army and the Janjaweed was not a priority for the leaders of these imaginary movements, with evidence that the Juba peace agreement, which they signed two years ago, did not refer to the issue of refugees and displaced persons, and the issue of Hawakir, in a way It is clear, but all the focus and delusion of the leaders of those air movements in the Juba agreement, sponsored by Janjaweed leader Hamdan Dagalo, was how to share power and work. Indeed, after Juba’s journey, they took over their work in Khartoum, and to this day they have not even a single one. visit the camps and areas of displacement and asylum for information on their conditions.

What is worse is the deterioration of the security situation in all five states of Darfur since the signing of the Juba Convention, where horrific massacres are committed daily, while the heroes of the Convention have nothing but condemnation and condemnation of their luxury villas in the capital, Khartoum.
The liquidation of the Darfur issue by the leaders of the Dar Fawiya and Janjaweed movements did not start with the Juba agreement, but rather preceded it a bit when the buried Chadian president Idriss Deby all the leaders of the Darfur movements called besides Abdel Wahed Mohamed Nour, at the request of Janjaweed leader Hamdan Dagalo, and from there – any of the Chadian capital (N’Djamena), a map was drawn to resolve this issue.

Three days before this date, a terrible massacre took place in the (Krink) area. Here is what Arko Minawi, the governor of Darfur, based in the capital, Khartoum, said about this massacre:

Darfur’s revolutionary ruler, Minni Arko Minawi, has revealed that Chadian forces have intervened in the bloody events in West Darfur, after “the Sudanese security services slowed down to protect civilians. He acknowledged the absence of the law and said: “Justice is completely lacking and there is chaos in Darfur, due to the accumulation and lack of action in the prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes,” and called on “the speedy treatment of problems and an end to the chaos. ” He accused the security services of “complicity and inertia, or participation” in the bloody events that are taking place in a number of areas in West Darfur. He sharply criticized the security services in Darfur and demanded that they “reform so that they can play their full role” in maintaining security and stability.

In front of a crowd of Darfuris, Minawi denied that the armed movements play a role in inciting the warring parties in Darfur states now. He claimed that the problems facing the region were “being moved from the center”, and accused unnamed parties of “standing behind” them. Madamek reports that the General Coordination of Refugees and Displaced Persons was responsible for planning and implementing the bloody attack on the people of Karinak City in West Darfur for the rapid support and Janjaweed militias attached to the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti”.

Minawi Arko Minawi said that their forces in the armed movements do not want to interfere in those conflicts, in which the Rapid Support Forces are a party – and Minawi said that their intervention in the conflict taking place in the city of Karinak in the West counted against them.

As for the member of the Sovereign Council, Hadi Idris said on Tuesday evening, April 26, on the evening program on Al-Jazeera Mubasher.
“We have received initial reports that the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) and units of the armed movements were involved in the violence in West Darfur states, which killed more than 200 Sudanese citizens.” He stressed that “investigations are still underway to find out the parties behind these bloody acts.”

Dear reader..

After the above statements by the leaders of the armed movements on the Karenak massacre, there is no longer any doubt about the future that the Darfur issue draws, and there are no more question marks or unanswered questions. With these statements, things became clear, like the afternoon sun, and speculation and opinions have shifted about their trade The leaders of the Darfur issues have turned into facts, and all the analyzes that have been circulated since the signing of the Juba peace treaty are now referred to as “accusations”. bright and clear facts.
How can the governor of the region, who is primarily responsible for the safety of all citizens, say that the security services are complicit, slow, or participating in the current bloody events! Who is responsible for these security services? Why did he take the capital, Khartoum, as his headquarters, instead of Darfur?

Today, the House of Forion truly realizes that the years that Arko Minawi and his companions spent in self-imposed exile, in the name of the struggle, were nothing but a lie and a great delusion, and it became clear that they was just searching. money and power. As for the immediate people, they must die either by the weapons of the Janjaweed militias or by famine in the displacement and refugee camps.

Is it possible for me, Arko Minawi, who has become governor of Darfur in the name of peace in Darfur, to say that their forces in the armed movements do not want to interfere in those conflicts in which the Rapid Support Forces are a party ? and that their intervention in the conflict taking place in the city of Karinak in West Darfur can count on them?

Is not what Minawi said above evidence of the transaction that took place in (N’Djamena) between the leader of the Janjaweed militia and the leaders of the armed movements, according to which the immediate issue was liquidated in exchange for money and power?

Talking about Darfur is no longer a repetition of what we all know about constants and legal rights, as much as it has become an expression of the concern that lies in what we do not know and that is planned by others. to liquidate his case and close his file permanently. The danger in this context is not only limited to what the Janjaweed militias are planning, but rather to what the Darfuri weapon bearers are planning.

The immediate removal of the domestic issue from the hands of the movements of surrender, negligence and authoritarian complicity has become a necessary and fatal matter for the future of this legal cause and the preservation of the rights of refugees, displaced persons and so on. It calls for the dissolution of all Darfur movements that claim to be struggling in the name of the people of Darfur, and that their leaders be jailed for crimes of national treason.

In light of this confusion experienced by the citizen of Al-Dar Fauri, and his struggle between survival and the search for truth, the leaders of the movements come to us and lie to beautify the picture of the scene, or are afraid and does not dare to tell the truth.Regarding the political conflicts there, does he not deserve to accept the reality in which he lives, instead of drawing erroneous dreams?

They trade the blood of martyrs and victims, and it’s time to expose them and expose them to public opinion

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